For all you psychos who actually like the Davis/Kari combo this story is NOT for you, it's a Takari. In case you can't figure it out, the Angel is Kari, her Keeper is TK, and the Destined One who tries to tear them apart is Davis. (Duh!) This is set in a parallel universe and has no mention of the Digimon, except for one itsy-bitsy reference, see if you can find it. *^_^* In some of the lines I'm forced to talk like Yoda, so cut me some slack! (Forced, Yoda, Ha ha.) Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, Toei does. (Ain't it a pity!)
Warning: Slight Davis bashing!

Angel and Keeper

An Angel and her Keeper,
Fell despratly in love,
And they both agreed,
It was a gift from above.

But their love was forbidden,
By the Destined One,
They were counsiled by her brother,
To turn their tails and run.

He was of Hope,
And she of Light,
Both profoundly refused
To give up without a fight.

Angel knew without her Keeper,
She'd eventually fade away,
Keeper knew without his Angel,
He'd have no reason alive to stay.

They tried to make the Chosen One see,
Without each other they would die,
But he was so stubborn,
All he thought was I, I, I.

Then they reminded him of his promise,
To his partner long ago,
And now he was sorry,
And he had let them go.

So the Angel and the Keeper,
With all their friends gathered round,
Tied the knot, and they all cheered,
"Prodigous!" was the sound.