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Hello! I'm Kise Masaki-san...I know, long user name. Oh well. This is my first ever story on I've been writing on other places and I'm told that my stories are pretty good so I decided to publish some on here. The story everyone has been telling me that's good is my Sasuke/Oc paring. Its a story I made up. Anyway, I'll tell you some things about myself. I love the anime Naruto. If anyone wants to talk about the show or ask me if there is web sites where you can role play your favorite character from the show, I'm your girl! I also have my own forum.

Okay. This is a one shot I made up on Sasuke and Naruto. I might make a series for the paring, don't know. I hope you like it and please feel free to review it. I'm new to writing on here so don't review too bad now. Thanks and Enjoy!

Oh yeah, this is a Yaoi rp so if you don't like yaoi, please don't read it. Please don't flame me because I'm warning you of the risk. There's is a...well sort of lemon scene in here between two boys. I repeat, don't read it. Its YAOI! TWO BOYS!

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It was a cold winter night. The air was getting harder and harder to go inside of your body. The sweat dripped from the bodies of the two on going ninjas. Their determination strong as ever. Other than the sound of their weapons and bodies clashing together, the night was quiet and peaceful. It was a good thing that this was Christmas Eve. Everyone was usually inside, being warm up by their lover or owner. Being the way they are, these two ninjas didn't have anywhere to go. Therefore there was no reason to go home nor go to bed.

Sasuke panted heavily as he kneeled down to the ground. Naruto was on the ground, panting the same as Sasuke. Their little spar had turned into an all out war. Probably because it wasn't really a spar. More like a fight to lose some steam. It was Christmas Eve after all which made things worse for Naruto and Sasuke. They were both alone for Christmas. It was sad when you think about it. Just try to imagine being somewhere in a crowded area, having to watch other kids shop for presents for their family when you have no one to shop for. You were alone for the holidays every year.

Naruto sought up and stared at Sasuke. Sasuke in return, stared at Naruto. Their eyes quickly found their way to each others. There was a long silences. Only the sound of breathing, could be heard once again. After some minute of being slient, Sasuke and Naruto stood up. Sasuke wiped the sweat that dripped from his bangs to his faces. Naruto just took his shirt off.

"Damn...that was intense."

"Yeah...I guess. (sigh) Dobe, you should have finished me off. You had a perfect chance and opening."

Naruto shook his head. "No I didn't. You were the one who had the opening shot at me."

Sasuke replied with a shrug. He soon took his shirt off and wiped on his faces. Naruto eyed the tone chest the Uchiha had. He could feel his cheeks go hot. Naruto looked to the ground as his eyes traced it. Sasuke put his shirt back on and sighed.

"I'm going home...its late and I need a shower."

"...Oh. Um...okay then. Merry Christmas...Sasuke."

Naruto was trying his hardest to keep a smile on his faces. It soon faded as he sighed. The thing is, Naruto didn't like being alone on holidays. He usually spent them with Iruka-sensei. Now that Iruka-sensei had to go out of town for a mission, Naruto was all alone. Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"Something wrong?"

Even though Sasuke really didn't care about why Naruto was sad, it did make him curious. It's not that Sasuke hated Naruto. He just had to deal with his own problems and didn't have time to help others. Sasuke also wasn't the type to help someone like this.

"Its nothing really. I just realize that I'm alone for this Christmas. Iruka-sensei is out on a mission. It kind of made me sad."

Sasuke nodded. "Oh. In that, how about you meet me back at my house can sleep over." What the hell am I doing?

Naruto eyes widen slightly. Had Sasuke just invited him to spend Christmas with him? Not only was that weird, he seemed as if he cared. Was this the Sasuke Naruto knew? Even though Naruto was still shock, he took Sasuke up on his offer. It wasn't every day someone could be with Uchiha Sasuke on a holiday. It also wasn't every day that someone wanted Naruto around.

"Sure Sasuke. I'll love to. I'll be back after I take my shower and get some clothes."

As Naruto turned to leave, he glanced back at Sasuke.

"Thanks a lot."

Naruto wave goodbye as he ran off. Sasuke sighed as he stared at the disappearing figure of his fox friend.

Uchiha House

Sasuke had just got out his shower as he heard the door knock. He rubed his still wet hair as he hurried to put on some pants. As Sasuke finished placing his pants on, he headed to the door. He opened it to a bright smiling Naruto.

"Hey dobe."


Naruto's face was a bright pink. He stared at the very tone bare chest of the Uchiha. Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he looked from Naruto to himself back to Naruto.

"Something wrong?"

Naruto shyly shook his head and he looked to the ground. " I I come in?"

"Yeah. Sorry."

Sasuke had opened the door widely as he let Naruto him. He shut the door and locked it before turning his attention to Naruto. He had a bag over his shoulders. Probably held his clothes in it. He was wearing a thin light blue shirt and some thin blue pants. His hair was sloppy because he didn't have his headband on. He probably messed it up on his way here anyway. Sasuke sighed before speaking to Naruto.

"You can put your stuff in my room. I hope you don't mind sharing."

Naruto shook his head. He was still trying to get over the fact that Sasuke was shirtless right now. His hair was dripping water which made his look irresistible. Naruto eyed Sasuke from head to toe before speaking. All the while, his mind was wondering off. He must have just got out the shower. Wow, he looks good that way. "Nah that's cool."

Naruto soon disappeared into Sasuke's room. He placed his bag in the room as he looked around. Sasuke's room was plain. White walls. No decoration or anything. His bed had blue sheets with a white fluffy pillow. Naruto could have guessed the sheets was silk. He laid on the bed as Sasuke stood by the doorway. He raised an eyebrow at his fox friend as he walked slowly to the bed.

"What are you doing Dobe?"

Naruto sought up as he looked up at Sasuke. He popped up on his elbows and tilted his head. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm laying down."

Sasuke glared. "Don't get smart with me dobe. I just asked a simple question."

Naruto rolled his eyes. He didn't say anything because he didn't want to start a fight with Sasuke. If he did, Sasuke might kick him out. Then Naruto would have to be along on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Even though Sasuke did invite him over for the night, Naruto was wondering why he did that. Was Sasuke taken pity on him? Or could it be that Sasuke wanted Naruto around because he was lonely inside too?

"Hey teme, can I ask you a question?"

Sasuke sought next to Naruto. "Sure...ask away."

"Early...when we were sparing. You invited me over here...but why? Why did you let me stay?"

Sasuke thought about it for some time. He really didn't have an answer to that question. He just did what came to his mind first. Its kind of like if you had to chose from a genjutsu that's powerful or taijutsu that has many flaws and can be easily broken. Sasuke looked deep inside himself as he search for the reason he let Naruto stay.

Sasuke sighed. "Not sure. I guess...I didn't want you to be lonely?"

Naruto blinked. "Uh...okay."

"Eh, shut up dobe. You're here and its done. No need to know why."

"I guess you're right."

After a while, there was a long slience between the two. Naruto eyes stared at Sasuke. They looked at his wet hair first. It was still dripping water. Naruto blushed slightly as he thought about licking the water droplets. His eyes then looked further down his teammate's body. A very toned chest caught Naruto's eyes first. Skin looked so tender. So soft. He couldn't help but lick his lips, which he didn't know why he did. As his eyes continued to go further down, Sasuke looked back at him. At first Naruto didn't really notice Sasuke was now staring at Naruto. He was too busy eyeing the Uchiha from head to toe to even notice the said person was looking his way. After stopping at Sasuke's waistline, Naruto finally looked up to Sasuke. Their eyes met quickly. They were silent the whole time, only to let their eyes talk for them. Sasuke looked deeply into Naruto's eyes. He could swear he saw a hint of lust in those cobalt blue eyes. Naruto was lost in Sasuke's onyx eyes within seconds. They were such a deep color and filled with so much hidden emotions the Uchiha dare not show. At one point, Naruto thought about asking if Sasuke's eyes were so dark because it held so much pain in them. He found his answer now though.

More seconds passed as the two stared into each others eyes. By this time, Sasuke was sure Naruto had some lust in his eyes. Sasuke kind of felt himself feel lustful towards the blonde too. He didn't know why which confused him a lot. Their eye contact was cut off by the sound of lightening and heavy rain hitting the window. Due to neither of them knowing about the storm, Naruto jumped, where as Sasuke just flinched. As Naruto took the time to calm himself down, Sasuke eyes caught the time.

A little past mid-night. Wow how long have we been sitting here just staring?

Sasuke was broken out of his thoughts as he felt someone wrapped his arms around him. He shivered slightly as he felt the said person's breath on his neck. He knew who it was. He just need to confirm the position though. Yeah. Naruto was pressing against his back, head buried in his chest as he was slowly breathing and shaking. His arms tightly around the Uchiha's slim waistline. Sasuke could have guessed he was pretty shaken up from the suddenly sound from the storm outside. Sasuke couldn't really get a good look at the blonde because he was stuck in the position of back to chest because the dobe held him by the waist.

"Naruto, its just a storm. Calm down a little."

Even though Naruto was highly shaking right now, he took the time to inhale the scent of the Uchiha. He smiled like soap and pine. Naruto couldn't help but shiver at the smell and feel of Sasuke's skin. He wanted to melt into the touch. He wouldn't forgot about what he was doing by the sound of another lightening strike. Naruto jumped up again, tightening his grip on him. "S...Sasuke...I...I'm...s...scared...I...H...hate storms."

iI can tell/i Sasuke took the chance to slid out of Naruto's grip on him and turned to face him. He looked at the shaking dobe before placing both hands on his shoulders. This in return caused the blonde to look up. Their eyes met again in an un-resistible stare. When the lightening came again, Naruto didn't jump. He held on to the contact him and the Uchiha had.

"N...Naruto..its just a little storm. Don't freak out on me."

"'re right. Sorry Sasuke."

Sasuke nodded his head ever so softly. He shut his eyes for a second before feeling something pressing against his lips. The Uchiha eyes shot open and was shocked at the site he saw. Naruto had his eyes closed and his lips was softly pressing against the Uchiha's lips. At the time, it came as a shock and Sasuke quickly pulled away as quickly as possible. He pulled away too quickly and fell backwards and landed on the bed. Naruto's face was red and he backed into the corner of the bed. Sasuke at the time was pissed and confused so he reacted in a harshly manner.

"What the hell is your problem? The fuck are you trying to do?!"

Naruto back into the wall more. "I don't know! I'm sorry! Don't hate me!"

"You damn right! You better never ever do that to me! Got it?!"

Naruto nodded as he buried his faces in his legs. He wiped at the tears that leaked from his eyes. Sasuke, hearing the whimpers, went over and cupped Naruto's face, lifting it. He looked into the blonde's deeply emotional eyes. They showed fear, loneness, and confusion. Naruto wanted to pull his head away but couldn't. He just shut his eyes and let the tears fall down his faces. To his surprised, he felt someone kiss away the wet tears. Naruto opened his eyes and watch as Sasuke snaked his tongue out and licked at the tears. He quickly shut his eyes and blushed madly at the contact. Sasuke looked up at Naruto.

"Look at me Naruto."

The blonde did what he said and opened his eyes in a half-lid position. "S...Sasuke, what are you doing?"

Sasuke rubbed softly on Naruto's lips. "I'm sorry I got mad. It just came as a surprise...don't be sad. Please don't cry."

"I'm not just shocked me when you yelled. I just...didn't expect that. I won't do that again."

Sasuke shook his head. "Its fine..."

Naruto blinked. He was highly confused at what Sasuke was saying. Sasuke himself was confused. He couldn't believe these words were coming out from him. Uchiha Sasuke. The one that hated contact and anything that had something to do with the body. The thought of people, especially women, touching him made his skin crawl. People often wondered why the Uchiha didn't want to have anything to do with women. They would think he was gay for the things he could be found saying about women. No one would ever say the Uchiha was gay though. Even though he didn't look at women, he didn't look at males either. You could say he hated both sex. Sasuke stared into the confused dobe's eyes and sighed.

"Its confusing...I know. I...I'm confused too."

"Sasuke its just...when I kissed you, you pushed away, very mad at me. Now you're all-"

Sasuke cut him off. "I know. I just kissed away your tears, no big deal about that."

Naruto nodded. He frowned softly as he looked down at the sheets. He was surprised to see Sasuke had gotten so close to him without him noticing. Their was a silence between the two. Only the sound of their breathing could be heard. Naruto had some idea how he felt about Sasuke. It didn't make much sense but he knew he felt connected to the Uchiha. He been feeling this connection for a long time now. He couldn't put it into words of what it was, but he knew right then and their, he would be able to by tomorrow. Sasuke on the other hand didn't know how to sort out his emotions. Their was piling into him like never before. Sasuke felt something for the blonde but he dare not to ever mention that to Naruto. He thought about it before taking action towards the blonde. He lift his chin up to him again as he brushed his lips against Naruto's. Naruto blushed again and his eyes averted contact with Sasuke's. Sasuke, before pressing his lips to Naruto, was pissed that Naruto wouldn't look at him.

"Dobe, look at me."

"Arg, don't call me that Teme!"

"Then look at me."

Naruto's eyes met Sasuke's. He wasn't sure how he found a hint of lust in the Uchiha's eyes. He also saw something else inside of Sasuke's eyes. His eyes were like his. Overflowing with fear, loneness, and confusion. Naruto couldn't help but blush madly as he shook his head.

"Sasuke, this is weird. I feel weird. We should just pull away and-"

Sasuke cut him off with his lips. The kiss caught Naruto off guard. His eyes widen for a second then closed as he slowly began to grip to Sasuke's shoulders. Sasuke pulled the blonde closer as the kiss grew deeper by the second. The kiss lasted until the two lungs felt like they would burst. They pulled away, panting and gasping for air. Their eyes never leaving the others. Naruto wraped his arms around Sasuke's neck, crashing his lips to Sasuke. It was a rough kiss that was full of passion. Sasuke began to bite at the blonde's bottom lips, asking for entrance. It was quickly granted. The kiss from then on was intense. The raved haired slid his tongue in and rubed around Naruto's mouth. Naruto let out a muffled moan. Once their tongue clash together, Naruto gripped harder to Sasuke's shoulders. He felt as if he was going to melt into a pile of mush. Sasuke's tongue was so warm and soft. It felt so warming to Naruto's body. Sasuke began to fight for dominance in the blonde's mouth. When he got it, he roughtly wrapped his tongue against Naruto. This caused Naruto to gasp and grip his shoulders harder. He couldn't tell was he in pain or pleasure. Sasuke tasted the blonde. He hungrly wanted more from the kiss. Sasuke found himself pushing the blonde into the wall he was backed into. He pressed harder to his skin until it felt as if they were one joined being. They wasn't that close due to the clothing Sasuke hated that was still on them. Naruto pushed away as he gasped for air. He held his mouth open, trying to desperately fill his lungs with air. Sasuke didn't allow him to get too much.

Back to back, Sasuke and Naruto went with their tongues. Each shoving their tongue in their mouths, exploring the insides of each others. They both was at a lose of breath and words. Sasuke was desperately clutching to Naruto's shirt. He found comfort in holding it. By now, Sasuke was laying on the bed with the blonde ontop. He couldn't figure just how the blonde managed to be ontop of him. He really couldn't think about it because every noble thought he held went away. He really didn't care anyway. Sasuke and Naruto pulled away again. Their chest heaving the air they couldn't get. Sasuke took the time to shift the position. He was now ontop of the breathless dobe. Sasuke couldn't figure out how he was feeling hot towards the blonde. Naruto filled the very soul of Sasuke. His eyes had been completely gazed over with lust and wanting. Naruto held the same look towards Sasuke.

"...S...Sasuke..." The blonde gasped out, still trying to fill his lungs with air. Sasuke couldn't help but smirk at the sight of the now sweating dobe. He rubed softly on Naruto's cheek as he leaned his faces to the side of Naruto's. He licked at his ear before bitting down hard. Naruto gasped out only to lose the air, if he got any, in his lungs. His hands still gripping the bold shoulders of the Uchiha.

"You're so intoxicating...I can't hold back anymore." sasuke didn't really have a good grip on his feelings towards Naruto. He just knew his body and soul craved this blonde. His touch, smell, innocent looking faces along with his moans. All of it. He wanted to take Naruto whole until he cried or begged him to stop. Naruto groaned and turned his faces to Sasuke's. He smirked as he panted out.

"Good. Don't hold back Sasuke...let out everything on me." Even though these emotions just came out of the blue, the two did have an understanding. They connected with each other. Knew just about everything about one another. If one of them felt wrong or scared about this moment, the other knew to stop. Even though this meant so much more then they were willing to admit, there was one thing they did admit. At the end of this whole experince, they would have felt all the emotions and anger or anything they held inside. Hate, want, loneness, confusion, lost, all of it. They would never forget the pain the other held in their hearts. They wouldn't let anyone else see it either.

Naruto pressed his lips to Sasuke's again. The kiss already drainning the air Naruto managed to get. Sasuke wanted to removed the clothing that binded them from each other but couldn't at the moment. He felt too drawn to the lips of his best friend. Their tongues clashed inside of their mouths. Sasuke took the time to bite at Naruto's lips. Naruto let out a soft wanting moan. Their tongues split away from each other soon after. Sasuke rubed his tongue on the swollen lips of his blonde. Naruto eyes were shut closed. He let the hands that gripped Sasuke's shoulders lay above. He was limp and his chest desperately moved up and down. Sasuke whispered softly in his ear.

"Naruto...look at me. I don't want you to shut your eyes at all throughout this whole thing." Sasuke snaked his tongue out and made circles on his dobe's ear. Naruto opened his eyes, half-way, and stared up at Sasuke. He watched as Sasuke lifted up the light blue shirt he had on. He pushed it over his head and let the shirt slip off, throwing it to the side. Naruto shivered slightly as the cold air hit his skin. He was quickly warmed up by Sasuke rubing his hand on his chest. Naruto closed his eyes only to reopen them when the warming hand stoped moving. Sasuke stared down at Naruto, panting. When their eyes made contact, Sasuke rubed more on Naruto's chest. Naruto moaned softly as he pulled Sasuke to his lips for another intoxicating kiss. Naruto legs spread apart, going on both sides of Sasuke's hips. Sasuke placed his hand on Naruto's knees as he pressed harder to his lips. Tongues automatically met in a fight for dominance. Once again, Sasuke won. As the inside of their mouth felt hot, they began to bite on the outside of their mouths. It wasn't long when both their lips were swollen and red. Naruto's was the most red. Sasuke took the time to ravish the blonde as he caught his breath by kissing on his neck. Sasuke felt a burning feeling in his chest. He didn't take the time to catch his breath so he was breathing and panting the hardest.

Sasuke made butterfly kisses on Naruto's neck. He licked on a piece of skin that was somehow sensive to Naruto. It caused him to shiver and melt. Even tilt his head to expose more neck. Sasuke bit down hard, making Naruto shudder and whimper. He sucked at the bit mark before sliding down and leaving other marks on his Naruto. Naruto gasped and moane out Sasuke's name.

"Sasuke...Oh Sasuke..." In the mist of this, Naruto felt his head spin. He felt so dizzy like he would past out. His body was in pure bliss. Having someone and not just someone, Sasuke Uchiha, the boy wanted by every single girl in the village, licking and kissing on his chest felt so good. He couldn't help but smile which made Sasuke raise an eyebrow. He took the time to ravish Naruto's mouth before his nipples that desperately needed attention. Naruto placed his fingers in Sasuke's now dry hair. He clutched hard to his hair as he moaned out for Sasuke. This in returned, incouraged the raven haired to keep going. In no time, Naruto's nipples were hard. Sasuke smirked as Naruto blushed and tried to look away but couldn't.

"You must be enjoying this alot huh? Hehe, you like me ravishing you."

Naruto blushed harder. "Shut up teme!"

Sasuke smirked more at the nervousness and deep blushing the blonde was doing. He soon whispered softly in his ear. "I wondered what else on you his hard...Should I find out?"

Naruto couldn't help but moan at the panting Sasuke was doing in his ear. He shut his eyes tightly as he rolled his head to the side, blushing ever so deeply. " enjoy making me this way!"

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah...I do."

Naruto opened his eyes and looked at Sasuke. He glared which didn't have any effect. It kind of made the raven boy smirk wider and chuckled. Naruto was at the mercy of Uchiha Sasuke and he couldn't say he hated it either. Naruto panted a few more time, still trying to fill his lungs, before saying anything. "You damn teme. You suck! Making me want you then stalling...thats cruel Sasuke."

"And? What are you going to do about it? Hehe, nothing."

Naruto shot him another weak glare. He sought up slightly as he began to try to push Sasuke off. Sasuke pinned him to the bed and kissed softly on his lips. This made the blonde melt at the touch of Sasuke. It felt so nice. Sasuke pulled away, smirking, at the weak dobe beneath him. Naruto soon began to rub his hips against Sasuke's. Sasuke eyes widen for a second before moaning out.

"Fuck Naruto."

Naruto smirked at his reaction. Sasuke placed his hands on Naruto's hips to stop him from moving but failed. He felt his body become limp. Sasuke was already growing an arousal by the kissing and raivshing of the blonde. This made it worse. Naruto arched his back up slightly as he wraped his arms around Sasuke's neck, pulling him down. Sasuke's hands found their way on Naruto's back. He moaned by Naruto's ear as he rubed his hips to Naruto's. They were desperately trying to put some friction to their aching arousals. Naruto couldn't help but moan loudly. Sasuke's moans sounded so erotic. He just wanted to take the boy now. As Sasuke lift his head, their hips going faster to the point the bed's rocking, he pressed his lips to Naruto's in an desperate way. Passion and pleasure shot through their bodies. Sasuke slowly stopped Naruto's hips long enough to began to undo his pants. He had to sit up so he could slid them off. It was obvious Naruto wanted him. You could tell by the pointing object in his boxers. Sasuke couldn't help but take it in his hand and rubed softly on it. Naruto groaned and bucked his hips as he opened his mouth. "Sasuke!" He heard the words leave his mouth but didn't feel like they did. Sasuke grinned and stopped the rubbing on Naruto's member. Naruto looked up at him as he shot him another glare. "Aww, don't be that way Naruto." Sasuke teased him. He couldn't help but smirk. He soon slid Naruto's boxers off, revealing the object that prove Naruto's want and thoughts of this whole thing. Naruto was blushing madly as he shook his head.

"No still have clothes on."

"You're point?"

"My point being take them off!"

"And if I don't?"


Sasuke rolled his eyes. He glared down at Naruto before crawling off him and taking the last and only article of clothing he had on. "Happy now?" Naruto blushed more if that was possible. He eyed Sasuke's wonderful body from head to toe. Naruto couldn't help the fact that Sasuke really did have a god-like body. He loved every detail of Sasuke's body. As Naruto sought up in pure daze and shock, Sasuke smirked. He looked Naruto's body over before gripping Naruto's chin. Naruto eyes left his body and stared at the smirking Sasuke. "Like what you see dobe?" Before Naruto could answer, Sasuke pressed his lips to his. Naruto layed back as he pulled Sasuke ontop of him. They both shivered at the same time at the feeling of their erections touching. It was now skin on skin which made everything hot.

Their bodies rubed harshly against each other. Naruto's legs found their way around Sasuke's waist. Their hips was going at a fast paces again. The kiss was filled of muffled moans. Both bodies shinning with sweat. Naruto didn't know how long he could last. This was such an unbearable moment of pleasure. It was so wanted throughout his whole body. His lungs were burning more now. He couldn't manage one breath throughtout his whole body. Same with Sasuke. He was in pure ecstasy. Not one thought came into his mind. They all flew away and only thought about this moment. Their hearts pounding harder against their chest as if they would come out. They parted they're lips as drool fell from the side on Naruto's mouth. Sasuke licked it up and proceeded to filling his lungs with something. Naruto's head was tossed back, eyes wide, mouth wide as came be. His hair was plastered all over his faces which Sasuke loved. Naruto looked as if he was dieing in the moment. They both did. Sasuke's bangs covered his eyes as the remanded of his hair dripped with sweat. Naruto soon moved some hair out of Sasuke's faces. Their chest going up and down harder and harder.

By this time, Sasuke had marked the dobe everywhere. Naruto wouldn't be able to forget this moment, Sasuke made sure of that. He made ownership of his prizes and Naruto didn't care.

"Hey dobe..."


"Are if you're dieing."

"Shut the...fuck up...its...its...your damn fault."

Naruto was clutching hard to Sasuke's body. Sasuke smirked as he kissed softly on Naruto's neck. Sasuke soon placed three fingers by Naruto's mouth. Naruto raised an eyebrow as he cocked his head to the side. "Suck." Sasuke told him. Naruto was slightly still confused but did what Sasuke said. He brought Sasuke's fingers in his mouth as he laped his tongue around them. Sasuke moaned at the feeling. He reached down and rubbed on Naruto's arousal. Naruto opened his mouth and moaned. "Wahh, don't. I can't lick on your fingers when you're doing that." He went back to licking on the fingers on his mouth as Sasuke stopped his touching on his member. Soon Sasuke slid his fingers out of Naruto's mouth. He whispered softly in his ear.

"Its going to hurt alot at first...bare with me."

"I will."

Before doing anything, Sasuke slid down and rubbed on Naruto's member. He soon pulled Naruto's member into his mouth, causing the said person to gasp, tossing his head back and aching his body. "Sasuke!!" Naruto could have sworn he say stars go around his head. His member throbbed inside of the warm mouth of Uchiha Sasuke. Damn, that tongue. It was so skilled! Who knew Sasuke knew how to do such things. Sasuke sucked on the member to the point that Naruto was close to release. He pulled it out his mouth before slidding a finger inside of Naruto. Naruto whimpered as he shut his eyes. It felt so uncomforable having something inside of you. Not just anybody but Sasuke. Naruto clutched to the sheets as he shut his eyes and tried to move upwards, wanting to push the finger out of him. Sasuke stoped him by grabbing hold of his hips. "Relax dobe." Right then and there, Naruto wanted to shout. How could he relax when something's being shoved up his ass?! Naruto just settled with a growl which made Sasuke glared up at him. "Fine be that way." Sasuke shoved another finger inside of him, making Naruto cry out. "Sasuke! It...hurts! Take it out!" His body was far from being calm. Sasuke stoped the movement of his fingers and kissed softly on Naruto's lips to calm him down. "Its okay. Trust me Naruto...just relax. I'll make you feel so good afterwards."

Naruto let some tears leak out before he nodded. He clutched harder to Sasuke, making his nails dig into his back. He was about to cry out again but Sasuke pressed his lips to his. It was a heated kiss that made Naruto forget about the fingers that was inside of him. Sasuke slid another finger inside of him, making a cutting motion and stretching him out. He thrusted his fingers inside and out of Naruto. He soon pressed against Naruto's prostate causing him to pull away from the kiss and scream. "God yes! Sasuke!!" Sasuke couldn't help but smirk. He pressed against that spot over and over again, watching as the blood wilthered beneath him. Sasuke soon slid his fingers out as Naruto whimpered. Sasuke pulled him into his lap as he looked into Naruto's eyes before pushing him down on his erection. Naruto's eyes shut as he cried out in pain. He dugged his nails deeper into Sasuke's back. Sasuke shuddered at the pain he felt to his back. As he contiuned pushing the blonde down, he thought he would just come at the feel of Naruto's insides. It was so hott and tight. Sasuke couldn't help but moaned out his name. As Naruto was all the way down, Sasuke waited for him to calm down. Naruto's face was flushed. He was in alot of pain but it kind of felt good at the same time. Naruto opened his eyes to see Sasuke staring up at him. "Don't stare!! Its embarassing!" Sasuke chuckled slightly. He took that as a 'Get moving' sign. He thrusted softly in and out of Naruto as he laid him back down. Naruto shut his eyes and bit his bottom lip. So painful.

As minutes past, Sasuke had finally found Naruto's prostate again. Naruto jerked his body up and moaned out. His breathing was fast and his heart pounded harder to his chest. Naruto looked up to Sasuke as he watched sweat drip down his body and faces. Sasuke looked as if he was in pure bliss too. He stared back at the blonded as he quicken his paces. Their bodies have finally became one with one another. It was a great feeling. Naruto weakly reached up, pulling Sasuke into a kiss. They kissed as roughly as they could. Naruto pulled away soon after. His made sure to thrust his hips downward everytime Sasuke thrusted upwars. Sasuke panted heavily. He gripped Naruto's neglected member and stroked it as he felt himself that much closer to release.

Going back and back, moans were heard throughout the house Uchiha house. If someone was to walk in and see the two, they would quickly pass out from losing too much blood. The two lovers didn't care if they were being watched or if someone came in. They needed to fill the hole that was inside their bodies. Couple more moans and thrust, Sasuke soon came deep inside of Naruto. Naruto feeling the warmth of Sasuke, came hard on their stomachs. He arched his back only to fall back to the bed, restless and weak. Sasuke couldn't hold himself anymore and fell ontop of Naruto. They panted harder then ever. Unable to move even an inch of their bodies. Sasuke struggled but lift his head up to Naruto. He smiled as he said the words they both wanted to hear.

"Naruto...I...I love you..."

"...I love you...too Sasuke."

The two fell asleep, arms in arms. Their bodies was still connected.

"Hey Naruto, how come you have those markings on your body? What happened last night?" Sakura asked as she walked beside Naruto and Sasuke. They had came back from shopping. Naruto smiled as his faces became a deep red.

"Well you see...I sort of fell."

"That explains the funny walking."

Naruto's faces became much more redder. He glanced over to see Sasuke smirking. He shot him a glare as he folded his arms. "Hey, thats his fault!"

Sasuke smirked as he chuckled. "You're the one who wanted me too. I tried to stop."


"How do you know if I'm lieing? You didn't want me to stop...all the moaning you did."

Naruto's face became redder by the second. He soon began to run after Sasuke. Sasuke obvious was faster due to Naruto having pain in his lower half. Sakura just watched the figure of her teammates disappear with confusion on her faces. She was in pure shock. Something between Naruto and Sasuke happened and it made their bond that much more stronger. They differently changed from yesterday. Maybe it was a good Christmas year for the two.

The End

Author Notes

I hope you like my story. Its kind of long but oh well right? Please review and who knows, I might make this a seires or something. Thank you so much and have a good Christmas!!!

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