Very short fluffy oneshot set after the game featuring Lloyd, Colette and Noishe.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Namco own it I believe.

Colette yawned and snuggled closer to Lloyd, pulling the blanket a little tighter around them. Outside rain was pouring down and the wind was howling but she felt so cozy and warm and safe where she was it didn't matter. Noishe had settled at the end of their bed under the blanket and was fast asleep like Lloyd. The noise of the rain hammering against the window had kept Colette awake but the small angel was slowly beginning to drift into sleep herself. Her sensitive ears picked up the sounds of Lloyd and Noishes' breathing and Lloyd's heartbeat as well as the noises of the weather, soothing sounds like a lullaby, even the rain seemed to have settled into a rhythmic pattern that was helping to lull her into sleep.

She lazily traced her hand along Lloyd's back, enjoying the feel of his smooth skin against her fingertips. He gave a little giggle then sighed, mumbling contentedly in his sleep. She smiled, he looked so sweet when he was sleeping, so peaceful. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sounds, smells, warmth and comfort surrounding her. At the end of the bed Noishe's leg began to twitch as he made little noises in his sleep and she wondered what he was dreaming about.

The wind seemed to get louder outside but it didn't bother Colette, the wind could howl all night if it wanted to, it couldn't get to them in here, in their safe little nest. Lloyd muttered something incoherent then wrapped his arm tighter around her, a protective and comforting gesture. She smiled contentedly thinking, as she slipped into sleep herself, that she knew she'd always be safe as long as Lloyd was with her, something she'd always be grateful for.