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Title: The Forgotten Uchiha


Inu Yasha/ Alternate Universe

Set after Sasuke ran away from Konoha.

Itachi's twin sister, Kagome, finally comes out of a comma. Not liking everything that has been going on she decides that it's time for things to change. Now determined to save Sasuke, reunite with old friends, and confront old enemies, Kagome has her hands full, and that's only half of it.

Chapter One: The Forgotten Uchiha

Making sure that the coast was clear a young pink haired shinobi, quietly snuck into a restricted room, on the top floor in the hospital. Turing a lamp on, the pink haired ninja pulled a chair up to the hospital bed, which was occupied by an older looking ninja who appeared to be asleep.

"Wow, she's really pretty." thought the shinobi looking at the sleeping figure. And indeed she was; with long, silky onyx hair, full red lips, and ivory skin that looked to have not seen sunlight in years (which it hadn't). All in all she looked very beautiful.

"Hello, you may not know me, but my name is Sakura Haruno. And I believe that you should know what has been going on around here, especially with your younger brother Sasuke" Sakura said, brushing a piece of hair out of the sleeping nin's face.

Taking a deep breath, Sakura started from the beginning. "It all started not long after you were put in a comma, Itachi had gone on a killing spree, killing the whole Uchiha Clan except for Sasuke. Itachi soon left Konoha joining the Akatsuki. Sasuke then became cold and indifferent, with only two things on his mind, power and revenge.

You see me and Sasuke were on the same team along with Naruto Uzamaki. But during the Chunin examine he was cursed by Orochimaru. Not long afterwards he left with Orochimaru to gain power so he could kill Itachi and nobody has seen him since." Sakura finished catching her breathe and continued "And if there was ever a time that Sasuke has needed you, the time is now!" Sakura said hoping that the sleeping nin would hear her and wake up, but to no avail.

Hearing Naruto yelling for her Sakura quickly turned off the lamp, put the chair back up, and quickly yet quietly left the room, hoping that no one would hear or see her, never hearing the sleeping body whisper Sasuke's name.

Walking down the hall in the hospital, Sakura hoped that what she said to the sleeping nin would get through to her somehow.

"Hey Sakura! Where have you been?" Naruto asked jogging to catch up with her.

Jumping lightly at the startling sound of Naruto's voice, Sakura answered "Nowhere really. So what do you want?" Sakura asked quickly changing the subject.

"Kakashi – sensei wanted to talk with us. He said to meet him at the park." answered Naruto, curious at Sakura's jumpy mood.

Walking in silence Sakura and Naruto headed side by side towards the park. Both lost in their own thoughts. And that was how Kakashi found his students, both in deep thought; Naruto sitting in a tree, and Sakura leaning on the same tree.

"Now this is a first." Kakashi said aloud, more to himself than to his students. Who both heard this, and went to stand before their sensei.

Anyways, we haven't received any missions for today, so Sakura I want you to go help out at the hospital, and Naruto, Jiraiya wishes to speak with you" Kakashi said pulling out his Make out Paradise book.

Without a word, both shinobis headed off to their destination. Sakura stopping to pick some flowers, to leave in the room she was in earlier that day.

When she got there, Sakura immediately noticed that something was different. Turning on the lamp Sakura noticed that the bed was empty. Dropping the flowers she was carrying Sakura quickly spun around to see if she could find out what happened, but instead came face to face with a pair of dark ebony eyes. And whispered one name, so low that you would have to strain your ears just to hear her say "Kagome"


Hope you like it. The next chapter will be coming out soon, and I will try to make all the chapters longer than this one.