A/N: This is a sort of sequel to Green Bontro's 'New York's Hottest' - I got permission before I started this! It should be three chapters long - one about the preparation, one for the auction/dinner and one for the aftermath. So, here goes!

"They're doing what!" Alex nearly yelled at Deakins when he told her, Carolyn Barek and Rachel Stimer the news of what the city was doing to raise more money to help the families of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"Captain, I don't know why you're telling us this," Carolyn told her boss truthfully. "Yeah, that worked great when they did it for the September 11th families and victims with the men, but there hasn't been any email alerting us to the contest."

"Yes, there has," Deakins said with a sigh. The two female detectives in front of him glared until he explained, "It was sent out to all of the captains of the departments and left up to them to choose their representatives for the job."

"Representatives?" Alex asked, questioning the plural use of the noun.

"Three women from each squad are going to be participating in the event," Deakins explained. It was only ten o'clock in the morning and he already felt a massive headache form as he informed the three women before him that they were the lucky ones chosen to represent Major Case.

Rachel glared; leaning forward in her chair in a manner perfected in the interrogation room, she said, "It's a bachelorette auction, sir. Do you realize how … debasing that kind of thing is?"

"Frankly, ladies, I don't care how debasing you may think it is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder," Deakins snapped. "The Commissioner's wife organized the event and he approved it. You three will participate and you will not ditch out."

The three detectives blinked before muttering their "yes, sir"s and took the instructions he offered them before filing out of his office and back to their desks to the inquisitive male partners awaiting them.

Alex walked with Rachel and Carolyn back to her desk. They were about to walk on when she suddenly said, "Hey. Do you two want to go shopping for dresses on Saturday with me? We might as well get it done sooner rather than later."

Carolyn's smile was impish as she said, "Yeah, then we can all grab the latest action movie … the new James Bond movie is playing?"

Rachel shrugged, "What the hell? It's not like I've got anything to do on Saturday. Count me in."

"Okay. Meet me at my apartment at ten and we'll start from there. I'll even buy you guys lunch," Alex said amiably.

As the two women walked away, Alex sat down at her desk, intent on the files in front of her. Bobby watched her for a few minutes, unaware that she knew what he was doing until she said, "Spit it out, Goren."

"You're going with Carolyn and Rachel to get dresses for what, exactly?" he finally voiced the question.

Alex smirked mischievously, "That's for me to know, and you to lie awake at night thinking about."

Evil woman. Evil, evil woman.


"Alex that's perfect!" Rachel Stimer, the newest recruit to Major Case and a buxom young detective of Native American roots, gushed as the smaller woman walked out of the dressing room in a berry colored taffeta, A-line, strapless gown with a corset bodice that tied in the back, revealing her smooth tan skin.

Alex looked at herself in the mirror, noting how much taller she looked. She didn't particularly care for the color, or the amount of skin on her upper body showing … but she had to admit that she looked damn good. She shook her head, indicating to the sales woman that she'd need another dress to try on.

"Okay, how 'bout this one?" Carolyn asked as she waltzed out of her dressing room in a leaf green halter dress with a bubble skirt that was way too short.

Alex snorted, "Mike'd have a heart attack if he ever saw you in that."

Carolyn grinned, "I know. Isn't it great?"

Alex just rolled her eyes as she took the next evening gown from the sales woman and went to go change – again. When she finished zipping up the dress she now wore, she felt fantastic. Judging by the reactions of the other women waiting for her as she walked out of the dressing room, she looked fantastic as well. She nodded, "This is it."

Carolyn came out of the dressing room next and stopped when she saw Alex in the deep red, ankle-length halter dress that revealed the top half of her back. She said the first thing that came to mind, "Bobby's going to flip when he sees you in that."

Alex turned and took in the lavender halter dress with fishtail hem that Carolyn was wearing. There was golden beading in front, at the base of the deep V neckline. She smirked at her friend, "If I was a man, I'd bid on you at that auction."

"Why thanks, Alex, that's what every girl wants to hear," Carolyn said smarmily.

Rachel grinned at the other two women, "I told you guys you'd find what you need here."

"What about you, Rachel?" Carolyn asked, curiously.

"I already have a dress in mind, actually," the caramel skinned woman said. She turned to the sales woman and nodded. The nameless woman (who was thrilled to no end she'd be making three sales that day at least) handed Rachel a garment bag and the detective disappeared into the changing rooms.

Soon she reappeared in a striped, spaghetti strapped gown that covered her feet. The collar was modest and the muted display of rainbow colors was beautiful against her darker skin tone. She spun around so the other two detectives could get the full effect of the dress.

"Perfect," Alex said before the three women went back to the changing rooms to get into their regular clothes.

"What are you going to wear to the dinner thing we have to go to with the guy who buys you?" Carolyn asked the other two as they walked from the boutique.

Alex smiled, "That depends on who buys me."

"Okay, what if Bobby buys you?" Rachel asked.

"I have a lovely little black dress that will do just fine," Alex responded.

"What if that guy from the DA's office who's been eyeing you since he started working there buys you?"

"I have a nice, conservative black dress that will do just fine." Alex grinned.

"And if Mike buys you?"

"Sweats and a tee-shirt."


Bobby looked at the flier on the corkboard and nearly spewed out his coffee as he read the list of participants. There, right underneath the list from the NYFD, the NYPD's list of participants started with a name he'd never forget: Alexandra Eames. On the list of participants for a Bachelorette Auction! Granted, the auction was to raise money for the Katrina victims … but Alex? His partner was going to dress up in an evening gown and strut her stuff for the highest bidder?

Then his eyes read the rest of the list and he saw Carolyn's name right below Alex's. Underneath both of them was a third name of a detective from Major Case: Rachel Stimer. It must have been what Deakins was talking about to them a few weeks before.

"Shut up, Mike," Carolyn said as she and her partner passed Bobby on the way to get coffee. "It's none of your business why I'm doing this."

"Oh, come on Caro!" Mike Logan wined as he tried to wheedle more information out of his partner.

"Mike!" Carolyn said, her voice full of venom as she turned on her partner, "Either you shut the hell up right now or I'll eliminate the possibility of you ever having children."

Mike put his hands up in a motion of surrender before turning to Bobby and asking, "You gonna go to the auction?"

Bobby shrugged, "Eames would probably maim me if I did."

"That's not true," Alex said as she walked up with a file in her hands that she passed to Goren, "Here's the autopsy report for our victim's girlfriend. I want you to go, Bobby. You'd have fun."

Bobby raised his eyebrows, checking his partner's expression to see if she was joking or really wanted him to go. "You sure?"

Alex nodded, "As long as you swear on your life that you won't say anything about the dress I'm wearing – I'm sure."

"Alex, your dress is amazing," Carolyn commented, "I'm just worried what Logan's gonna do when he sees mine."

Eames shook her head, "No worries, Carolyn. Mike's probably gonna make an ass of himself no matter what you wear."

"Hey!" Mike said indignantly, "I'm not that bad!"

Alex and Carolyn shared a look before shaking their heads and walking back to their desks in silence. "I'm not!" Mike called after them.

"Just keep on telling yourself that, Mike," Alex said as she looked over the files spread out on her desk.


It was the night of the bachelorette auction. Clear skies for New York were forecasted; relatively warm weather for the autumn; perfect for women to parade themselves down a catwalk for the hope of having the highest bid put in by a man to win their arm for the following evening.

Mike readjusted his tie with a grimace. He hated wearing ties – although he found himself doing so more and more to please his partner, and if he was going to be bidding a couple grand on her (or one of the other broads with badges) then he was going to look damn good doing it.

Bobby snickered as he walked back into his room and saw Mike checking himself out in the mirror. He teased, "Logan, who are you trying to impress? Barek?"

Mike glared at him through the mirror, adjusting his cuffs this time. "Maybe I just want to look good."

Bobby tried not to laugh at the thought. He patted Mike's arm and said mockingly, "It's okay, Mike. Admitting it is the first step."

Mike continued to glare. Turning around to face Bobby, he asked, "And who are you dressing up for?"

Still smiling, Bobby answered, "You know who. Unlike you, I'm not too chicken to admit it."

Mike laughed. "Puh-lease. Does she know you're head over heels for her? I don't think so. You're just as chicken as I am."

Bobby rolled his eyes before he grabbed his gun from his dresser and started toward the door again. Mike watched him with a furrow in his brow, "Why are you taking your gun, man? You know somethin' I don't?"

Another eye roll as Bobby said, "Yes, Mike, I know lots of things you don't. But I'm taking my gun because we live in a dangerous city and it provides some level of protection. Now let's go before we're late."

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