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A lone figure stood atop the scarred mountain face that once housed the Hokage monument.

He stared at the sea of flames and destruction that was once the Village of the Hidden Leaves. Now a scared battleground, filled with bodies, ash, rubble and death, that mocked its former prime.

Was this it?

Was this the result of all that they had worked for?

He had tried, ohhh had he tried. But still, it wasn't enough. He couldn't protect them.





Rock Lee



















All gone.

Orochimaru, in a last ditch efort to win the war launched a desperate suprise attack on the village. But the leaf nins organized to quickly and despite being caught unawares and Orochimaru having possessed Sasuke they were soon being pushed back.

In the end Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Jiraiya and Tsunade had the snake cornered.

That's when everything went straight to hell.

Akatsuki's entire organization arrived and began attacking. Maito Gai oppened all eight gates, succeeding in killing Kisame and weakening two others. Tenten, Neji and Rock Lee took on one of the weakened members who's name was Kakuzu. Yet when they were ready to kill the man he used a suicidal technique. Taking down himself and everyone else with him.

Hidan, the immortal had taken down Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji and Azuma before Kakashi was able to deliver a Chidori right into the mans head. Just before he was burnt to ash by Itachi's Amateratsu.

Kurenai had fought against Tobi, using genjutsu after genjutsu against eachother the two were soon exhausted and even as Shino was able to deal with the man Kurenai soon died from chakra depletion herself.

Hinata and Kiba fought against a blue haired Kunoichi and despite their best efforts they soon fell to her. Shino, in a blind rage attacked the Kunoichi but was cut down as well. In the end, only Naruto, Sakura, Jiraiya and Tsunade stood against the remaining five S class criminals.

Then Suna arrived with the flicker of hope lighting again.

Naruto, now seventeen, a member of the Anbu ad one of the strongest ninja in the village, if not the strongest faced the leader of the organization along with his pink haired teammate.

Tsunade fought against the blue haired Kunoichi with everything she had but the womans speed and reaction time was far above her own and only her experience and mounstrous strength kept her in the fight

Gaara fought against Deidara and was able to kill the clay wielder but not before receiving some serious injuries, which he succumbed to as he moved to try and assist Naruto and Sakura against the leader.

Temari and Kankuro fought against Zetsu, the mysterious ninja from Kusa and managed to defeat the man. But Zetsu managed to inject them with a fast acting poison and they soon fell to it.

Jiraiya fought against Itachi but the young Uchiha was far beyond the toad hermits level in regards of speed and chakra capacity. The toad hermit fought valiantly but he too fell to the power of the mangekyo.

As Naruto fought with all the strength he possessed to try and defeat the leader of the organization Sakura fought with just as much vigor.

But one simple mistake and the elder ninja exploited it.

As Naruto waited for his death he was surprised to see a flash of pink and warm blood splashed on his face. He opened his eyes and saw Sakura's gentle green one's. She smiled a smile full of warmth and acceptance.

He stood there in shock and as the leader pulled his blade out she fell forward. Naruto caught her and felt the prickling of tears behind his eyes. He asked just one simple question. "Why?"

But she did not answer. She merely smiled and took one last breath before closing her eyes and gave a final whisper. "Live"

Naruto cried and as his eyes turned red he slowly looked up and found the leader, Itachi and the blue haired Kunoichi, standing before him.

He entered his mind and walked up to the cage. The giant Kitsune looked at the blond and felt his eyes go wide as the blond placed a hand above the seal and in a flash, the papper seal was torn off and the bars dissolved into nothingness.

The Kyuubi looked at the boy but the blond only said one thing. "Go wild."

With a fanged smirk and an unearthly roar the Kyuubi no Kitsune was free.

Naruto awoke hours later, somehow he was still alive but the rest of the village was destroyed. He should assume it was the Kyuubi but somehow, he knew the fox did not do this. If he did then it was fighting the remainder of the Akatsuki not the fox itself.

He didn't know how he knew that, he just did.

So now, here he stood above the monument staring at what had once been his village.

He had taken some clothes from the destroyed shops and Shinobi gear stores.

He now wore a standard Anbu full body armor with black face mask, reminiscent of Kakashi, fingerless gloves, like Sakura's, a customized forehead protector that had flame designs on the edges. It reminded him of Jiraiya, since he too had a customized forehead protector. The cloth was very long and thick making it flail behind him in the wind, it reminded him of Konohamaru's scarf. And last but not least he had the necklace he had won from Tsunade so many years ago.

He sighed. Why was he still here? Perhaps he should step off and end it himself.


Sakura's last word echoed in his mind, making him heave another sigh.

He turned on his heel to walk away but stopped as he saw a glowing pearl or jewel.

He looked around as he tried to find whoever dropped it here for him to find. Even so, it was strange, few could sneak up on him. As a matter of fact, with Akatsuki defeated, and the three Sannin dead he could safely say that no one short of a Kage of another village could sneak up on him. In his seventeen years Jiraiya and Tsunade said that he may have very well surpassed the professor himself while he was still in his prime. Or as Naruto liked to call him, Jiji.

He shrugged and walked forward and in a flash of pink light both he and the jewel vanished.

Naruto opened his eyes and entered the world of the living with a feeling of weightlessness about him.

He looked around to a plethora of swirling lights all around him. "Well this is interesting." He muttered in a slightly bored tone of voice.

At once the images shifted, revealing a woman with samurai stile shoulder and chest armor with Miko clothing underneath. She was battling a horde of what Naruto assumed to be Yokai.

The miko fought for seven days and seven nights before finally, with one final cry and a bright flash, both the Miko and the yokai wer forever turned to stone and the jewel burst from the Miko's chest.

The images faded and formed into view again.

A red clad young man with dog ears was rushing through the tree's with the jewel in his hand. "Heh, finally a way for me to become a full demon at last!" He said with triumph, making Naruto raise an eyebrow in silent questioning.

"Die Inuyasha!" Came the voice of a female before an arrow whizzed by his head and lodged itself in Inuyasha's shoulder.

Narutoturned around and laid eyes on the woman in priestess robes. She had a rather large gash on her right shoulder that was bleeding horribly. Most likely fatal.

"Ki-Kikyo." The boy, Inuyasha gasped out before his head fell limp to the side.

The images warped and faded again. This time a girl wearing a short green skirt was being crushed by what appeared to be a giant centipede against the tree Inuyasha was pinned to.

She resembled the other one, Kikyo, he absently noted. With a cry she grasped onto the arrow and the wooden projectile dissolved.

Inuyasha awoke and with a few quick words he sliced the centipede to bits and lunged at the young girl.

When they finally got the subjugation beads on him Naruto had to laugh at the sight of the mighty half demon plowing face first into the ground.

He silently observed their adventures with a sparkle of amusement in his eyes.

He watched as the woman, Kikyo was brought back which was followed shortly by the appearance of Inuyasha's full demon brother Sesshomaru and his search for the Tetsusaiga. It kinda reminded him of Itachi.

Then he watched as they met up with the fox kitling, followed shortly by the monk and then the demon slayer, Sango.

He had to admit, this Naraku was a smart bastard. Sick, twisted and completely insane but a smart bastard nonetheless.

The final scene was of Naraku's final form as the Inu gang stood within Hakurei. It reminded him of Orochimaru, Sasuke and Kimimaro all in one.

As the final scene faded he blinked lazily. "Wellllllllllllllll……I suppose my next question should be who are you. But we already know the answer to that, don't we…Midoriko?" Naruto said as he turned around

The legendary priestess formed into view infront of him, smiling kindly at the young shinobi. Naruto smiled back, his eyes going into upside down U's similar to his old sensei's "Not that the tale wasn't good, but why exactly am I here?"

"Naruto, I assume." She stated with a nod and a kind smile.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms infront of him and leaned forward, slightly. "I believe it is safe to assume that while I have been here looking at this you have been doing something similar to my memories eh?"

Midoriko's smile grew. "Sharp aren't you?"

"I've picked up a few things." Naruto admitted with his eyes going into upside down U's. "But you still have not answered my question." He said as he wagged his finger playfully.

Midoriko's smile was slightly apologetic. "Your right of course." She admitted "I suppose I should just cut right to the chase"

"It would be nice." He admitted with his cheerful demeanor.

"I want your help." She confessed.

"Hmmmm." Naruto said curiously. "I assume it would be to help these four stop Naraku correct?"

She nodded. "I fear for them and for humanity. The only way for the jewel to be purified permanently would be for a pure wish, done by one with a pure heart to make the wish upon the jewel. The first priestess, Kikyo. Her spirit is clouded by hate and anger. She can no longer purify the jewel unless she lets go of those two emotions and Kagome, though pure of heart is untrained and her spirit possesses much sadness because of the Hanyou's love for Kikyo." She said as she placed a hand over her chest. "My soul is tired and if one of them make a wish born out of selfishness then I am uncertain if I will be able to continue fighting the Yokai sealed within the jewel."

"Well, you certainly pick a strange saviour. My heart and soul also hold much hate and sadness. Or has my ever present mask even fooled one as wise as yourself who has also visited my memories." He said with his eyes still smiling. "Or perhaps my sanity has confused the emotions that I feel." He pondered aloud.

Midoriko's eyes showed sadness for the young boy and she slowly walked forward and enveloped him in a warm comforting embrace. Naruto stiffened slightly at the unfamiliar contact. He half expected her to pull out a knife and stab him in the back. Something that he found a small part of him was hoping for.

"Your heart and soul have been dealt great and terrible wounds. You…no longer wish to live, do you?"

Naruto smiled down at the woman with sadness visible even behind his face mask. "What does one such as I have left to live for, Midoriko?"

Midoriko looked down with guilt and sadness weighing at her. "I know it is wrong to ask this of you but…I know you can help them. You, who have suffered so much, yet endured so much better than anyone else should they have taken your place. You can show them how to overcome their hardships. Please." The last part was whispered in an almost begging tone.

Naruto remained silent for a few moments before finally speaking. "Very well."

Midoriko pulled away and smiled up at the blond with a slightly teary, but nonetheless grateful gaze. "Thank you" She whispered sincerely before Naruto was enveloped in a pink light and soon faded from the realm of the Shikon.


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