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Epilogue: The Second Chance

Dr. Maddox stood over Killian, checking her vitals for the night. She had been admitted back in early November and it was now New Years Eve. The ball would be dropping in ten minutes, and he was late for dinner with his wife. But it was worth it to observe his favorite patient. Killian Garwin had been an odd patient to begin with, but so were all of his two hundred something patients in their own ways.

When she first arrived, she had been quiet and calm, but had a violent attitude when provoked or annoyed. She would open up in private sessions, but stayed away from every one else most of the time. Often during the sessions, she admitted to being afraid of lashing out and hurting the other patients around her. Ridiculous, he told her. She would say she dreamt or fantasized about it, about killing and bloodshed, about the high it gave her, which was why her medicine was usually upped.

Since her admission though, she had slowly become sullen and gone into a state resembling that of a catatonic. She wasn't even looking at him as he checked her, but rather out of her barred window, into the night sky. Whenever he asked her about this, she would say she was trying to see her mother. Killian admitted that her mother told her that the stars were the eyes of the dead, and that they would always be able to watch over her. Childish, he often thought to himself, childish and immature. Something similar to the Peter Pan syndrome, Dr. Maddox guessed, and holding onto childhood whims.

Dr. Maddox had also noted that she had only one visitor in all the time that she'd been in the hospital, the young man who had brought her in. When Dr. Maddox asked about him in their sessions, Killian explained who he was – her boyfriend, sort of. It was complicated, she said. But, complicated or not, Caleb Danvers still managed to visit from Ipswich, MA every other weekend, and this past Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whenever he came to visit, Dr. Maddox observed, that Killian was more upbeat and talkative than any other time. She was truly happy. Then, once he was gone, the blissful feeling would gradually fade away and be completely gone in about an hour or two, sometimes less.

It was so fascinating to study her.

"All right, Killian," Dr. Maddox said, setting her arm down across her lap, "we're done for the night. Everything looks fine. I'll see you Thursday for our session." He hoped for a response but there was nothing, not even a blink. Dr, Maddox sighed sadly with a shake of his head. "Good night. I'll see you in the morning for your shot." As soon as he left the room, Killian turned her head towards the door, a scowl on the face.

"I can hardly wait," she mumbled sarcastically.

In all honesty, despite the fact that she opened up and spoke with the good doctor, she hated it. She hated being trapped inside another concrete cage. The only reason she would speak to him was to further her healing process, to quicken it so she could leave a sane, free woman. Not like last time. This time around, she wanted to see it through. Of course, with all the crazies, doctors, nurses, and guards harassing her half the time, she wasn't sure if her sanity was getting any better.

Sighing, Killian closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep. The thought that helped her get through the night was that, if she went to sleep, the night would pass quickly, then the day would, depending on what activities were planned, and this would continue until Saturday and she would see Caleb again. This weekend was their weekend, and Dr. Maddox had said she was healthy enough to go outside the hospital on trips into town without a guard or nurse. She was excited to tell Caleb, hoping that they would get to be alone together for a change compared to the crazed giggling that always surrounded them.

While her eyes were closed, a small smile on her lips as she drifted away, she didn't noticed the wisps of smoke curl into her room through the barred window. Killian felt a tingle in the back of her mind, the hair on her arms and neck stood on end. Someone was using, she could feel it, and that someone was either very strong or there was more than one. But what worried her most was that someone, she felt, was in her room.

"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey," a female voice sung teasingly, shaking Killian's shoulder. "We know you're awake, so just open your fucking eyes," she said in irritation.

Killian obeyed and stared up at three faces, faces which she had never seen before. The one who had spoken stood in the middle of the three girls, all of which looked around her age, maybe a little older. Her light brown hair hung down to her chest, where her arms crossed as she leaned with arrogance, an annoyed look in her brown eyes.

The other two looked sweet and much more relaxed, rational. On the left was the shortest girl, chestnut hair curled and wavy tied back in a ponytail, leaving only thick bangs on her forehead, hovering over her hazel eyes. She had a small shaped face, almost like an angel. She looked innocent and kind hearted, more so than the other two and definitely more than the speaker.

The girl on the right was smiling at Killian. Her teeth looked perfect, pearly whites. Her face, like the other girl, was small but she had a classic beauty to her. Even her chin length hair, red streaks going through the brown, looked as though it had been done by the best hair stylist money could buy.

Who the hell were these three strangers?

"Who are you?" Killian asked calmly, staring at them as she moved to sit up.

"Friends," the middle girl replied, smirking deviously.

"Not mine," she replied. "I've never seen you before in my life. I think I'd remember girls who broke into hospitals in the dead of night."

"Well, we are friends, believe it or not," she retorted, and walked over to the door, looking in both directions. "Coast is clear. We're good to go. Do it," she ordered and the girl on the right nodded, walking over to the barred window.

"What is she doing?" Killian asked, looking between the other two girls.

"She's going to get them off, and get all of us out of here," the innocent looking girl explained, sitting down on the edge of Killian's bed. Killian almost immediately sat up and scooted away from her. The action caused a little frown on the strangers face, but she hid it quickly.

"That's right," the girl at the window said, and looked back at Killian with a smirk. "Think of it as an early reprieve."

"But, then again, you know all about those, don't you, Killian?" the girl at the door questioned teasingly.

"How do you know my name? Who the hell are you?" she asked angrily. "I want some answers, now!"

"Is that any way to talk to the bitches that are springing you?" the girl at the door asked as she turned around to lean against it, obviously bored.

"Be nice," the nice girl admonished. "We need her help, and you pissing her off isn't going to make things any easier!" The girl at the door just scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I'm Madelyne Parris," she introduced kindly, looking back at Killian. "The girl at the window is Erika Corey."

"Charmed, I'm sure," Erika called over her shoulder, still working some kind of magic on the bars. "I'm almost through."

"And the smart mouth at the door is Emilie Phips," Madelyne continued, looking over at Emilie with a frown.

"Ugh, I hate that fucking name," Emilie sneered in disgust. "It's Emilie Lynn, Mads. How many times do I have to tell you?" she asked before smiling over at Killian. "We're here to kidnap you," she told her simply, as if it was nothing.

"Yeah, well, as nice as it is getting to know my kidnappers," Killian joked sarcastically, "why the hell are you here? You said you needed my help. Help for what?"

"Let's just say that an old friend who should've stayed dead decided that the after life just didn't suit him," Emilie replied bitterly.

"I don't understand," Killian said. "Who are you talking about?"

"Just someone your boyfriend is very well acquainted with," Madelyne told her, and Killian's eyes widened.

"Yeah, him," Emilie said with a nod. "He tends to have that affect on people."

"He's back?" Killian gasped, looking at all three.

"Eureka! We are in business, girls!" Erika cried successfully, turning to look at the others. "You know, if you could transportation spells like the rest of us, I wouldn't have had to ruin these perfectly nice bars," she told Killian.

"That's not a trick I've master yet, and thank you so much for pointing it out," she retorted. "As if I don't have an inferiority complex already," she mumbled, thinking of Reid. "Way to kick me while I'm down."

"Save the bars," Emilie ordered. "We'll use them later."

"For what?" Erika asked, looking at her friend like she was stupid.

"Just a little home experiment," she said mischievously. "Now that that's settled," she began, pushing off the wall and walking over to Killian, "let's blow this popsicle stand," she said, holding out her hand.

"What is this, really? 'Cause I'm not buying the Good Samaritan act."

"Think of this as a second chance," Madelyne told her. "You want to be with your boyfriend, right? You want to make things right with your brother and his friends?"

"…I don't think that's going to be in the cards any time soon," she replied quietly.

"But it can be," Madelyne assured her. "Just come with us. Help us, and we can find a way to help you," she offered.

Killian looked between all three girls, thinking and studying them. They hadn't done anything to make her think they weren't trustworthy yet, besides breaking into her room. She couldn't sense anything dark in them. If she had her Book of Shadows or had bothered to memorize a few spells, she could have done an enchantment spell on something and known for sure. Maybe a truth spell would've helped, but she couldn't think about that now. You couldn't turn back the clock, redo things, she knew this better than anyone. But here were these girls, basically offering her just that.

"Where do we start?" she asked, climbing out of bed. The three girls smiled at one another and helped her out of the window.

"First things first," Emilie said as the group jumped the outer gate of the hospital. "We need to get you some new threads, sister," she told her, looking at the hospital gown in disgust.

"Let's work on getting out of the city limits first, huh?" Killian said, moving to sit in the back seat of the black pick up truck with Madelyne while Emilie drove.

"Hang onto your panties girls," Emilie said deviously and sped away from the hospital and down the highway, back towards Ipswich.

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