The meaning of friendship

Matt's heart pounded as if it was ready to burst any second when he threw himself to the ground, in the relative safety behind a big, grey rock. The dirty ground felt damp, when his feet, knees and hands landed. His lip shivered and he heard the footsteps of the large, evil Digimon that had been chasing him trough the woods. Matt hugged Tsunumon, rested his aching, blond head against the cold stone, and tried to hear where the bad Digimon were. His eyes throbbed and he couldn't stop a tear from rolling down his cheek. His throat was so dry after all the running... It hurt... It felt like if he was choking.

The moon lit up the night a bit, but it was still hard to see clear. The trees was making strange shadows on the ground and the wind whined eerily when it blew trough their leafs. Matt's arms were covered in goosebumps and he shivered though it wasn't cold at all. It felt like he would throw up when he thought of what had happened.


"Can't you listen to me for once?" Matt's angry voice asked.

"No! Cuz' you always have a stupid opinion, that doesn't really matter in the end", Tai yelled. "You're just jealous of me, that's why you want to argue with me all the time!" he continued.

"I'm *NOT* jealous of you, Tai! It's just that I don't think we should go east!
Tai was so angry that it felt like if his blood was boiling. "Why can't you be like the others? Why can't you be like a normal kid? Is something wrong inside your head?"

Tai looked into Matt's eyes with fury. For a second Matt's eyes displayed many emotions. At first they looked stunned. Then they were filled with some kind of helpless sadness, then guilt.

[Matt's own flashback]

He was sitting in his room. He was alone and only six years old. T.K wasn't at home and it was dark, but he could hear voices downstairs.

"How are we going to pay for Matt's PlayCenter? And T.K's? They can't be at home all the day! Especially T.K!" Matt's mother yelled.

"We shouldn't have gotten any kids! Do you know how much Matt's Football practice costs?" Mr. Ishida's rage filled voice asked. "Why can't he be like other kids and play football in the park?"

"You know that almost the half of the kids in our neighbourhood play football in that club!"

"Why can't he be a normal kid? Is there something that's not right inside his head? He bit my hand yesterday!" Matt's father said.

"You tried to hit him! That's why he bit you, you bastard!"

"What did you call me?"

Matt heard a slap and his mother screamed. He put his hands around his head, and tried to make himself so small that he wouldn't hear his parents. 'He's right... Why can't I be like other kids? Maybe they wouldn't fight anymore if he wasn't there.' Matt slapped himself in the head. Again and again, harder and harder. His eyes were filled with tears but they didn't fall. He didn't cry.

[End of Matt's personal flashback...]

He took control of his emotions, and his eyes went cold and angry. Matt returned the angry glance. "Ok. I'll go. If I'm just in the way for you, well, then I'll go." He said quietly, trying to take control over his trembling voice.

He turned around and ran.

Tai was too stunned to do anything at first, but then he came to his senses and realized what just happened.

"Matt! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!" Tai yelled after the blond boy, but he didn't stop. Gabumon ran after Matt into the woods. "Matt! Slow down! Wait for me!"

[End of Flashback.]

"I'm so sorry, Tsunumon!" Matt whimpered. He closed his eyes hard, trying to ignore how much his side hurt.

[Flash back] (In the DD's camp)

"We have to find him!" Tai said. "He's my best friend." He felt really guilty for what he had said to Matt. His shoulders were hanging and he looked on his feet.

"You're right." Sora said. She felt like if she should have said something to Matt, so that he wouldn't have ran away. She liked him.

"Matt..." T.K whimpered.

"Oh don't worry T.K! We'll find him!" Mimi said cheerfully. "He just needs some time to think!" She was a little surprised about the feeling she had inside, when she thought of him. But after all, he was a cute boy and Mimi always got a weird feeling inside when she thought of a cute boy. A cute boy like... She didn't allow herself to end that thought and she blushed, looking down on her feet.

'Why is she blushing?' Sora thought. And why was she feeling jealous? Sora blushed too.

(Now we are following Matt again.)

He didn't stop running for an hour. Gabumon was still following. Matt slowed down, and then stopped. He stood there a while, with his hands on his knees, heavily breathing.

"Tai didn't mean to hurt you, Matt." Gabumon said calmly.

"I know..."

"So why did you run?"

"Because, what he said... It's true. I'm useless. All I do is wrong. I'm just in the way for the group." Matt answered looking down.

"That's not true, Matt..." Gabumon said, but Matt cut him off.

"It *is* true! I've always been in the way! I'm a freaking mistake!" Matt hid his face in his hands and sobbed. This almost made him madder, he hated to cry!

Gabumon hugged him gently.

"No, Matt. You're not a mistake! No one is perfect. Not you, not Tai, not me, not anyone!

'Except for one person...' Matt thought and looked up with wet eyes at Gabumon. He hugged his Digimon friend back. "Thanks, Gabumon."

"Don't thank me. You don't have to thank me for saying what is true." Gabumon hugged his human partner a little more, making Matt's crest of friendship glow slightly.

Suddenly the trees and bushes fell down with a great rumble. The ground was shaking and a huge Digimon appeared. He growled and looked at the blond DigiDestined and the Digimon beside him.

"I will enjoy killing you, Guardian of Friendship!" he said with his loud, dark voice and laughed.