What Really Is

Prompt: #001 Love

Notes: Written for fanfic50 on livejournal. Thanks to avaleighfitzgerald for the beta!

She had felt things for him that she couldn't explain, even to herself. It was like sparks of electricity – or sparks of something that she couldn't identify – constantly toying with her insides every time he walked into the room.

It was slowly driving her insane, and no matter how hard she tried to deny it, she was unable to stop the feeling from washing over her. It just kept coming back in torturous, unrelenting waves that threatened to pull her under with every stroke and drown her. And it was all because of him.

"Bones?" A familiar voice broke Brennan from her thoughts and she glanced up to see her partner looking her over, worry imprinted all over his face. "Are you okay?" he asked. He reached out and pushed a strand of light brown hair from her eyes, gingerly brushing her cheek as he did so.

Brennan flinched at the contact and pulled back, blinking a few times to clear her head before answering, "I'm fine, Booth." Even as she felt the soft lapping water begin to twist her stomach into knots of whatever the hell she was feeling, she forced out the lie, wishing he would just leave her alone to work out what was going on. After all, there had to be some explanation for it! There had to be some way to make it go away!

She turned away suddenly unable to look her partner in the eye, and feeling his gaze on her even when she closed her own eyes, recoiled to the safe place in her mind that she reserved for the times where she needed or rather, wanted, to keep her emotions in check.

After several seconds, she opened them again and let her focus wander lazily over the patterns of light that were dancing across the floor and walls of her office. She found the rays of the early morning sun especially seductive. They were calming, soothing and normal. Rarely did they change their ways, but in the case of a storm or another weather condition that was not of the usual variety.

Her own sense of normalcy was beginning to crash around her feet, so she welcomed the familiarity.

"Bones," Booth prompted her again, his voice warm and encouraging. "What's up? You can tell me, you know. I might be able to help." He sounded so sure of himself, so sure that he could help her and clear up her situation and for a fraction of a second, Brennan considered telling him what was on her mind.

She chanced a look at him, hating the way his beautiful, puppy dog eyes made her insides turn to mush. Of course, that was only metaphorically speaking. Her insides were not of the squishy variety and were more or less intact. But still…his eyes…they were so captivating and intense and honest. She felt herself falling into them, momentarily forgetting that he'd asked her a question until she noticed his amused smile.

"Oh, um, nothing. I was just thinking about how our latest case went," she told him. Really, it was only a half-lie. Before her thoughts had drifted to him, she had actually been going over the case. Really, she had. It didn't mean a damn thing that all the details had flown out the window the moment she had been alerted to Booth's presence. It meant nothing. Nothing at all.

Booth just nodded knowingly and smiled at her. "One of these days you're going to tell me what really is," he said light-heartedly. He moved towards the door slowly, no doubt on his way to interview a witness for their latest case.

Brennan sighed behind him and watched his retreating back, a hesitant smile of her own surfacing. "I'll tell you what really is when I know myself," she whispered in agreement.