Author- angel17712

Date- 12/1/06

Disclaimer: I don't the characters or the show.

Thanks goes out to PinkGreenWhite4ever! thanks for the help and encouragement!

Nick's POV

They say that first impressions always stay with you, that they're long-lasting. And for awhile, I thought that was true. My first impression of Madison was that she was shy, as though she were meeting someone who she had never talked to before. The curiosity came next, rearing along with it a vicious bout of nosiness. I was surprised by the fact that she was being so forward with me, a guy that she had just met the same day. I was intrigued by her, and decided to humor her by answering her questions.

"So while we're out in the world fighting evil, what are you gonna do?" she asked.

"Well first, I'm gonna fix my bike, then head to my grandparent's and see if I can live there instead of with my sister in Briarwood," I told her.

"Mm, no parents?"

"Uh, you are nosey. Yes, I have parents. They're working overseas for a few years. I was living with my cousins for awhile, then my uncle, and now my sister."

"It must be hard leaving friends all the time," she said sadly.

"I usually don't stay around long enough to have friends," I told her as I looked down, avoiding her eyes.

"You know, you could…I mean, you could stay somewhere longer. You know, like here, maybe," she said uncertainly.

She walked away shyly, and with a hint of awkwardness at having been so forward. I later realized that she had wanted me to stay and I could have hit myself. She had just wanted to be friends, and I had told in no certain words no. She was shy, that much was obvious. She was a good fighter, and she was fiercely protective of people that she cared about. As we fought side by side as a team, I quickly found out that there was much more to Madison Rocca than what met the eye.

Madison's POV

If there was one word that be used to describe Nick Russell when I first met him, it would be loner. There are lots of other words that could describe him: cute, sweet, funny, the list goes on and on. But the word loner stuck out poignantly in my mind. After he told me that he had been shifted around and that he had moved so much, I wanted him to stay here in Briarwood. I wanted to get to know him better for some odd reason, the real Nick beneath the mask that he put up. Normally, I would have never been as forward with a stranger as I was with Nick, but for some inexplicable reason, I felt like I had known him my entire life. I felt drawn to him from the beginning. We were like two complete opposites: oil and vinegar, yin and yang, fire and water. When I walked away from him after he had told me that he wasn't planning on staying, I felt as though my heart had been broken, and I didn't know why. 'You just met the guy, Madison! What are you doing feeling this way about him?' my head screamed at me. I knew that it was silly, and yet I didn't care.

When he decided to believe in magic and become a Ranger, my heart swelled with the hope that he would stay. And he did stay, unknowingly mending my heart. I was elated that he had decided to stay. Maybe we could become friends, or something more. Maybe my first impression of him could change.