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Deakins walked into his bullpen Monday morning intent on finding out how the dinners went for his three female detectives. They had been among only five women to bring in over 2.5 grand a piece: with Rachel going for three, Carolyn going for seven and Alex going for ten. The three women were becoming rather infamous.

"And then he took me back to his garage and let me play with the engine he was rebuilding," Rachel was telling Alex and Carolyn near Alex's desk when Deakins walked in. "Good morning, Captain," Rachel said with a cheery smile.

"Good morning, Stimer. Barek, Eames. How'd the evening go?"

"They were perfect gentlemen," Carolyn finally responded vaguely.

"So you and Mike had fun, then?" Deakins asked, his eyes innocent as he watched Carolyn try to impersonate a fish.

"H-how …?"

Deakins shrugged, "The Chief asked me about it after he received notification that one Robert Goren paid for both you and Eames. I had my suspicions. You just confirmed them." He scowled slightly, "Now I have to go tell my wife that she was right – again."

"What else was she right about, sir?"

"About that damn photographer picking me for that calendar," Deakins responded. "And before you ask – I don't care what happens outside this office. Don't ask, don't tell."

Alex's wide eyes met her partner's equally wide eyes as the others left for their respective desks. "Do you think he knows?" she asked in a whisper.

Bobby's eyes were equally as wide as he mulled it over in his mind, "I don't see how he could know, Eames. I mean – it only started yesterday. …Unless he saw us."

"Where? In the park?"

Goren shrugged, "It's possible. But stop worrying. Like he said: don't ask, don't tell. We'll just have to be careful about this."

"A secret affair?" Her mouth quirked up into a small grin at the thought of such an adolescent thing as a secret boyfriend.

"That's not very secret because everyone already thinks we're screwing each other," Goren replied with a nod. He looked back down at the papers on his desk, not really wanting to work them out. "Coffee?"

Alex nodded, "So long as it's not the gunk in there, sure."


"How'd it go?" Chief Madison asked Captain Deakins on the phone a short while later.

Deakins' grin was purely sinister, "They don't have a clue. Some detectives they are."

"Jimmy, we just pushed them into a relationship together through a lot of slight of hand and smoke and mirrors crap – they better not have a clue. If they did, I'd be a little worried about how good we are at our own jobs. So, what'd he do?"

"He took her to the Mexican place – giving Barek and Logan the Italian one with the dance floor."

"Damn, the Commissioner said he'd do that. I just lost twenty bucks."

"Don't worry, Chief, there's more: he gave her that cameo necklace she was eyeing in a store two months back during a case."

"YES! That's fifty for me."

"…And after dinner he got Charlie and his carriage to take them around Central Park. With a thermos of coffee. Then they went back to his place."

"Damn it, Jimmy! Why do you have to know your detectives so well?"

"Because it wins me money." Jimmy's grin turned full of humor as he saw the pair walk out of the building, "And they're on their way right now to go get more coffee. Looks like the plan worked perfectly." He snorted into the phone as he noticed now Goren was walking slightly abnormally.

"What's that, Jimmy? More money for you?"

"Goren's limping."

For the life of her, the Chief's secretary couldn't understand why her boss was laughing so hard when she brought him in a cup of coffee and a scone.


Carolyn looked at herself in the mirror, tugging lightly on her dress to make it appear a little longer. She was all dolled up for the Christmas party at One Police Plaza and she suddenly felt a feeling of dread overcome her. It wasn't really the idea of Mike seeing her in that dress again … it was just the idea of Mike seeing her in that dress again. Oy, she needed some eggnog. The real stuff her aunt used to make for Christmas – not the damn non-alcoholic crap they sold nowadays.

Damn it all to hell! Why'd she have to agree to wear this damn skimpy dress to the Christmas party? Why had she been so idiotic?

Because he asked you while giving you that look that says you're the only thing in the world he loves more than his job. A little voice that sounded eerily similar to her Aunt Gertrude told her sternly. Carolyn sighed, knowing that mental Aunt Trudy was right.

Why'd she have to fall hopelessly in love with her partner? Aunt Trudy had warned her about men like him (from experience, too) … about their alluring ways and remarkable ability to charm their way into bed with most women. Why'd she have to fall so in love with a guy like that?

When did she fall so hopelessly in love with Mike Logan?

A part of her didn't even want to know the answer to her questions. Part (the part that reminded her of her other aunt, Kayley) wanted to just bask in the joy and happiness of it all. But that part was small, crushed by the Aunt Trudy voice that sternly warned her what falling in love with your partner could do to things.

Damn aunts who lived in New England. Damn insecurities. Damn voices in her head.


"Bobby? Can you zip me up?" Alex asked as she walked into his bedroom, where he was doing up the holiday tie she had given him the week before. She was holding up her strapless, deep red satin dress with both hands, waiting for him to finish tying the knot before zipping up her cocktail dress.

His warm fingers glided over her pale skin, "No bra?"

"Silicone. Strapless, backless and lots of support." He trailed kisses up her back as he zipped the dress up.

"Have I ever told you how much I love this color on you?" he whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her petite waist.

She grinned up at him, "I think you've mentioned it."

"Well, it's true. I love this color almost as much as I'm in love with you."

She grinned, "Good, because I'm in love with you, too."



Jimmy and Angie Deakins watched his detectives from their corner where they were talking with Chief Madison and his wife, Lucy. Bobby and Alex were laughing about something he said over by the punch bowl, while Mike took Carolyn for a spin around the dance floor.

The Commissioner walked over to the four with his wife on his arm, "Jimmy, Harry," he said, "Angie, Lucy. So … Jimmy, how's Logan working out with you and Barek?"

Jimmy nodded toward the partners, "I think he's doing very well for himself, Tom. Barek and he are getting along just fine it would seem."

Tom Sanders nodded, "So it would seem. Put me down for one hundred fifty by the end of the night."

Charlotte rolled her eyes at her husband as the three men started placing bets on the detectives of Major Case. "Angie, I just love what you've done to your hair. That cut is perfect with your face."

Angie smiled politely, "Thanks, Charlotte. Jimmy was a little concerned at first – then he found out it was fifty bucks cheaper than my normal do-up."

"Our men and their money," Lucy said, shaking her head slightly as the three wives walked away from their husbands. "But … I wouldn't change Harry for the world."

"Well … maybe if Jimmy would stop getting in sparring matches with Dockerty. His career isn't made of gold," Angie put in.

Charlotte sighed, "But we love them anyway. In spite of their faults."

"Oh, look, it looks like Detective Goren is giving Detective Eames her Christmas present early this year," Lucy commented and the three turned to see the larger Goren leaning over to gently kiss his partner.

"Nope," Angie said with a small smile, "They're standing underneath the mistletoe. I don't think they're that stupid – to be kissing in public without a solid excuse."

Lucy raised her eyes, "Then why are they still at it and not ten feet apart like any other pair of partners would be?"

"You mean Barek and Logan who are dancing as close as can be given that they're in public?" Charlotte asked, her eyes innocent.

"My God, Angie! What kind of place is your husband running here? Detectives making out and … well, I'm not even sure that qualifies as grinding anymore! It's a mad house!"

"And yet … Goren and Eames have the highest solve rate in the state, while Logan and Barek … well, I don't know why exactly they feel they can get away with doing that but I'm sure they have a very good explanation."

"Logan can't keep it in his pants and Barek's dress is too short?" Charlotte commented, her eyebrows raised. "At least Bobby and Alex are keeping things PG."


"Mike?" Carolyn softly whispered into his ear. "If you don't stop that right now we're going to have to leave."

"Can we leave even if I do stop?" Mike asked, his hands stilling on her warm body.

She nodded and soon the two were out the door, making their way toward Mike's car. Screw rules, screw voices in her head – Carolyn Barek was going to have some fun.

Bobby and Alex watched the other detectives leave before she said, "You know, I think they have the right idea."

"Why's that?"

"Because the Chief of D's, the Commissioner and the Captain are all watching us like we're Superbowl XL … and you haven't seen what I'm wearing underneath this thing."

He furrowed his brow, "What are you talking about?"

She winked at him and started walking toward the elevators, whispering, "I had to put a green something on to make the outfit Christmassy."

"You're going to be the death of me, woman!" he said as he caught up to her in the elevators. Alex just grinned, pulling him back down for another searing lip lock.

"At least you'll die a happy man."


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