The Meaning Of Friendship: chapter Sixteen- The last chapter of this story. I promise.

"Whaat i-is happening??" Tai yelled, not really expecting an answer, as he struggled to maintain his balance.

Their crest-lights had just burned out, leaving the crests back to normal.

The ground shook violently and when the human and the Digimon looked about, a great globe of intense spinning light caught their eyes.

"Oh, my God", Mimi mouthed, too shocked to even get the actual words out.

"Matt!" Tk yelled. His eyes went wide with fear when he realized that his brother must have been right inside that ball of fierce lightings together with Sora, Gabumon and Sora's Digimon.

The earth was shaking more and more and more and a rumbling noise rolled out over the landscape when the vast sphere started to vibrate. A buzzing sound mixed together with the rumbling and the air seemed to tremble brutally, yet being tranquil.

Kari drew a deep trembling breath, but couldn't get that horrible feeling out of her. The feeling of that something terrible had happened to their friends.

"Matt, I'm coming!" Tk cried suddenly, tossing his little rucksack to the ground and running the fastest his legs could carry him towards the swirling light-globe across the woods.

"No, Tk, come back here!" Patamon, who had dedigivolved, yelled, his bat-like wings flapping furiously to keep up with his human.

"C'mon!" Tai yelled to the others and started running after Tk and Patamon.
As the group made it's way through the tropical digi-forest back to the field that Angemon and Angewomon had gotten them away from, the panic started to rise inside of them all. It made them run faster and faster in their quest to find Sora and Matt.

Then the globe that glimpsed behind the tall trees of the forest changed. It's light grew at least twice as intense, if possible, and its radiance lighted up the whole wooded area. A wind howled wrathfully through the trees. The twelve humans and Digimon realized that it was coming from the centre of the fierce sphere. Also the wind went stronger until it was more like a storm, blowing up bushes, dust and rocks from the forest floor.

Mimi shrieked but even her high-pitched voice drowned in the terrible sound of the screaming wind and rumbling of the globe.

The digidestineds held on to whatever they could grab to prevent themselves from being swapped away by the unnatural force.

Then suddenly the rumble increased to a loud, harsh roar and the globe exploded, sending out it's cruel glow and dust like the Big Bang.

Tai squeezed his eyes shut and screamed for all that he was worth, while the others did the same. A strange kind of temperature surrounded him. It wasn't hot and it wasn't arctic, yet it wasn't tepid either. In fact it was anything but tepid! The same time the air burned Tai's skin, it froze him half to death too.

But the explosion was over just as suddenly and quickly that it had come, leaving the humans and Digimon afraid and gasping for fresh air and oxygen.

The Digimon were the first to recover from the shock. They unsteadily got on their feet, assuring themselves that their humans were okay.

"Onii-san", Tk wailed and tears welled up in his big blue eyes. He plopped down miserably on the badly battered ground.

Tai swiftly picked up Kari on his back and without a word, he started to make his way towards the place where they had last seen Metalgarurumon battle Knimon.

Mimi and Izzy followed him into the thick wood.

Joe gave Tk a quick glance before picking the little blonde boy up and then hurrying away to keep up with the others.

They walked for what felt like hours but in reality only was about ten minutes.

Joe lifted his head when he heard Tai, who had been in the lead, gasp. As he did so, he understood why.

The clearing, which they had been in before they were escorted away by Kari's and Tk's Digimon, lay ahead of them. Joe could see glimpses of it through the trees.

When he walked out of the wood and saw exactly how it looked, he was gobsmacked.

They were standing on a hill by the forest line. The former green grass was now greyish with frost or black-burnt. The clearing itself was much larger; trees had blown down and lay dead in the corners of it, and the new area stretched itself widely across the hills.

The whole world seemed eerily still and a smoky white-grey haze hovered over some of the land.

In the middle of the giant field, the earth was totally covered with black ash.

Joe thought that he could make out the form of a limp Tsunumon lying in it. As his eyes travelled further around the area he saw the last remains of Knimon turning into dark digital dust, which was carried away by a weak breeze.

Then something that made it hard for Joe to even breathe caught his attention.

A body.

Her auburn hair was messed up under the blue helmet and her eyes were closed. A thin line of blood was seen running down from her nose.

"Sora!" Mimi, who had obviously also seen the girl, yelled.

Joe started to run down the slope, careful not to slip and drop Tk, who he still carried on his back. But when he reached Sora, he had to put Tk down.

Mimi waited anxiously as Joe inspected Sora. 'I am *not* the right person for this' she thought and Joe finally opened his mouth to speak.

"I think she's pretty okay", Joe said, "She was lucky that the force of the explosion threw her this way. The ground is softer here, not as may rocks and such."

The blue haired boy looked up with sad eyes, and Mimi knew he was wondering about Matt.

"What was that?" Tai suddenly questioned as he spun around.

"What was what?" Izzy asked.

A light moan was heard.


"Yokomon!" Kari ran to the little pink flower-like creature side, where she laid a few metres away. "What's happened?"

"Garurudamon... Final Blow..." Yokomon gasped weakly, visibly very tired and worn out. "Sora... Is she okay?"

"Yes, she will be. With a little rest." Joe said.

Yokomon let out a sigh of relief and then fell unconscious.

"Yokomon?" Kari shook her gently. "Yoko..." She gave up, realizing that the Digimon was way too exhausted to stay awake.

"Where's Matt?" Tk wondered out loud, stubbornly staring out over the field, his eyes searching for his brother.

Tai picked up the small telescope he always carried with him. He almost half-heartedly put it to his eye, not sure if he wanted to know what he could see.

'Nothing, nothing, nothing..." Tai thought as he let his gaze travel across the area toward the part of it that was covered with the hazy fog. 'Nothing, noth-' Tai had to stop and look twice. Could it be?

"I can see him, c'mon!" Tai yelled, running in the exact opposite direction of the grass field that they were in now.

Kari took Yokomon with her as she followed her brother and Joe sighed, lifting up Sora.

The frost covered or burnt grass made crunchy noises under their feet when they ran straight across the huge clearing. When they had come to the centre of it they stopped by the circle of ash Tsunumon laid unconscious in.

"Excuse me, but why did you stop?" the tiny voice of Koromon asked when he and the other in-training Digimon, Tanemon and Motimon had caught up with the humans and rookies. They had been trailing behind when the bigger creatures set of in a sprint.

But no one bothered to answer Koromon. Instead Tai simply picked the pink little ball up and sighed. Mimi took Tanemon in her arms and Izzy lifted up Motimon.

The three in-training Digimon threw each other a confused glance but kept their mouths shut.

"I can take Tsunumon." Tk said and picked up Tsunumon. Patamon peered down on the one-horned, orange fur-ball form Tk's helmet.

The strange group of humans and Digimon started to move again, only this time it was more like a hurried walk and not a dash. None of them uttered a single word and it was eerily quiet.

But if you yourself had walked there beside them, you would have known that they all were deep in thought and so nervous that their bellies hurt. And you would have been too.

Then they heard a quiet groan and turned around.

"I think she's waking up", Joe carefully put Sora down on the ground, "Sora? Can you hear me?"

"Hhhuuh?" Sora's eyes fluttered open. Though the sky was clouded by grey, thick clouds it was quite bright outside and she blinked a few times, waiting for her eyes to adjust.

She was pretty confused to see twelve concerned faces peering down on her.

Something in her side felt sore and her nose throbbed very much. For a moment she wondered why. Then the memories came flooding back into her head like if someone pushed the play-button.

She gasped for air, remembering how the oxygen so strangely had vanished when Garurudamon had used that attack.

"Matt!" Sora cried and rose to her feet. Too fast though, for her head spun around and her vision blurred. The next thing she knew was lying on the ground, feeling the sudden dizziness increasingly fade away.

"Don't do that, or you'll faint again." Gatomon stated. She stood by Kari's side, clawed 'hands' on her hips and her eyes piercing into Sora's.

Sora nodded, mostly in confusion and surprise.

"Where... Where's Matt?" she asked, feeling a throbbing apprehensiveness in her chest.

"I'll go check on him..." Tai offered and set off towards the limp form of the fair-haired boy, still lying motionless in the frosty grass.

As Tai got nearer, his own worry for Matt grew. He couldn't see Matt's body clear enough to be able to decide his condition because of the clouding mist that lay thick in this part of the field; he was still too far away, so he sped up a bit and soon he was more running than walking as he had done at first.
Tai didn't stop until he got so close that he could see the unconscious boy and the big grey rock behind him that Matt most likely had been thrown into by the force of that explosion. When Tai got even closer, he saw that a dark red liquid coloured a part of the rock crimson. The blood came from a probably deep wound in the back of Matt's head and it slowly ran through his ruffled hair and then trickled down his face.

"Matt?" Tai tried, hoping that his best friend would miraculously wake up. He didn't. "Hey, you guys! Come here!" Tai called to the others and kneeled beside Matt, carefully removing his injured head from the bloodied rock.

Matt made no signs of waking up at first, but when Tai gently pushed away some strands of hair to take a closer look on that cut he suddenly whimpered and began to stir.

"Matt?" Tai said again.

When he finally opened them, Matt's eyes were clouded and misty and he seemed to have trouble focusing. He groaned in pain when he tried to lift his left hand to wipe away the blood from his face. Tai noticed that the hand was bent in an abnormal way that didn't look too very good.

Matt let it drop to the ground again. Instead, he wiped the blood away with his right hand, making the blood smear across his face. Not that he seem to notice it (or care about it either) though.

Tai heard the others' footsteps approaching.

Tk was the first one to get to the spot, he had obviously been running the fastest he could, puffing and drawing sharp breaths.

"Onii-san!" he managed to get out and Matt gazed groggily at him. Before he could say anything he felt the younger version of him wrap his arms around his neck. Matt could do nothing but to lie there, not being able to hug his little brother back since his left hand hurt too much to move and his right one being pressed tightly to his stomach under Tk's weight.

He felt a bit crowded, his throbbing head held by Tai, Tk's arms wrapped around him and Joe carefully studying his sprained hand, while the other's just babbled, the words flowing out of their mouths until they didn't make any sense to Matt at all.

Matt slowly drifted away into a slight daze. Then he remembered something and his eyes snapped open.

"Sora!" Matt said, but his friends were talking so loud and fast that they didn't even hear his weak voice. Matt cleared his throat and tried again. "Where's Sora?"

Finally, they quieted down.

"We left her over there", Mimi said and pointed with her hand, "With the Digimon."

"She okay?" Matt asked.

"Yes, she was luckier than you was." Joe stated. "I need to um... stretch this hand out."

Matt nodded as the blue haired boy pushed his glasses higher up on his nose.

"It'll hurt... a bit." Joe carefully pulled the brown glove off the blonde's hand. It was already turning into a nasty shade of purple-grey-blue. Joe gripped the wrist in one hand and the fingers in the other.

"And here we go", he said and pulled his hands apart, stretching Matt's hand out with a horrible cracking sound that made most of the humans cringe.

An immense pain shot out from the hand and Matt jerked up into a sitting position, pulling his hand away from Joe. It was nothing personal, just pure instinct.

Tears formed in his azure eyes and his entire arm was aching now. He choked a cry of pain, making it come out as a muffled whimper in the back of his throat instead.

"Sorry... but that's the only way to fix that kind of injury..." Joe said.

Matt nodded faintly, eyes squeezed shut and gritting teeth as he hugged the hand.

"Matt?" a voice then called. Sora.

"Sora?" Matt tried to get up, but was pushed down by Tai and Izzy, both of them remembering what had happened to Sora when she had tried that too early. And Sora hadn't hit her head either.

"We'll carry you", Tai said, "Then, we'll set up a camp somewhere."


_-~{*Later... in the evening/night*}~-_

"Sora... You still awake?" Matt asked softly, not wanting to wake his sleeping friends. Especially Tsunumon needed his rest.

"Yeah... I couldn't really sleep." was Sora's reply.

She shifted position on the ground so that she was facing Matt.

"Me neither."

It was quiet for a while and the two just lay there, looking up at the star-sprinkled sky. The dark, velvet background and the crescent moon gave it the impression of being absolutely perfect. The only thing that was heard was the soft rustling of the trees' leafs as a gentle breeze swept by.

"I love you", they suddenly said in unison, locking their gazes. Matt gave Sora a small chuckle and one of his rare smiles.

"You read minds too?" he asked.

Sora nodded, smiling.

"So, what am I thinking now?"

Sora just shook her head slightly, smiled and then turned her eyes up to the sky.

After a few moments, she gazed at Matt again. He lay there by her side, eyes closed. Sora reached out a hand and gently nudged his shoulder.

"Huh?" he blinked sleepily.

"I um..." Sora felt her cheeks go red. "It just hit me..."

"We've never really kissed." Matt finished her sentence and saw her face redden more. "I guess it's my turn to read minds", he joked.

"Well, we have kissed... that time when you had that fever and..."

"That time doesn't really count. I was kinda unconscious..."

"Yeah... but that time when we made Metalgarurumon digivolve we kissed."

"But we've never really kissed in private. But did you like it?" Matt asked playfully yet seriously.

"Yes", Sora looked down on her hands. She didn't notice that Matt moved closer to her, careful not to hurt his badly bruised hand and wrist. "Matt", she started and then looked up to see his deep blue eyes right in front of her. The next thing she knew was how she closed her reddish brown eyes and how a pair of soft lips brushed over hers, if only ever so lightly. When she opened her eyes again was Matt still there, a few rebel strands of hair hanging over one of his eyes, which quietly wondered if she had liked it.

All Sora wanted to do was to jump up and shout out her feelings to the rest of the world, but she realized that that wouldn't be such a smart thing to do if she didn't want to have rocks thrown at her by her sleepy friends, who would wake up if she did so.

She leaned closer to Matt again so that their lips touched for a second time in a deeper more passionate kiss and they wrapped their arms around each other.

Matt groaned softly as Sora let his tongue slip inside of her mouth.

They finally decided that they needed oxygen and parted.

"Love you", Matt murmured in her ear.

"Love you", Sora whispered, stroking his hair, careful not to hurt the cut in his back head.

They lied down, still in a tight and warm embrace, and felt how a peaceful sleep swept them away into the lands of dreams.

~The End~

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