Anonymously Yours

Chapter 7: Third Parties and Lustful Desires

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Kaoru wasn't really confused anymore. He was now really, really, super duper, extremely confused.

It couldn't be Kyouya, could it?

Just the mere imagination of the Shadow King sending him love letters gave Kaoru the creeps.

Oh, he could just see how they'd spend time together—calculating debts and sending death threats to people who couldn't pay them. Or maybe blackmailing people to give them the necessary information Kyouya wanted.

Besides, Kyouya wasn't gay, was he?

"Kaoru, wake up… Kaoru…" A rather familiar voice began vibrating in his ears.

"I'm still sleepy…Can't you just wake me up later?" Kaoru woozily complained as he raised the bed sheets to cover his head.

"I can't wake you up later, dear. You'd be late for work." The voice reasoned.

'Dear?' Kaoru thought. Then he rose up to answer. "But I don't have work and I'm still in school and I'm not married—"

And he felt a lump in his throat.

He was face to face with Kyouya who had his hair in pink curlers and his pale skin had very thick make-up, just like how Haruhi looked like when she performed in Lobelia's play.

Kaoru screamed and screamed and screamed.

"Kaoru, wake up… Kaoru…" Another familiar voice shook him up.

"No, I'm not waking up! I'm still in school and I don't work a-and don't you dare say I'm married to you!" Kaoru seized the blankets to his chest, eyes tightly shut.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Hikaru asked, perplexed at Kaoru's sudden assertion. "I'm just waking you up because you'll be late for school."

Kaoru threw the sheets. "School?" He smiled, a sense of relief rushing to his face as he hugged his brother fiercely. "Oh, thank you, thank you! I thought you were Kyouya!"

Hikaru was surprised at his reaction but then hugged him back. "Kyouya, eh?"

"Wow, Kaoru. That is just… wow. You planning to be an okama or something?" Hikaru snickered as he gave the younger twin a mocking gawk from head to toe.

Kaoru blushed profusely, though his face emitted a different emotion. "It's not funny, Hikaru."

Hikaru advanced towards him, expression quite naughty for his own good. "Well," He whisked a wandering hair strand from Kaoru's face. "Just wear a really skimpy outfit and you'll be as good as—" Then he licked his lips. "If you know what I mean."

Kaoru removed the blue wig from his head. "But then, I don't understand. Why would they give me a wig?"

The elder brother slipped his hands inside his pockets. "I dunno, don't ask me. I have no idea."

"Yeah, so much for a helpful older brother." With that, Kaoru walked away as Hikaru ran after him.

"Kaoru," Hikaru spoke roughly. "I know who your admirer is. I've watched you exchange sweet glances with him and it only broke my heart even more."

The girls gasped. "Who is it?"

"Who is it?" Kaoru echoed the girls' question, feeling curiosity piling up inside of him.

"It's—" Hikaru paused dramatically, thickening the suspense in the air even more.

"WHO!?" The customers impatiently bellowed.

"It's… Kyouya, isn't it?" Hikaru shot him a knowing look as Kaoru sighed inwardly. 'Oh, it's that.'

"KYOUYA!? B-But how!?" The clients hollered in stammering fashion, stunned at the abrupt revelation.

The man in question looked up from his clipboard at the mention of his name, his glasses shimmering as the sunlight hit them.

There came a slight shaking of the ground, Kaoru noticed but he just ignored it.

"Kyouya? But we're just good friends! I know you know that fact!" The younger twin argued.

Then it came again. But was blatantly disregarded.

"You know that I know you more than anyone else—even yourself, so you can't feed me your excuses!" Hikaru snapped back at him.

"I know what I've seen with my two eyes so—"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" The distinct shrill sound of a certain female's laugh reverberated in the entire music room's walls. Haruhi sighed. It could only belong to one person—make that a girl, to be exact.

The high-powered motor appeared from the square-tiled floor, smoke emanating through it as a small platform surfaced in a spinning motion, with a girl standing grandly on top of it.

"Renge." The members of the Host Club said in unison, rather monotonously.

"Ah, what is this!? A love triangle, I suppose?" The Host Club so-called manager had her eyes fixed on Hikaru, Kaoru and Kyouya.

Renge looked up, apparently at the ceiling. "A heartbreaking story of lovers whose love has been destroyed by the intermission of a third party—in which the other counterpart had not controlled himself and has submitted himself to lustful desires that he had forgotten his commitment to his lover. Ah, the elements of faithfulness, loyalty and devotion are tested through this wonderful conflict! I must write this down in the next chapter of my doujinshi!"

"It hurts me so, but I must say goodbye!" Renge blew into a white handkerchief as her small platform rotated downwards, disappearing in a smoke of dust.

"Lustful… desires?" Kaoru blinked, stumped.

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