Always in Motion: If You Love Me

Summary: The Sequel to Always in Motion. Is there any hope for the galaxy after the rise of the Sith? Is Obi-Wan Kenobi gone, consumed by Darth Avarik? Can he find his way back towards the light?

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. I'm just borrowing George Lucas' characters for a bit. Aila is mine and has come out to play with George's characters. There will be a couple other original characters (that are mine) too, but I am not ready to announce them yet.


"Obi-Wan, I love you." Darth Avarik clenched his eyes shut as he was assailed with another painful memory from that agonizing night on Mustafar. He had used his Force abilities to knock Aila, his wife, out until he had dealt with Anakin. No harm was to come to her, but fate had other ideas.

Avarik had not been strong enough to best his former apprentice in a duel. His failure had led to the grievous injuries he had sustained and the loss of the love of his life. He had trusted his former apprentice to take care of his wife, but Anakin's allegiance had been to the Jedi Order and he seemed to have no problem in ending Aila's life.

Avarik pounded his fist into the wall of the Star Destroyer he was on, startling the crew onboard. A large dent was evident in the wall from his show of aggression. Avarik had used his left hand, his good hand, to pummel the wall. A normal man would have felt great pain from such an impact, but the Sith Lord was too consumed with the tragedy in his life to notice. He had felt great pain at the loss of his legs and right arm on Mustafar, but no agony was more intense than the loss of his beloved wife. Avarik's grief overrode any pain he attempted to inflict on himself.

The crew of the Star Destroyer scurried away from the Sith, intent on not falling victim to his wrath. The Emperor's second in command had a very short temper and had made that known in the few days he had been onboard the ship. The dark figure had killed five crewmembers since coming onboard, two for ineptitude and three for smiling. No one onboard the Star Destroyer was sure what the Sith had against the expression of joy and happiness, but all quickly learned to keep their expressions neutral in his presence.

One week ago, Darth Avarik would have seen nothing wrong with a show of happiness. It was about that time he had announced to his wife that the Clone Wars had ended. After her initial shock faded and he witnessed the happiness this news evoked in her, Avarik knew that was all he needed to justify his actions. However, he would never feel her joy again. The Jedi had ensured that.

Avarik shut his eyes once more as his pain and grief threatened to overwhelm him. He knew he could not show weakness to the crew so he quickly moved to a more secluded area.

In a deserted strategy room, Avarik locked himself inside so that he could allow tears to fall from his eyes. He walked to a nearby viewport in order to gaze at something that would take his mind off his tragedy. However, all he saw was the emptiness of space, an emptiness that mimicked the feelings within his heart and soul. To make matters worse, he could vividly recall the words that instigated his anguish:

"Where is Aila? Is she safe? Is she all right?"

"It seems that in his escape, young Skywalker killed her."

"Noooo!" Avarik shouted, the same as he had on the day he heard the news. He had destroyed the medical wing where he had received treatment for his injuries, but today he just collapsed to his knees as he wept for the loss of his wife. "Why Anakin? Why Aila?" Avarik stated to himself as he clenched his hands in fists. He had not thought his former apprentice would be capable of such a heinous act, but he had seen evidence that showed otherwise.

Avarik had always considered Anakin to be like a brother, but apparently Anakin's allegiance to the Jedi Order was stronger than their bond. The treacherous Jedi Council had tried to harm Aila from the first day Avarik had brought her to Coruscant. They had failed in every attempt until they sent Anakin to finish the job.

Avarik should have known his former apprentice would align himself with the Jedi, he was a Master on their Council, and had sworn to uphold their ideals and decisions. Avarik had been foolish to believe that Anakin would remain loyal to him and foolish to believe the lies his former friend told to show his false loyalty. The Jedi Council had tainted Anakin and turned him against his former mentor.

The Jedi Order may have corrupted his former student, but Avarik knew Anakin could have chosen not to kill Aila. Aila was an innocent and did not deserve to die. She should have been standing by his side at this very moment.

Avarik wiped away the tears from his eyes with his good hand and stood up as he regained his composure. He gazed once more at the blackness of space. The Jedi Order had already paid the price for their crimes against him and his wife, and Avarik would ensure that any survivors would be hunted down and destroyed for the pain they had caused him. Although he had already tracked down and killed a few survivors, he intended to focus his search on one rogue Jedi and his family.

Anakin Skywalker would rue the day he decided to betray his former master. Avarik would ensure Skywalker felt the same pain he did at losing his loved ones. Skywalker's family would be hunted and killed; Padmé in retaliation for Aila's death and then Luke and Leia for the children Avarik would never have. When he was finished, Avarik would ensure that Skywalker felt the same lonely despair he felt at the loss of Aila and the future he could have had with her. He would relish in Skywalker's pain and have it feed his own power before finally ending the life of his betrayer.