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The Covenant: Abomination

Prologue: The Lowdown

The year was 1665.

The five families of England – the Putnams, Danvers, Parrys, Garwins, and Simms – along with many others fled from the religious persecution that engulfed their land. A year later, whilst searching for a new home, the five families, known as the Covenant, arrived in Massachusetts Bay. It was there that they established the Ipswich Colony, and the legend of the Sons of Ipswich began.

In January of 1692, with outside families arriving at "the colony of miracles" by the dozens, Covenant member John Putnam made a play for power. He looked to enforce his and the Covenant families' superiority over the others, only to be betrayed. The other four families wanted nothing to do with Putnam's plan and he was left on his own. In March, Ipswich resident Agnes Goodwin "Goody" Pope accused Putnam of being an incubus, who appeared at her window at night to enchant her with black magic. At the same time, presided over by Cotton Mather, the neighboring town of Salem began its horrific Witchcraft Trials. Later that year, in late December, John Putnam was arrested and suffered as the last person hanged as a witch in Salem. The Putnam bloodline ended with him, and only the four families of the Covenant survived.

It was on the day of Putnam's death that the surviving families took a vow of silence; never speak about The Power to others or even amongst them ever again.

The Book of Damnation recorded this act, just as it recorded the births and deaths of the residents of Ipswich. One such birth was Hagen Pope, son to Jacob Pope's widow, Agnes, one year after John Putnam's death. Many years later, in 1725, the Book of Damnation, having catalogued the magical history of New England, was inscribed. It disappeared soon afterwards, never to be seen in public again.

Forty-eight years passed and in 1773, the Sons of Ipswich formed a militia during the Revolutionary War. They were responsible for some of the most legendary defeats of the British Army. Along with members of affiliated Masonic lodges, they served as delegates to the first Continental Congress.

During the 1800s, in the time of the New England industrial revolution, Ipswich rose to further prominence. The small town became a center of trade and manufacturing. It was in this manner that the families of the Covenant attained their great wealth. Thirty-one years passed, and Spenser Academy was established. Its purpose was to educate the children of Massachusetts' elite, the wealthy. In 1850, Spenser Academy served as a terminal for runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad. Ebeneezer Gorman Twoberry, an escapee from a New Orleans plantation, ran this operation. This paragon of hope for many blacks was well known for his secret voodooist beliefs.

The Roaring Twenties started off on the worst of circumstances for the people of Ipswich. A book entitled Chronicles of Paganism was published in Boston. After its publication, the author mysteriously died of the pox.

Twenty-two years later, during WWII – as young Spenser graduates – the Sons of Ipswich joined with Aleister Crowley's "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" to form a secret regiment to combat various supernatural Nazi threats.

A time of peace followed after the war, and the families prospered.

It was in 1962 that the time of peace ended with the birth of James L. Danvers III, Wayne Parry, Joseph Garwin, and Glenn Simms. Danvers and his brothers, his classmates, graduated from Spenser Academy in 1981. At various times of the year, the Sons of Ipswich secretly ascended at age eighteen. Seven years later, the next generation of the Sons of Ipswich – Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, and Tyler Simms – were born.

It was in 1995, when the boys were seven years old, that the real trouble began. The Wood's Hole Warlock, thought to be the spirit of John Putnam, was rumored to appear all over Ipswich. The specter was blamed for the mysterious deaths of several local young people.

Not long after discovering powers at age thirteen, the current Sons of Ipswich met at Camp Iwanahee in 2001. Gorman Twoberry revealed their Covenant and supernatural history to them. It was he who gave the boys their first lesson in the black arts. A year later, the Sons of Ipswich reunited as Spenser Academy classmates. Three years passed, and the Wood's Hole Warlock reappeared, scaring away all the residents of the town neighboring Camp Iwanahee. This was the first true taste that the Sons of Ipswich had of The Power when they banished the Warlock forever. The Sons' senior year at Spenser began a year later, and it was this year that brought more trouble then ever imagined.

This year brought the return of the Putnam bloodline in the form of John Putnam's descendant, Chase Goodwin Pope-Collins. Because he grew up alone, not knowing at all of the power he possessed, Chase's mother was killed during an argument when he received his powers at thirteen. Chase used incessantly throughout the years, terrifying his foster parents at times, until he killed them in a car accident after he ascended on his eighteenth birthday.

Chase, since he was of legal age, was released to live freely and traveled to find his biological father. After doing so, he forced his father into telling him everything about what he was and where he came from. It was after this, when Chase had all the knowledge of his family history, he forced his father to will his Power to him, killing him. He then traveled to Ipswich, hunting down the other four descendants. He found them, he befriended them, he betrayed them, tried to kill them, and ended up dead.

Now, after four weeks, September has ended and the Sons of Ipswich are still continuing their senior year.

It was a quarter past midnight, and they were at the cliffs, yet again. Caleb, Pogue, Reid, and Tyler stood at the edge of the same cliff, over looking yet another beach party. Things had changed drastically in the past two weeks, some for the better and some not.

The youngest of the group, Tyler Simms, was still Reid's little shadow. Whenever Caleb was on Reid's case, he was there to cool down the hot head. He was forever the rock between the two, and he didn't mind that one bit. He and Pogue were used to it by now, and if they didn't do the dirty work of keeping Caleb and Reid civil with one another, who would? Besides, he didn't mind being the youngest Son of Ipswich. Just being one and having the Power was enough for him.

Reid Garwin, however, was very much the same. He was still the semi-well mannered schoolboy by day, respected and idolized by the better half of the student body, and the impulsive, Power abusing moron by night. He was still causing problems for the Covenant, but he had toned it down just a bit since Chase Pope had threatened their secrecy, not to mention their lives. He was the screw up of the foursome, and he was fine with that as long as he was having fun. Reid was simply tired of big brother Caleb breathing down his back all the time. Sometimes, he just wanted to fight Caleb again, to show him what he was made of. Maybe then he'd finally get the respect he deserved.

Pogue Parry and Kate Tunney were talking again, and both made full recoveries. From time to time, she wouldn't take his calls, maybe for a week or so, but after a brief period of silence she would be fine. Kate often said that she ignored Pogue's calls in those times because she was tired of his jealousy whenever she talked to another guy. While Kate was pretty much the same, Pogue had changed a great deal in the short amount of time. He was still second-in-command of the Covenant and had upgraded his motorcycle, since Chase trashed the last one. Not to mention that he had ascended as well. The power boost had been such a rush to him, and he finally understood what Caleb had meant when he warned them about the seduction. It was hard to resist using all the time, but he controlled it well.

Caleb was proud of him for that.

As for Caleb Danvers, he was still the leader of the Covenant, and he was still the overbearing father that had to watch Reid carefully. The only that had really changed in him since the beginning of his senior year was that he and Sarah Wenham were no longer together. A few weeks after homecoming, she decided that it would be best if she went to live with her cousins in Maryland. She was at another prep school, and closer to achieving her dream of Harvard.

Just like she wanted.

Sarah had told him before she left that, if they ever needed help, that she would be willing in any way she could. Caleb had decided that they wouldn't be calling her. He believed that since Sarah choose to move, she wouldn't have to be "bothered" with them or their problems again.

Reid had been upset over her leaving, but he got over it quickly enough. That was just his way. So had Caleb, oddly enough.

When Sarah had left, she not only did she leave behind a lonely and estrogen-deprived roommate, but a silent, brooding ex-boyfriend. Caleb went back to being the stay at home boy who looked after his mother and all of them hated it. They blamed Sarah, or rather they wanted to but Caleb wouldn't let them. He said that it was her choice, and that she shouldn't be penalized for it.

He had said that her leaving was best for the Covenant, for everyone.

All of them knew that was a load of shit. He missed her.

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