Prelude to the forgotten heart

"Brother, you do realize that your little game of toying with other's hearts will be your downfall. I can already see that your death will be caused by the power of a forgotten heart."

"Syaoran, can you do me a little favor?"


"SHUT THE HELL UP!! I was chosen to steal the Niwa clan's beloved fortune-teller NOT you! I don't need to listen to your ignorant ramblings about my undoing!"

"Well don't say I didn't warn you…"

"Why? Why did you betray me?! How could you toy with me when I actually cared about you! I stopped my father from killing you!"

"Shut up you stupid wench! I came here to either steal you from the Niwa clan, or to kill you before you kill us!"

"If I have to die, then at least tell me what your real name is…"

"I think I'll grant your pathetic request…my name is Rath Hikari."

"You're, you're a HIKARI?! I should have listened to my brother's warning. If I must die by the hand of the Light clan, then I'll die with the knowledge that I'm taking you with me to hell!"

She pulled out her mother's gift tears and hatred in her eyes. Rath looked on in amusement when she pulled out her Tarot Cards and began chanting in a mystic language long forgotten. His amusement turned to shock and fury! She was summoning an ancient staff that had been long lost. She took hold of the staff and said, "Now you die. I hope you enjoyed tormenting my heart. After I get rid of you, I'll forget I ever had one when I see Krad…"

And so, Syaoran had indeed told the truth. His older brother, Rath, was killed by the Fortune Teller whose broken heart now lay forgotten. That is, until Dark finally intervened…

"Why won't you stay dead already dammit!!" roared the only female member in the Niwa clan who could join Dark in battle and live.

"If I die, then I'll take you with me! I will never forgive you for killing my older brother!" cried Krad as she started throwing explosives at him.

"Sis! Look out; the bombs you're holding are going to explode!" warned Dark. She barely threw them in time at Krad, but he got behind them and let the explosion take him to the foolish woman. Too bad he didn't count how many bombs she threw at him.

The resulting blast didn't carry him to her; it practically hurtled both of them into a nearby cliff! And for some reason, they landed on top of each other. Which had been Dark's plan all along.

Krad came to a minute later only to discover that his lips were touching the woman he was about to attack! He got up pretty quickly with a flustered look. Why on earth did he have to land in that particular position?! Landing on top of her was bad enough, but this? It was too much for him to take!

She woke up with a strange sensation…why did it feel so damn familiar?! Then she remembered Rath, and his betrayal of her fragile heart. She woke up very quickly and boy was she pissed at Dark! If he hadn't called out to her at that particular time then this wouldn't have happened! There was only one thought on her mind at that point…MUST KILL DARK!!!!!!


"Relax, Rune! It's not like I meant for that to happen!" lied Dark. Too bad he didn't lie very well in front of her…

"Krad, I'll deal with you after I kicked his ass for that stunt! Don't take that landing position personally; I'm still going to annihilate the Hikari clan for what they did to me…" said Rune, very pissed and very embarrassed for what just happened.

"Oh Shit! I better run before she kills me!" said Dark as he attempted to run. Rune was pissed at him; he should have known that she'd get even more furious if he ran!

Back at the Niwa mansion, Dark was in critical condition thanks to his sister's attack. She literally beat him within an inch of his life! The head of the Niwa clan approved of her punishment for his humiliating stunt. She decided to do a fortune for her brother…

"Oh spirits of the earth and stars, hear my cry! I call upon you to show me what I seek to see. Answer me and let thy fate be known! KAI!!"

The cards glowed and started to circle Rune. Slowly the rapid circling of the cards stopped. She let the will of fate to show her Dark's fate. It said as the cards began to move again… "Your brother shall live with many a reminder of his stupidity. He shall be torn by his duty to family and his fate to battle an ancient foe. His decision shall either kill you, or free you from a wound that has yet to heal. By the way, next time try not to hit him so hard on the head. His mind may be damaged beyond repair if you repeat your revenge upon him.

"Show me one instant that his mind actually worked to begin with…" muttered Rune. Fate laughed as it slowly disappeared into the abyss. It always came when she called; mainly because the child was never tempted to cross Death's path by asking for her own future. That was the main reason that true Tellers were killed. They grew too overconfident and called Death to them by trying to see their own future. Though the girl was able to bypass that law by having her other half do it for her. She has only done this once, and she escaped Death by a mere technicality. She did not want to cross him again.