This is a Ken POV. It tells about how he feels about his guilt, his relationship with the other Digidestined, Sam, and Wormmon.

My Fault

Digimon Emporer,
What a joke!
When I think about the horror that was me,
I very nearly choke!

I was a monster.
Wormmon, and Sam,
It's all my fault,
Can I change who I am?

Sam's gone,
That's true.
Now I feel I'm going,
To let the whole world down too.

Wormmon says he trusts me,
As that kind little boy he once knew.
But I'm beginning to wonder,
Do the others trust me too?

Davis is a true friend,
Though to TK he's a jerk.
Yolei doesn't seem to mind me,
Cody thinks I need some work.

Kari knows what I've been through,
She's encountered the Dark Ocean too.

Crest of Kindness,
I'll try to live up
To the meaning of my crest,
Although it's going to be tough.

I hope Sam cannot see me,
And what I did become,
But I think he might be proud,
Of my ability to run,
Away from my evil.

Maybe I'll see him again someday,
Somewhere far beyond,
And then, I think, he will be proud,
Of me and my partner, Wormmon.