Into the Golden Sunset

(To the tune of the 2nd part of the ending theme from ALttP)

Now the day is through and done

Clouds no longer hide the sun

Darkness has come and darkness has passed

And we know that this peace will last

Now our hearts fill with sweet serenity

The darkness is sealed for eternity

If we must question why it is blue that fills the skies above

And how the sun shines with a cloud over its eyes…over its eyes

Why clouds will cry and rainbows will sigh

And why mountains high must reach for the sky

In this golden, blessed and cursed land of Hyrule

The clouds have already parted

To reveal the sun

As if in a memory

Of so long ago

Of a princess we know

And the hero that saved us all

With the help of the maidens six

And with the princess

They thrust down the hand of the gods

And smote the evil

At once as the legends passed down to us have told

Now no longer must we fear

The darkness that lures

The beasts ever more near

To princess so true

Or hero with eyes blue

Yet to realize his strength within

This is the legend we all hold

So close and so dear to our heart

The Legend of Zelda

A/N: This is the absolute final chapter in the Hylian Lullabies. I figured that I'd end things with a "bang" and actually have a song with some poetic flow. It's been a rollercoaster of fun for me, and I hope it's been just as fun for all of my readers to read these. So long everyone! Happy reading!