Lover of the red light district, yet another Sannin battle

"Heh, Heh, Heh... giggled a quiet lecherous voice in a girly tone. Hidden amidst a densely leafed tree, was an old man in his early fifties. He had a mane of spiky white hair that ran down the length of his back. He wore an odd assortment of red and green clothing, a mixed style of a nobleman's attire, a shinobi and a stereotypical sage.

This being a ninja village this older man too wore a hiate, however as averse to the typically rectangular head protector with the Konoha leaf symbol engraved at its centre. His however was made from bone, painted grey, with an inch long demonic horns protruding from each of the temples. At its centre was the kanji for 'oil' in black.

In his hands he carried a small notebook open on his palm into which he was enthusiastically scribbling with a white fountain pen with the gold kanji 'ero' written on its side, he was giggling continuously, high pitched and perversely. The reason for this man's strange behaviour is that whilst hidden in this place; high amidst the trees he had an excellent view of a nearby open-air bath house, the women's side of course.

This man was Jiraya of Sannin, the Toad sage. A ninja of legendary skill which is why the numerous Kunoichi currently making use of the bath house were none the wiser of his presence. He was peeking upon the dozens of beautiful naked and semi clad women not only for his own sexual satisfaction but also as a means of inspiration for the newest book in his series; 'Icha Icha paradise – make out tactics', a long series of best selling erotica which had become immensely popular to both civilians and shinobi around the nations.

His eyes roaming over the young ladies present he couldn't help but notice one of the ladies that had just entered the naturally heated waters, she truly stood out from the rest. She was an especially beautiful purple haired Kunoichi; she was obviously a ninja, if her high Jounin level chakra was anything to go by. Jiraya was delighted by her breasts - they were large, but not overly so, they were perfectly shaped and firm; she had perfect silky skin and a feminine athletic build. Jiraya felt a trickle of drool escape the corner of his mouth, though he was too focused on the beauty in his sights to stop and wipe it away. Writing fanatically he recorded her appearance and also how she interacted with the other women trying to get a rough idea of her character. She'd make an ideal new character for his next book thought the Toad Sannin giggling once more before deciding to get a closer look.

Whilst further suppressing his chakra he made the necessary hand seals and preformed Konoha's basic teleportation technique; the Shuushin no Jutsu sending tendrils of chakra forward he vanished to his chosen location, a swirl of leaves the only evidence of his leaving.

Reappearing at the outside of the wooden encompassing walls surrounding the Onsen, crouching low he sneaked over, quickly and quietly found himself his trusty peeking hole, one of several he had stationed in the walls of this fine viewing establishment.

Placing his eye up against the hole he felt a familiar tingle in his loins, from the lower height Jiraya was peeping from he was able to get a rather good view of the purple haired women's nether regions. Though somewhat obscured by the steamy waters, it didn't leave too much to the imagination none the less, and Jiraya was just fine with that.

'Oh shaven is she? Easy on the tongue' thought Jiraya scarcely holding back another giggle, he had enough common sense for that at least, as at this distance, even with his chakra suppressed and his movements silent, if he giggled he'd be massacred by the many women currently converged therein.

Deciding to look up to get a good close up of the rest of her, drinking in her appearance, her fine shapely legs, sleek smooth torso, taking the opportunity to get another look at her chest which conveniently for him bounced playfully as she jumped out of the water and landed by the edge, sitting down to chat to with another woman sitting by the side, soaking her feet in the hot waters.

A thick trickle of blood made its way steadily down past his upper lip and staining his chin red.

His eyes widened slightly in surprise when he recognized her face, she had matured certainly and her hair style had changed but it was no doubt her.

"Holy shit..." whispered Jiraya hoarsely.

"Lil'Anko? She's certainly matured allot" his mind flickering through several memories he had of her when he'd last seen her. The hyper little brat that always used to follow Orochimaru around prior to his defection and the discovery of his twisted experiments which forced the Snake Sannin to flee from Konoha, leaving his disciple Anko behind to suffer the hate intended for him.

'Orochimaru...' thought Jiraya, his mind temporally distracted from the good peeking as thoughts of his old beloved rival flickered through.

'Kid must have had it tough after that Hebi-teme left' thought Jiraya solemnly, knowing the fate of those who were thrown to the lions and left to swallowed in others resentment, however the pleasant glint in her eyes showed that she had plenty of life in her, perhaps she had found some strong bonds despite all of that? Second's later Jiraya mind slipped away from such seriousness and his perverted nature once again reared its ugly head.

"But on with the show" he said quietly to himself, though perhaps louder than intended as a passing breeze carried his voice some distance, reaching the ears of a certain Konoha shinobi who was impatiently waiting for his girlfriend to finish in the Onsen.


Naruto stood by the entrance to the Onsen, back straight, arms held loosely behind it, legs straight – slightly parted; a typical Konoha military stance, he was quietly waiting for his girlfriend Anko to finish bathing, passing the time by watching the various people pass to and from the entrance, a few of which sent him dark glares, the majority having the good sense to just walk and not say a fucking thing to the slightly irate Yokai-Hebi Shinobi. Naruto had chosen not to enter the male section and make use of its services. He did not like this place as he often became overheated and dizzy should he spend long in hot steamy waters. That and when he was last there an elderly civilian had held his head under the water for some five minutes, before the Anbu had arrived to save him, he'd nearly died on that occasion, he had been only eight years old at the time, needless to say he hadn't returned there since. Only Anko's blatant love of Onsen's had brought him there in the first place even if only to wait outside of the establishment; waiting for her.

Though Anko's offer of sneaking in there after hours for a little 'fun' as an alternative to going now had certainly been him temping and had left him rather hot under the collar.

'Well the offers always open after all thought Naruto grinning despite himself, wide enough to display to the world his almost vampiric canine teeth, frightening an elderly couple who were approaching, causing them to bolt away at a dead run, rather surprising given their age.

The reason for Naruto's barely suppressed thoughts were that in recent weeks Anko had become especially flirtatious and seductive, even by her usual flamboyant standards. One such of example of this that she'd taken to sleeping in the bed with him completely naked, and grinding herself against him just as he was drifting off to sleep, provoking for Naruto an embarrassing reaction. After observing the results she'd grin wickedly before rolling over and drifting immediately off to sleep, leaving Naruto erect, heart pounding in his chest, leaving him unable to sleep for most of the night.

While Naruto knew he was not experienced in human interaction he did have instincts and a good understanding of how Anko thought. To put it simply she was trying to goad the young ninja into being the one to initiate sexual relations between them, her tactics were damn effective.

He was nervous for obvious reasons along with that it would be a deep step for him on an emotional level as he'd spent most of his life despised and unloved, none the less he had confidence in himself that he'd do well. Shaking his head of such thoughts for the moment, however difficult. Naruto decided to kill sometime by taking a stroll around the outside of the Onsen's high wooden walls.

Not long later as he was passing the women's side of the bath house, paying extra care to be quiet as not to be mistaken for a peeping tom, not that Anko would have been bothered, however the multiple chakra signatures he could feel meant that there were numerous Kunoichi bathing inside and Naruto wasn't that suicidal to piss off a bunch of women, especially if they were trained killers.

Naruto paused in mid step as he heard a perverted sounded whisper carried by the wind.

"Lil' Anko" and "on with the show". Immediately grasping the potential meaning, a growl echoed in his throat, someone was peeping on the women's side, someone was peeping on the women whom he loved. His hand almost instinctively reached up towards the hilt of his cursed chakra sword, tightly grasping its bandaged hilt.

Disappearing in a sudden burst of speed he headed towards where the sound had originated from, his eyes unknowingly flickering red and a small fraction of the seal on his stomach glowed, unseen beneath his clothes.

Still unable to see his target Naruto leapt up into a nearby tree using chakra to the soles of his feet to hold himself in place on the branches. Naruto had realised it but he was standing in the same peeking spot from which Jiraya had been using minutes prior.

His face burned crimson upon realising all the naked girls below, instinctively his eyes roamed all over their bodies before his sense of decency kicked in. Reluctantly turning his eyes away from the wonderful sight, focusing instead upon his goal to beat the crap upon the pervert that as eyeing up his beloved Anko-Chan. A soft giggle reached his ears, turning quickly he spotted a tall white haired man attired in red and green with his face pressed up against the wall, a peeking hole no doubt. The thick puddle of blood on the floor below the said pervert was an indication of how lecherous this old geezer was if such a continual stream of blood from his nose from the overload of erotic thoughts was any indication.

'I'll teach this ero-Jii a lesson he won't soon forget'

'That's the way kit protect your mate' agreed the Kyuubi through their mental link. Gathering his chakra he performed a Shuushin, reappearing in some nearby bushes, his chakra control had definitely become worse, a clear sign of his shiki-fuin's terrible state. Though not his intended spot he was hidden from sight and better yet he a mere 10 meters away from the old pervert in question. Deciding upon his first action he made several hand seals, pausing briefly to bite his thumb; drawing blood. He pressed his palm against the ground and whispered "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: hydra cradle". A low level Jutsu he'd learned from one of the older snakes whom he'd been practicing with as of late.

A small black seal appeared on the ground around his hand, one puff of smoke later eight small demonic serpents appeared, small, no longer than a meter in length each, grey scaled and large yellow eyes that almost dominated their reptilian faces. Naruto crouched down to eye level with the snakes and whispered his orders, to avoid his target hearing him. The snakes seemed to find his orders amusing if their bobbing heads and soft hissing laughs were anything to go by.

Slipping away into the undergrowth the summons headed towards the old man, whom was still unaware of the incoming threat. Meanwhile within his cage the Kyuubi's eyes narrowed.

'Where have I seen that human before?'


Jiraya despite being engrossed by his peeping, none the less he was one of the world's strongest shinobi's which is why he immediately felt the pull of chakra that indicated a summon.

'Hmm?' seconds later he heard a series of hissing beside him. Self preservation instincts kicked in at that moment, kicking at the ground whilst moving chakra to his leg muscles he leapt high into the air, his chakra heightening the jump. Good thing to as where he'd been seconds later were 6 grey snakes, body's stretched upwards the mouths opened wide, fangs shown.

'Snake summonings?! Did that Anko girl sense me?' Thought Jiraya in surprise.

'No, she hasn't used her chakra, could it be him?' pondered Jiraya landing on a nearby tree limb. Before he could do anything another snake appeared in the same tree and made an attempt to bite his leg, leaping back he narrowly avoided the attack. As he soared back he failed to realize that e was passing over the Onsen walls. Looking up Jiraya used a kunai to stop the final snake from biting him, pressing the blade between its fangs, it hissed angrily before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Phew" announced Jiraya before he landed with a great splash into the women's bath below. Emerging seconds later with deep heavy breaths he looked around blinking the waters from his eyes.

"Where'd that snake bastard go?" wiping his head left to right he felt a chill as he realized where he had landed. The Sannin was surrounded by at least twenty Kunoichi as well as numerous civilian women all of whose eyes were burning with righteous female fury.

"Welcome back Jiraya-Sama" said one of the older women there cracking her knuckles in a threatening manner, a fiery aura surrounding her and the other women, Anko included, pissed that this dirty fuck had seen her naked.

The toad Sannin felt himself invert in fear and let out a terrible scream to the sky as the women attacked him in mass.

"I FUCKING HATE SNAKES!" who earned him several extra hits from a rather irate snake wielding Jounin. A viscous pummelling followed which left the Sannin black and blue, Anko and a dark haired women with red eyes grabbed him by his arms and with an almost practiced unity they hurled Jiraya over the side of the wall. Landing in an undignified pile, he passed out, his mind filled with the images of bouncing boobs and kicking the crap out of Orochimaru for ambushing him in such a way. Not knowing that his student's legacy had been responsible for his latest unmanning.


Regaining consciousness less than ten minutes later, the toad Sannin quickly set about healing his wounds, though he was no legendary medic like his old teammate Tsunade, he knew enough practical medical jutsus to restore his body on rather short order.

Sluggishly he rose to his feet, he was rather surprised, the chakra he'd felt before was still there nearby, waiting him.

'Is it really him?' entering into a stance, with a high guard, with a heavy emphasis on the upper body.

"Orochimaru what are you doing here in Konoha?" he asked his surroundings in a menacing tone. Making hand seals for a Doton Jutsu.

'Orochimaru?! Thought Naruto in surprise, his eyes narrowing in suspicion.

'Who the hell is this old man?'

"You can't hide from me, come out and lets settle this hebi" demanded Jiraya his eyes as cold as ice and a demure to match, that even Naruto admitted was fairly intimidating, on a man of lesser nerves that is.

'Interesting, perhaps this man may be useful for getting information, nut first to mess with him some more, you're not forgiven yet you old lecher. Purposely making lots of noise to ran away, keeping himself hidden from sight. Immediately Naruto could feel Jiraya in hot pursuit, following his chakra and the sudden movement.

Gathering his chakra as he ran he used a Shuushin to teleport himself towards training field 7, the only training field he could reach via teleportation that he knew the layout of. Jiraya sensing the threads of chakra extending to the west, he too followed by way of Shuushin using the chakra remaining in the air from Naruto's teleportation as a guide.


Jiraya appeared in a large flat grassy training field, noticing the river on the right end of the training area and the memorial stone at its centre Jiraya realized where he was, he'd used this very training area himself in his Gennin years, some forty years ago.

"Training field 7?" announced the toad sage looking about expecting to see his old teammate; the snake Sannin; Orochimaru. What he saw however was the back of a tall blond haired with thin red streaks throughout his hair. He was wearing a ¾ length black trench coat which flapped about dramatically in the winds embrace.

What initially caught Jiraya's attention was the bandaged sword worn on his back, it had a large western style guard, and a very broad blade, not the sort of weapon used by shinobi.

Sending out his senses to get a feel of this stranger, Jiraya felt his breath catch in his throat as he felt three chaotic chakra sources radiating of him. Blue and red chakra was violently mixing inside of his coils and around his body, whilst the sword on his back was giving off an oppressive black chakra, hanging around its wielder like a miasma.

"Who the hell are you boy?" demanding Jiraya entering a loose combat stance, whilst pressuring chakra on the stranger. Showing no surprise to the sudden increase in chakra he asked his voice quiet, with an underlying menace.

"What's your connection to that old snake?" not answering Jiraya's question.

"He was an old teammate of mine" answered Jiraya, becoming a mixture of anxious and curious.

"Then there's a lot I can ask of you then old man" announced Naruto turning around letting off a little of his mixed demonic killing intent onto the sage, he flinched at the familiar evil chakra. Seeing Naruto's face, the sage felt a sudden recognition.

'Minato?!' thought the Sannin in shock seeing an almost identical version of his student in his younger years. If not the reddish tint in his eyes, the whisker marks on his cheeks and those fangs he'd be a dead ringer for the Yondaime.

"Naruto?!" exclaimed the toad Sannin in shock, taking a step back, in seeing his godson, who he hadn't seen in nearly thirteen years, most likely under the influence of the demonic chakra in some way, either that or the seal must be in bad shape.

"Now then Jiraya of the Sannin" stated Naruto, slowly and smoothly drawing his large sword with one arm, though he kept the bandages around the blade and most of the hilt, as in his fight with Ino in the Chuunin exams.

"You could prove to be of great use to me, so I won't kill you" at this Jiraya tensed.

"But first I need to properly punish you for peeping on my girlfriend earlier" continued Naruto darkly, swinging his sword down and pointing it towards Jiraya, having no apparent difficulty holding his massive weapon with only one hand.

'Shit, another jealous lover, just what I need' thought Jiraya sourly.

"Oh...which of those delectable beauties was yours" asked the Sannin

"The purple haired Kunoichi who also wields snakes" answered Naruto, upon hearing this the Toad Sannin's perverted side took over as he foolishly exclaimed

"You're banging that hottie Anko? No fucking way!" in response to this...

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" slamming his free hand onto the ground initiating a summoning, a large scale one. Using only his chakra, separating the sword's and the fox's chakra, o he could better control which of his snakes would appear; though controlling his chakra had certainly become more difficult. An explosion of smoke surrounded Naruto, the smoke scattered as a massive snake rose up, Naruto atop his head breathing heavily. Having used a lot of chakra, but it would be worth it to punish this ero-Jii.

The giant serpent was easily the same size as Manda, it had black and dark-green scales, and its head was rounded and flattish with a row of needle like interlocking teeth. In truth it more resembled a Venus fly trap plant as adverse to a snake.

"That seal of yours ain't too good" remarked Jiraya looking up at Naruto and his towering summoning.

"You know how to state the fucking obvious"

"Another of the Sannin, you certainly know how to pick them kit" remarked the Kyuubi

'According to our research his the fuinjutsu master who helped in the sign of our seal, he could be helpful in fixing the shiki-fuin" but first to kick his arse, the women hadn't beaten the old pervert as thoroughly as he have liked.

"Adyss-Dono" Naruto announced addressing the summoning whose head he was standing upon.

"YES NARUTO-SAMA?" boomed the bizarre looking snake, letting out a deep hiss as it spoke, opening its cavernous maw of a mouth revealing thousands of needle like teeth throughout the inside of its mouth.

Many stories below stood a shocked pervert. 'Minato your son has turned out very different to what I imagined, but a promise is promise. But the snake contract of all things...and a type of which I've never seen before' thought Jiraya suspicious, none the less he had a young upstart baring his fangs at him so he'd best put him in place, regardless of the reasons. Calmly biting his thumb and making the hand seals.

"My perverted ways have gotten me in trouble yet again, but that is the life of a SUPER PERVERT" exclaimed loudly, an odd mix of seriousness and his usual silly boisterous attitude as he readied himself for battle with his student's son, over an idiotic reason.


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