Challenging Fate

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Prologue: Goodbye

Cheers rang from all sides of the court as the famous first year student of Seigaku again scores. From behind the fence, a girl with long braided hair stared at the player silently as her best friend shouts wildly for Seigaku.

This is all I can do… watch from the sidelines… and admire you from a distance. She averted her brown eyes from the boy with unruly dark green hair to the other side of the court where a girl with shoulder length brown hair watched the game.

What chance do I have of winning you when I'm against her… the game ended and as expected Seigaku won. Her eyes followed the girl as she ran to the player's side congratulating him.

"Sakuno, Ryoma-kun won!!!" her best friend hugged her obviously oblivious that her friend was hurting deep inside. "Yeah," Sakuno replied as she joined her friend in jumping for victory.

That day, Seigaku was decided to play for the championship tomorrow.

"Sakuno… your father and I have something to tell you…" her mother said with a sad expression n her face. "When?" she quickly asked. "The day after tomorrow," her father answered.

It was a well earned victory for Seigaku and as usual they had a victory party in the usual sushi shop. Though pretending that nothing's wrong, Sakuno just can't take her eyes off him. She wanted to memorize each and every detail of him so that even in her dreams she would remember him.

"Something wrong?" her grandmother cut her trance. "Nothing's wrong. Grandma… thanks for everything," her reply was both surprising and questionable. "Sakuno… what are you…" "I just wanted to thank you." She reassured it with a forced smile.

Hours after, she waved goodbye to everyone as she and her grandmother drove away. "What's wrong Sakuno?" "Grandma… I guess he'll never see me," she looked back at the small figure wearing a cap. "Why did you say that?" "Well… I'm not good in tennis and I'm not as beautiful as Ann Tachibana," she faked laugh so that her grandma wouldn't notice her pain.

A first year with cat-like yellow eyes walked casually to his locker while yawning. He was never the morning person after all. His half lidded eyes widen after seeing a small envelope in his locker together with his shoes.

Inside the envelope was a small keychain charm with an embroidered tennis ball. "Ryoma-kun, Congratulations. Good luck! Also… farewell," he was puzzled as to whom would write him a message like that and why.

The answer came from their teacher as he announced "Sakuno Ryuzaki transferred to another school because of her parent's professional affairs but I'm sure she already made her goodbyes yesterday right," Ryoma put his hand inside his pocket and squeezed the little charm. "EEHHH?!" Tomoko exclaimed. "She didn't say goodbye at all to any of us," she added.


As Ryoma Echizen was about to deliver his final blow, his eyes wandered to the spectators and saw a different glow in Sakuno's eyes.

The game ended. Ann Tachibana ran to him to congratulate him and so did Tomoko and the other first years… except for her. Sakuno was there leaning against the fence as she stared blankly at the empty tennis court.

End of Flashback…

"Ryuzaki-sensei!!! Why didn't she say anything to us at all?!" Ryoma over heard a female voice complain to their coach. "I don't know too. I just heard from her parents last night. I guess she didn't want any painful goodbyes or anything." The old female coach sadly replied. "Where did they move?" the boy wearing bright colored shirt asked. "Abroad… her parents are often on business trips so they won't be staying at one place for too long. Too much discussion… let's resume the training!" Ryuzaki-sensei stood up and announced something regarding the upcoming tournament.

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