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"Class, we have a new student" the teacher said.

Ichigo looked up. "A new student? There haven't been any new students in a while" Just then a tall girl with dark blonde hair, wearing a black shirt and black jeans came in.

"Chiyoko, you can take the desk next to Ms. Momomiya" The girl walked to the desk and sat down. The teacher continued with her lecture on something boring and insignificant so why get in to details about it. The new girl held up her text book in front of her face giving the illusion she was keeping up with the lesson, however if you looked closely you could see she definitely wasn't, she was muttering to herself.

Ichigo's POV

What's with that new girl, she isn't listening to the teacher, is she talking to herself? Why is her face changing emotions so much? All I could hear of her muttering was 'Control' 'kill' 'No' and 'Shut up' And she saw me as I was staring at her and her muttering. She shot me a death glare, so I quickly looked away. I'll definitely stay clear of her, at all costs.

Regular POV

Just then the teacher said "Ok, you can all go to lunch, also Ms. Momomiya, could you please show Chiyoko around the school"

Ichigo looked at the teacher surprised "Oh…um…well, I"

Before she could finish the teacher said "Good, show her all the classes she needs to go to after break"

Ichigo sighed "Alright" "I originally planned to stay clear of this girl, but fine, I can't refuse to the teacher" she thought to herself. She stared at Chiyoko, who didn't pay much mind to what the teacher had just said if she even heard what she had said at all.

The bell rang and they all headed to lunch. Everyone went in to the lunch line. "Dammit, why do I have to show that girl around school, she's so scary, and she obviously hates me for staring at her" Ichigo said to herself.

Just then Moe said to her "What's with the new girl, she doesn't talk a lot"

and Miwa then added in "I heard she got expelled from her other school"

Ichigo stared at her "Why?" she asked wide eyed.

"Rumor has it that weird stuff had been happening and people kept getting hurt when ever she was around" Miwa whispered scarily.

Ichigo gulped, and looked around, seeing if she could spot the new girl, but she wasn't in the lunch room.

"Where is she?" Ichigo questioned. She turned to see out the window, just to see a flash of black go behind the wall of the school out of sight.

"Ichigo, are you okay?" Moe asked the wide eyed girl.

"Huh, oh yeah, I'm not that hungry right now, I'll see you guys later" she said as she left the lunch room and went outside. She approached the school wall. It was cloudy and a hard breeze would occasionally blow the fallen leaves on the ground. "No one ever goes behind that wall" she thought to herself. There used to be a playground there, but now all that remained there were a few large old dead trees. There was a rumor that the place was cursed, but this was only a rumor. Ichigo peeked to the other side of the wall, at first she saw nothing, just a few dead trees, whose branching trunks that looked like fingers. "Where'd she go?" she thought to herself. She then heard low whispering voices.

The first voice said "Won't you leave me alone, you got me kicked out of my old school, I don't need you causing me problems here"

Then a voice hissed "No, with out me you would die, I am already part of you"

Then a voice sighed "Fine, just don't cause me so many problems here, I didn't want to hurt those people, and you made me"

The other voice hissed again "You wanted to hurt them, they made fun of you"

The other voice, that Ichigo already found out was obviously Chiyoko sighed "They made fun of me because you made me different"

The other voice then hissed "I made you better, you aren't different, you are special, you have extraordinary capabilities because of me, now why won't you do as I say?" it said.

"I'm going, so hide yourself before someone sees you." the other voice said angrily. Ichigo heard as foot steps came close to her, so she backed away from the wall and made it look as if she was just coming as she saw Chiyoko appear from the other side of the wall

"Oh, hi Chiyoko, I was just coming because lunch is almost over so I need to show you to your classes." Ichigo said nervously, still wondering what had just happened.

"Oh, ok" Chiyoko said.

"Also I'm sorry for staring at you in class; I just thought I saw…"

Chiyoko stared at her "Saw what" she asked with a twinge of worry in her voice.

"Uh...Oh never mind…nothing" Ichigo stuttered.

Chiyoko stared at her suspiciously, but then said "Ok, also please call me by my nick name Chi" she said, her mood now lightened.

Ichigo sighed "Maybe she isn't so weird, I bet I was just imagining things" she thought to herself. The bell rang "I'll show you to your next class" Ichigo said heading back in the direction of the school. Chi followed her in to the school.

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