I own nothing about Digimon, although it would be nice to own Ken! ~_^

My Itchijouji- Yolei POV

Indigo eyes,
Violet hair,
Gentle smile.
Warm touch.

Dark D3
That really shouldn't be.
My Ken.

If I had Daisuke's courage,
I could tell you how I feel.
If I had Cody's knowlege,
I could help you heal.

But I have my love,
And sincerity.
Do you love me back,
My Itchijouji?

You could become evil again,
And it wouldn't faze me.
I'd just bring you back like before.
My Itchijouji.

If your heart was still as dark,
As a midnight wren,
A kiss from me
Would help you see,
I love you
My Ken.
My Kaizer.
My Itchijouji.