This isn't my YGO fanfic, I know. I'm not sure when I will update but trust me, I will. Right now, I'm still head over heels with this pairing (an actual canon pairing! -squeal-) so I ended up writing about them.

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Warning: Hate yaoi/slash/BL/male-to-male love? Stay back. Waaaaaaay back.

"I love you," he used to whisper in the silent air as he releases inside Andrew. The afore mentioned would not respond as he is too busy moaning away his lust. Justin was, in a way, glad that those three words spoken would leave, unheard. He could just imagine the brunette's reaction if he ever found out. Love was something Andrew never learned and never wanted to feel.

However, things were different now. Justin longed for something in the boy sitting in front of him, idly twirling a pencil in mid-air. Now, he wanted a reaction- or better yet- an echo of those three words.

After classes, Justin had pulled the younger boy back, waiting for their other classmates to leave. Once he was sure they were alone, the blonde held the shorter boy close to him. He wrapped his arms around Andrew's waist, breathing in the watermelon scent of his friend and slowly whispered in his ear, "Why can't I let you go?"

Andrew pulled back, giving him a look before bursting out into laughter. He told Justin that he could do as he pleased. Go fuck another boy for all he cared, it wasn't as if they were together. Justin feigned laughter; this was also unnoticed by ANdrew.

But that was a year ago.

Now, it was Andrew who pulled back Justin. Justin shook his head, apologized and left.

Andrew never felt so dumb in his entire life. How could he let go of Justin?


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