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Naruto's chakra fared wildly, as red chakra pulsed from the blade in his grip.

He spun the staff blade once over his head before he swung it in a wide arc infront of him. The red blast of power was blinding as it tore everything apart in its path toward the spider hanyou. To Naruto's slight surprise Naraku simply raised So'unga and with minimal effort erected a barrier that stoped the attack dead in its tracks. Now that the dust cleared he could see Naraku for what he truly was.

The spider demons features had changed, his mandible had turned into a similar one as a spiders, but when he closed it his features appeared very normal if only for a single line that went from his bottom lip down to his chin. (Think of the vampires in blade 2) His eyes were completely red along with eight horns sticking out of his head, forming something akin to a crown, which framed his black hair almost perfectly.

Four bony protrusions extended from his back, showing his spider demon blood to the world.

As soon as the attack died down, Naraku swung his own blade at the blond ninja with a loud cry of "Gokuryuuha" The Yoki around so'unga surged before the ground before the spider demon seemed to explode as purple dragons rose up and headed for the blond Jinchuriki.

Naruto raised his own blade, forming a blue barrier around him. The attack hit and broke like water on rock as it moved past him and destroyed the earth behind him, leaving two jagged trenches to either side of him.

As the attack died down, Naruto shot forward, his sword flashing as he swung.

The clash of metal against metal was loud in his ears as their blades met. He spun around, moving to slash at Naraku's feet with the other end of his staff blade but was met instead by one of the bony 'legs' that came from his back. Naruto's eyes narrowed, those things were harder than steel.

He side stepped as the other three legs moved to impale him, instead crashing to the floor. He appeared at the spiders side. He moved to impale him, but Naraku mannaged to move So'unga in time to block the attack.

Naruto leaned back to avoid a swipe from one of Naraku's new legs as the spider demon turned to face him, but couldn't move quick enough and received a slash across his chest.

Naraku chuckled but stoped as he noticed a bright glow coming from the Jinchuriki's free hand.

"Rasengan!" Naruto yelled slamming the ball of chakra into the spider demons chest sending him flying back, crashing into one of the ruined buildings.

The blond barely had time to take up his stance before Naraku's form exploded from the ruined building heading straight for him, So'unga trailing behind him.

Naruto placed his staff sword vertically infront of him, blocking Naraku's swing with another resounding -clang-.

Naraku snarled before he extended another of his legs and stabbed the blond in the left shoulder, going completely through. Naruto gritted his teeth to keep from screaming as Naraku lifted him up, over him and slammed him down to the dirt hard.

Naruto couldn't regain his wits before Naraku dragged him across the ground, using the bony appendage still lodged into his shoulder and slammed him against a crumbling stone wall, destroying it entirely.

Naruto snarled as he felt his sword fall from his grip, tumbling on the floor with dull clatters. Naruto gripped the bony appendage in his left shoulder with his left hand and then with a strong quick punch using his right fist snapped it in two. Naraku grunted in pain. Naruto rolled with his current momentum, got to his feet and lunged at the parasite.

Naraku, caught off guard by the blonds fast recovery couldn't react before Naruto appeared, kneeling down infront of him, pulled out the broken appendage from his shoulder with a savage jerk, and stabbed it right through Naraku's left kneecap.

Naraku screamed and would have collapsed had it not been for his new legs, two of which he used to hold himself upright.

Naraku raised So'unga and brought it down, the purple, malevolent energy cackling wildly before a blast went off in Naruto's face point blank range.

Naraku grinned, certain of his victory when a flash of red broke through the purple stream of energy. He couldn't pull back before red overtook purple, exploding in a shower of youki and chakra, destroying most of his body, only his right arm holding So'unga, half of his left arm, and two out of four of the bony legs on his back remained.

He snarled as he was thrown back, as the dust cleared it revealed Naruto holding Iroku no Hi infront of him. The blond barely had time to bring the weapon to himself using a modified replacement technique, replacing the sword with a stone at his side.

Naruto stood slowly, wincing at the pain in his rapidly healing shoulder.

Naraku chuckled, and in a second, miasma gathered and his entire body regenerated out of thin air, leaving not a single injury. Naruto's eyes widened, he didn't even seem remotely tired.

"You seem frightened, Uzumaki Naruto…" The spider demon laughed coldly as Naruto narrowed his eyes. "Now you see the difference between us…you can never hope to stand against me now that I hold the full power of the Shikon jewel.

His Youki flared, going nearly twelve feet high. Naruto watched as the foul energy ate away at the small patches of grass that peeked through the dirt, as well as the old wood and stones of the ancient ruins around them.

And it was still growing.

Naruto had to shield himself as a shockwave nearly sent him tumbling back from the sheer force of it.

He looked up to Naraku's smirking form again. He blinked…and he was gone.

Naruto barely had time to gasp before he felt a searing pain in his stomach. He gasped, coughing and choking on blood which pooled in his facemask. He looked down, and found So'unga's tip poking out of his stomach before it was savagely yanked out. He nearly fell to his knees but mannaged to hold himself up, using his staff sword.

He heard Naraku's sinister chuckle behind him as the spider demon walked infront of him. "So pathetic…" He sneered before he kicked the blond in the chest, sending him flying back until he hit another of the crumbling walls going straight through it.

Naraku chuckled again as he stepped forward, sneering down at Naruto's bleeding form. The wound in his stomach was healing, but not fast enough. "Now I'll kill you." He spoke with a satisfied grin.

Naruto narrowed his eyes in anger. They flashed purple with a slit through them as Iroku no Hi pulsed once

He grinned, certain of his victory when he felt a searing pain in his own stomach. He looked down and found one tip of Naruto's staff blade protruding from his stomach this time. "I think not." He heard the blonds chilling voice behind him.

He craned his head to look over his shoulder where he met the blonds cold eyes with his own.


"Wind scar!" Came Inuyasha's cry as he destroyed another group of demons, however, they all seemed insignificant in the face of this never ending horde…

Behind him, Kagome fired arrow after arrow, luckily, she had brought nearly four full quivers of arrows so she was in no danger of running out any time soon. Her arrows took down nearly a dozen with each shot, but as stated before, these numbers were insignificant. The demon horde was slowly wearing them down. If they didn't meet up with the others soon they would be overwhelmed.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome called to him. "We have to find Miroku and Sango!"

Inuyasha slashed at another demon with his sword as he tore another apart with his claws. He looked back at her and nodded. He leapt back, wrapped his arm around her waist and leapt through the demon horde as he tried to sniff out Miroku and Sango, slashing at the demons in his path with the Tetsusaiga gripped in his free hand as Kagome shot the ones behind them with her arrows.

The roars, growls and snarls of the demons all around them spoke of madness and bloodlust. Inuyasha launched another wind scar where he mannaged to catch a brief glimpse of Sango atop Kirara as she swung Hiraikotsu through the air.

"Hang on." He commanded the girl in his arm. She nodded and gripped him tighter as he tore through the demon scum around him heading for the demon slayer atop the fire Neko.


Meanwhile, clear across the ruined village a Taiyokai, along with a wind witch were not having a good time as they hacked low level fodder to pieces.

Sesshomaru raised his blade and with all the poise and grace a 500 year old lord of the west could possess brought Tenssaiga down in an arc, tearing open a gateway to the underworld where the demons were promptly sucked in as Kagura sent wind blades that sliced them to ribbons.

She snapped her head behind her as one of the demons got past her guard. Its jaws oppened, ready to bite down on the junction of her neck and shoulder when he was suddenly caught and promptly turned to green gunk by a stoic demon lord.

"We must go." He spoke as he wrapped an arm around her waist, catching her completely off guard, actually managing to elicit a squeak from the Kazi before Sesshomaru used his demonic speed to vanish from their previous location.

Kagura felt her stomach drop as the whole world whipped past her at blinding speeds. The faces of the thousand demons or so nothing but blurs.

When they finally came to a stop she had to fight off the feeling of vertigo as Sesshomaru sent his acid whip to another group of demons, slicing them all apart. "Gather your wits demoness?" He snarled as he slashed at another group of demons

Kagura snapped her attention back to the battle at hand and snapped her fan open before she let her wind blades fly to the area behind the demon lord.

Just then a huge shockwave of youki reached their senses, causing both of them to stiffen, it was by far the largest they had ever felt. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. "You go and find your companions, I will go to find the human, Naruto."

Kagura nodded, before she formed her feather beneath her and soared above the Yokai intent on finding Inuyasha and the others as Sesshomaru began cutting his way towards where he had felt the pulse of Youki.


Naraku snarled as he received yet another gash across his chest. He didn't know what was happening, but somehow the blond was moving faster than anything he had ever seen. He could only catch the briefest of blurs before another injury appeared, if it hadn't been for his, now near godly regenerative powers he would have already died several times over, The blond had nearly cut off his head three times, and plunged several of those Rasengan things into his chest back and stomach, if his heart was still in his body he would have certainly died.

Naruto meanwhile was starting to feel the strain of this new technique. Apparently, the third power of his sword did two things. It increased his speed to almost unimaginable levels, and increased his reflexes so he could keep up with his own movements.

But…this power was coming at a heavy price, his chakra was draining, and Naraku's Youki still hadn't wavered in its potency meaning he wasn't weakening. He would be out of chakra long before Naraku was. "Damnit." He snarled angrily as he stopped in his run.

Naraku catching sight of the blond raised his sword and sent another Gokuryuha towards him…only to have Naruto appear right next to him, sword already raised as red chakra cackled around it Kitsune GoKa: Umi no Ho!!! He screamed as he brought the blade down, sending the most powerful blast of red Youki he had ever made straight at the demon from barely two feet away.

Naraku placed So'ugna infront of him and tried to ward off the attack, but soon it became to much. The spider demon struggled to stand as the attack finally died down revealing his broken mangled body which was quickly regenerating.

He struggled to stand, but a sudden fierce gust of wind nearly knocked him back down. When he looked to the source he felt his eyes go wide with fear.

Naruto, standing amidst the ruins of his old village gripped his blade firmly in his left hand, its form cackling with red and blue chakra. In the other, glowing with power was a fully formed Rasengan. Its form quickly gaining four bladed extensions marking its evolution to the most powerful ninjutsu ever created the "Futon Rasen-Shuriken"

His eyes however, struck the most fear into him. They held a determination, a…promise…that he would not stop, that he would not ever back down until one, or both were dead on this field of battle.

The spider demon snarled as he straightened, pushing down his fear. He would never fear this human again, not now…not when he had the power of the Shikon jewel. He smirked. "Boy…I will take a great deal of pleasure when I kill you…" He sneered before he smiled again. "As a mater of fact…I think I wont kill you…no…I'll keep you alive…so you can watch as I destroy everything you hold precious."

As soon as the words left his mouth, he knew it was the wrong thing to say. The boys chakra flared, its pale blue light was like a roaring fire in the night as it illuminated everything. The low level demons were drawn to this light, like moths to the flame as they approached cautiously.

Naruto suddenly threw down his blade, surprising Naraku a great deal. He then formed a single seal with his now free hand.

"Initial gate KAI!"

Naraku watched as his chakra flared even higher, he was fairly certain it could bee seen for several hundred yards.

He formed another single handed seal.

"Heal gate KAI!"

Naraku watched in wide eyed amazement and terror as all of the boy's injuries healed in a second.

"Life gate KAI!"

His skin turned red and his chakra flared again. The Rasengan in his hand pulsed, and grew several inches in diameter. His pupils vanished, turning his eyes completely white.

"Wound gate KAI!"

By now his chakra was flaring around so wildly his face mask had been completely blown off.



Kyuubi, who was watching the proceedings from a distance away could only smirk. "That's it Naruto…just a little more."


The demons that had been closing in around him at this point were completely blown away, Naraku himself barely managed to keep his feet as the chakra pushed him back several feet.

Naruto then gripped his wrist, the wind rasengan pulsed wildly as he pushed more chakra into it, pushing his control of the technique to its very limits as the wind picked up in its ferocity and the earth shook beneath his feet, the loose cloth of his headband whipping behind him as if caught in an upwards wind.

Naraku , shot forward with all the speed he could muster, intent on stopping the blond before he completed his technique. "Gokuryuuha!!!" he yelled sending the blast ahead of him.

Naruto's eyes snapped open, the red of his iris breaking through the white formed by unlocking the third gate. He gripped his blade and vanished before the blast reached him, appearing infront of Naraku again.

"Futon: Rasen-shuriken!" He roared slamming the attack dead center into Naraku's chest.


Inuyasha snarled as a demon bit into his shoulder, he ripped the disgusting thing over his shoulder and stabbed it on the ground before he spun around again. "WIND SCAR!" He yelled sending the yellow streaks of energy into the mass of roaring demons.

"INUYASHA!!!" Sango yelled down to the hanyou. "THAT BLUE LIGHT! WHAT DO YOU THINK IT IS?" She yelled again as she threw the Hiraikotsu again.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK?" Kagura yelled as she send another volley of wind blades. 'IT ISNT SESSHOMARU AND IT ISNT NARAKU! WHO ELSE COULD IT POSSIBLY BE?"

The entire group exchanged worried glances as they each came to the same conclusion. 'Naruto'

"WELL COME ON WE GOTTA GO HELP THE MORON!" Inuyasha yelled as he cut another demon down.



"WHATEVER WE'RE GONNA DO WE HAVE TO DO IT NOW!!!" Kagome cut in as she launched another arrow.

Inuyasha struggled with himself for a moment before he finally spoke. "ALLRIGHT YOU GUYS LOOK FOR THE BRAT!!! I'LL…"

"I'm afraid that wont be necessary." A voice cut him off as a blast of red chakra destroyed all the demons around them in an instant. They each looked up to the top of a ruined building and found the Kyuubi sitting there with a smug smirk on her face as one leg dangled over the edge. In her left hand Naraku's heart was nestled 'safely'.

The entire group tensed, knowing that this was one demon they stood absolutely no chance against.

Inuyasha however, would not back down without a least some of his fight showing through. "Give us the kid now lady. Or do you want me to cut you down with him?" He snarled. Kagura to brandished her fan, this was her revenge staring at her. Just a simple wind blade and she would enjoy the satisfaction of seeing Naraku dead.

Kyuubi chuckled. "My, my what bravado…no child, you see…I cannot have Naraku die until he's fulfilled his purpose. So therefore, this child remains with me."

Everyone tensed but before they could say anything…


The entire group was blown clear off their feet as a massive explosion erupted behind them, from where they had seen the blue light.

It was huge, dome shaped and had to be at least 100 feet high. The air seemed to be sucked right into it, as if it was a black hole, or tornado, it was like a vacuum the demons were all sucked into a swirling vortex, shredding them to pieces before it all exploded outwards in a great shockwave that shook the earth with its raw power, disintegrating any remains.

"I suggest." Kyuubi drawled as she watched the dazzling sight. "You all go help Naruto before he bites off more than he can chew."

The group each exchanged looks and decided to take the kitsune's advice and rushed over to the scene, missing Kyuubi's smug smirk.


Midoriko groaned in pain as the demons continued to pound away at her barrier, sweat was visible on her brow as she bit her lip in concentration.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up, finding the, for once serious expression, of the Kyuubi no kitsune standing before her.

"Its time Midoriko." The demoness spoke quietly.

Midoriko gave a small nod and her barrier, finally fell, allowing the demons to take control of the Shikon jewel.

Kyuubi kneeled down and wrapped her arms and tails around the legendary priestess. "Don't worry…" She spoke as a small red barrier formed around them, blocking the demons out from devouring the priestess.


In the center of the devastation stood Naruto, his entire arm had severe slashes all over it, caused by his own wind blades, as well as the fact that it was broken in nearly five places. The area infront of him was much worse than he was. Everything had been cut to pieces, a massive crater spread out infront of him. Chunks of demonic remains were littered all over the place along with their blood.

Naruto sighed in something akin to relief, the demonic horde above them began to disperse and Naraku was nowhere to be seen. He felt around for his Youki…but after several seconds that he couldn't even detect a faint wisp of his Youki he sighed in relief.

Naraku was dead…

He heard footsteps behind him and turned, finding Sesshomaru standing there with his usual stoic look, though one could tell he was impressed…hell if you weren't impressed by a 100 foot crater you had some serious problems.

Sesshomaru then looked to the right, Naruto followed his gaze and found the rest of the Inu-Taichi approaching them. He smirked as he sat down, wincing slightly at the pain of his arm as his chakra finally died down.

The rest of the group soon reached them. As they each took in the scene and Naruto's relaxed position. As well as the fact that they couldn't feel Naraku's foul presence anywhere near them came to a hopeful conclusion. Naraku's dead?" Kagome questioned for everyone.

Sesshomaru nodded. "Aparently so."

It took a moment for the words to sink in. But when they did, cheers of delight were let out by nearly the whole group. Kagome practically tackled Inuyasha to the ground where she hugged him fiercely tears of joy streaming down her eyes. Miroku uncovered his hand and found the wind tunnel to be rapidly closing, at that sight Sango wrapped him in a fierce hug and to the monks great delight and surprised kissed him square in the lips. Kagura smiled, a smile which was almost radiant in itself.

Naruto smiled as well, seeing their faces in such unbridled delight he wondered if this is what it would have been like had they won the war against Oto and Akatsuki in Konoha. He stood shakily, using his sword for support.

"Heh, I guess we won." He stated with a small smile of his own catching everyone's attention as they all gaped. "Na-naruto!"

He looked momentarily confused before he realized the reason for their shock. His mask was gone. They could all see his face rather clearly. He simply grinned in response, showing off his enlarged canines. 'Well now…I suppose, wearing my mask around you is somewhat pointless eh?"

The group smirked somewhat but their smirk soon died as the earth began to shake beneath them and the clouds turn purple again.

Miroku looked at his hand and saw to his horror the wind tunnel opening again. He quickly rewrapped the prayer beads on his arm to seal it away.

The entire group tensed and drew their weapons. From the crater Naruto recently made a dark cloud of Miasma slowly rose. Naruto turned, holding his staff sword in his left hand as his right was still badly torn up.

The entire group faced the growing cloud of miasma, their weapons ready to attack.

However, before anyone could react tentacles sprouted out from the ground behind…Naruto.


The blond turned at the warning but barely mannaged to catch a glimpse of the incoming attack before they hit. One piercing his right shoulder, another from his left hip, two from his chest area and another pierced his left arm around the elbow joint, nearly taking his entire arm off.

"NARUTO!" Was the cry that faintly reached his ears as his eyes dulled and he coughed up blood. Another tentacle wrapped around his throat and with a casual flick threw him over the group so he landed several yards away with a dull thud. His blood quickly pooling around him.

Some in the group moved to aid him when the sinister, sickly chuckle reached their ears.

They turned and saw the miasma as it materialized revealing Naraku, completely unscathed as his Youki swirled around him. "Now that the nuisance is out of the way, its time that I have my fun." He chuckled before thousands of fleshy tentacles sprouted from the ground around the Inu-taichi.

Naruto coughed, letting the metallic, coppery taste of his blood fill his mouth, nearly choking on it. His breathing was becoming heavier as his vision darkened. He let his head fall to the side and saw the group as they fought Naraku.

His eyes dulled before he felt his head being lifted, then gently dropped down onto something soft. He weakly looks up and sees Kyuubi's red eyes staring back, he was resting on her lap, as she ran a hand lazily though his blond hair he sees…concern…in her eyes.

He feels her place something in his hand, and he recognizes it as Iroku no hi's hilt.

She leans down, and whispers in his ear. "Naruto…listen to me…you need to unlock the final power." She speaks calmly as her youki works on keeping him alive.

"I…cant…" He rasps out.

"If you don't…then they will die." She says fiercely.

His eyes widen as his breathing quickens somewhat, she feels him grip the blade tighter. However, another coughing fit hits him, making him loose all of his strength as he fell back, his grip on the blade going slack.

Kyuubi could feel his life slipping away. She snarled before she, picked him up by the scruff of his shit, getting him up to his full height, though she held him up, as his legs had no strength in them.

"Enough." She snarled. "Are you so weak that you would fail twice? You would let your precious people die twice? You are a disgrace to the memory of the leaf village." She saw his eyes open as he gritted his teeth in anger. "You are nothing but a weak boy Naruto." She snarled watching as his grip on the sword tightened again.

"Have you forgotten your promise Naruto?"


"Have you forgotten your promise Naruto?" She asked again a bit more forcefully that time.

Again silence.

"HAVE YOU FORGOTEN?" She yelled that time, watching as the boys eyes flashed red.


The blade in his hand pulsed.


Naruto awoke to the familiar sensation of the wind whipping through his hair. 'What the?' He questioned before a purple glow to his right caught his attention. He twisted himself out of the way and hit the ground, getting to his feet quickly He looked towards his attacker, and found Naraku, So'unga pulsing in his grip.

Naraku grinned evilly as he set eyes on the Jinchuriki. "Ahh, Nigen, so good to see you here. Now I can kill you." He spoke smugly.

Naruto then saw that he looked as he did before he absorbed the Shikon jewel.

Naraku sneered at him. "So you choose to play the stoic? Well little ninja lets see how smug you are when you see what I have." He sneered as he raised his clawed hand revealing a broken Shikon jewel.

Everything seemed to snap in place for Naruto at that moment. 'The fourth skill…is to go back in time?'

Just then the remaining fragments of the Shikon jewel shot past him, forming the complete jewel again.

Naraku chuckled and went to place the jewel in his chest when his wrist was caught and held in place by a firm grip.

He looked back, his surprised red eyes meeting Kyuubi's smug ones. "Wh-WHAT IS THIS!?"

"Simple…you've outlived your purpose. After all, you are only a pawn in this game…and the pawns must always be sacrificed for the king." She spoke as she showed the baby nestled in her arms. Naraku's eyes widened in fear before the woman's chakra flared, turning the baby into nothing but ash in just a few seconds.

He gasped and gripped his chest as he coughed up blood, the sacred jewel fell from his grasp forgotten as it rolled to Naruto's feet.

Naruto looked up, and saw the demonic horde beginning to disperse as Naraku's hold on them vanished. The spider demon coughed as he collapsed on his knees. Kyuubi walked to his side and with a casual flick of her pristine claws lobbed off the hanyou's head, letting his body fall with a dull thud.

Naruto looked over his shoulder where he could see the Inu group approaching. He looked to the Kyuubi's serious expression and narrowed his eyes, kneeling down to pick up the jewel at his feet. "Tell me…tell me now…why have you done this? What was your purpose? Now before the others arrive."

She looked up to the sky, a blank expression on her face… "When…when you freed me from my imprisonment…I did as you asked…I destroyed the last Akatsuki members and then…I saved you. I kept you alive not out of some kindness of affection I had in my heart for you. But because I wanted you to suffer. I wanted to break you…and so I saved you, and left you alive amidst the ruins of your precious village.

Then. I felt your presence vanish. I was certain you had committed suicide, but instead of the satisfaction I expected. Instead I felt…something I would later on recognize as guilt. At the time however…I shrugged it off and simply chalked it up as the last of your human influence on me. And so I did what I always did after that…I destroyed…I destroyed everything…any village ninja or otherwise that dared stand in my way was destroyed.

Then…at the end…when the world was finally brought to its knees by the might of the nine Bijuu I looked back on my actions…as I always did and felt…regret…for the first time in all my millennia of life. I felt remorse for my actions. I was disgusted with myself. And so…I left.

The other tailed demons, found me to be weak, and so tried to usurp my power leading up to the war that lasted nearly two millennia. The Bijuu wars which finally broke the world and sent it into darkness.

After that…I slept…I slept and I watched as the world rebuilt itself from the destruction that I caused. I was determined to rest for all eternity, and leave the world free from me when I felt it…" She looked to him then her eyes glinting with something he couldn't identify.

"You had returned. At first I wasn't sure…but…when I confirmed it…I…I wanted to…to make it up to you I suppose…and this was the best way for me to do it."

"You wanted to make it up to me? By doing what manipulating me? Manipulating everyone to play your sick little game?" As he spoke his voice got louder and louder until he was right infront of her, his hand gripping her collar as he glared deep into her red eyes.

She sighed and bowed her head. "No…everything I have done has led up to this moment…in your hand…you now hold the complete Shikon jewel, and also, the blade I gave you."

She locked gazes with him "Give me the jewel Naruto…give me the jewel and I can send you back."

His breath hitched as his eyes widened. He released his grip on her out of pure surprise.

"Wha-what did you say?"

Her features were still blank as she stared at him. "I can send you back. If you give me the jewel, my power will escalate to the point where I can enhance the power of your swords fourth technique. Enough to send you back to your home."

Naruto seemed as if he had just been nailed in the side of the head with a sledge hammer as he stepped back as if in a daze. He suddenly felt very dizzy.

"I…you…" His words were jumbled in his own mind.

"You can stop it…you can stop it all. You can save your friends, your family, you can have the life that was stolen from you."

"Why would you do this?" He questioned again.

She looked away. 'That doesn't mater. All you need to know is that I am doing it…now, give me the jewel.

He looked to the pearly white orb in his hand, it shined beautifully despite the taint that remained on it from Naraku's aura.

To go back? Could he really go back and save them?

Tsunade, Jiraiya, Iruka, Konohamaru, Ino, Kakashi, Shino, Kiba, Hinata, TenTen, Neji, Lee, Kurenai, Gai, Shikamaru, Chouji, Udon, Moegi, Ebisu…Sakura…he…he could save them?

He could have a second chance?

Slowly…ever so slowly his hand moved towards her outstretched one. The jewels magic tingling her finger tips.

Suddenly he paused, pulling back as he looked over his shoulder towards the group which was now rapidly approaching them. "What…will happen to them?"

The Kyuubi looked momentarily taken aback before she answered. "They will cease to exist. History will be changed and they will most likely never be born."

Naruto's eyes closed painfully as he looked at the jewel in his hands.

Their footsteps were approaching now, he could hear them clearly.

"Naruto…" Kyuubi spoke. "You must decide now…" She pressured taking a step towards him.

Naruto stiffened. To go back…to go back was something he had dreamed of doing since this had all begun…to just go back and correct his mistake.

But to…to sacrifice this world…for his…was it right to do so…He glanced back again at the group who was now a mere fifty yards away. To simply…wipe their lives away completely…to take them like that…could he do so?

Kyuubi watched in shock and amazement as Naruto's hand slowly lowered to his side letting it hang limply there.


He looked up at her then…his eyes crinkling up in a pain filled smile as he let the jewel fall to the floor by his feet. "No…" He spoke softly "My…my mistakes in the past are my own…I have no right…to destroy their lives simply for my selfishness."

Her eyes were wide in disbelief and she numbly registered as he stepped forward and embraced her. He spoke, barely a whisper as it caressed her ear. "Thank you…Kyuubi.

He then vanished in a swirl of leaves leaving a visibly baffled Kitsune, before a slow proud smile graced her lips.


"I thought I'd find you here"

Naruto turned to the voice, finding none other than the notorious fox demoness staring back at him, her customary smirk firmly in place.

He currently sat atop the former hokage monument, atop the fourths head to be exact.

"Old habits die hard I suppose." He stated before looking onto the ruins of the village.

She smirked as she walked next to him and sat down. Naruto turned to face her but was surprised as she pulled down his facemask, and again kissed him fiercely on the lips. She pulled back, her eyes closed as she smirked. "You really are Konoha's most surprising ninja aren't you?"

He sighed and smirked as well. 'I suppose so." He replied.

He was surprised when she leaned against him, resting her head on his chest, beneath his chin. His eyes softened on her form. So many long years she must have spent in her self isolation…his arms came up and embraced her, one going around her waist, the other through her fiery red hair.

"Will you rebuild?" She questioned softly as her tails wrapped around them.

"Yes…I will…" He spoke softly as he closed his eyes, letting his head lean on hers.

"Hmmm..." She smiled, faintly hearing the cries of his companions as they searched for him. 'You'll do just fine Naruto…just fine.'



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