This is a Gennai POV. I don't think I've ever seen one before, and this just came to me. It has to do with how he feels about not being able to fight with the others. It's an 01 poem, don't get it mixed up with season 2.

Friend From Far Away

I watch you as you struggle,
Sometimes you may fail,
I want to be of more help,
But I'm too old and frail.

In my own day,
I was strong,
Now it seems to me,
Everything's gone wrong!

Puppetmon has WarGreymon,
By Piedmon's hand you're all keychains,
I just have to do something,
To end their evil reighn.

But all I do is talk,
And send e-mail to Izzy,
But I wish that I could help you,
Just to keep myself busy.

I'm your friend from far away,
Never give up the fight,
With courage, friendship, knowledge, reliability,
Love, sincerity, hope, and light.

Please do not forget me,
I'll be strong again someday,
With a new group of Digidestined,
I'll be there to save the day.

I promise.