Hiya, I've been busy so I haven't written anything in a while. I am gonna write a Christmas special hopefully before Christmas. Anyway this is set after Rai becomes leader and they fight against every villain they've ever met. Enjoy :)


Raimundo scanned the battleground. Blood, robot parts, and fur from Chase's cats were everywhere. He was hurt, far worse than the others. There were deep scratches on his arms and legs, as well as his face. The left sleeve of his shirt was ripped; he had a black eye and several scrapes and scratches on his neck and face. He looked wearily around the battlefield again.

" I…guess… we did…it" Raimundo said breathlessly, before falling to his knees. Kimiko, who had sustained the least amount of injuries, rushed to his side.

"Rai! Are you okay?" Kim asked grabbing his shoulders. He chose not to answer her question.

"We…did…it Kim… we won" Raimundo said in between heavy breaths.

"I know Rai. But we gotta get you to the medical room" Kimiko said, pulling his arm around her shoulders and pulling him to his feet.

She turned and half-walked-half-dragged Raimundo toward the gate way to the temple, where Omi was leaning on his Shimo staff (sp?), and Clay was using this wall for support. Once Kimiko and Raimundo were there, they all walk toward the temple together, in silence besides a few grunts now and then.

When they arrived at the medical room, Omi and Clay silently limped into separate "rooms". Kimiko helped Raimundo into his own "room". He cringed as he lay down on the cot.

"I'll be right back" Kimiko said, she refused to wait for the monks to treat him. When she returned he had his eyes closed and was taking deep ragged breaths. He wasn't asleep, she knew when he was asleep and no snoring meant no sleep. She took a wet washcloth and began with his face. He flinched, and slowly opened his eyes.

"Y-you… don't… have to… do that" He lamely protested.

"Well, it needs to be done now, and I don't see any monks rushing to your rescue" She said irritably.

"I-I'm f-"

"Don't you dare say your fine" she snapped at him. Raimundo was surprised by this sudden outburst.

"Do you have any idea how not fine you are? Do you have any idea how scared I was, and how scared I still am, that I am going to lose you?" Kimiko demanded, tears welling in her eyes. This surprised him, because she almost never cried, especially not over him.

"Hey…it's alright Kim…don't worry" Raimundo said, reaching up and pulling her down into a one armed bear hug, "unfortunately for you… I'll survive" she made a noise between a laugh and a sob.

"I hate you" she said her voice muffled by his shirt.

He chuckled and said, "I know, and I love you too"

The End

I'm sorry for something so gory near Christmas but… anyway R&R