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Chapter Seven-Breaking the News

Rose held on to the Doctor's hand firmly. He looked down at her and smiled before pushing the TARDIS door open. The cool air hit them in the faces suddenly as they stepped out into London.

Rose breathed the morning air with relish; it was good to be home!

Rose looked up at the Doctor and he gave her a quick kiss before marching forward. This was it. What they had been dreading but, unfortunately, had to do: tell Jackie. The Doctor had prepared himself for a slap, which he was pretty sure he was going to receive.

They made their way to the Powell Estate, the flats looming down on them. However, they walked purposefully forward and before they knew it, they were at the door to Jackie's flat.

They shared a last brief kiss before Rose regretfully knocked on the door. Within moments, it swung open to reveal an unhappy looking Jackie. Luckily, it didn't last long because as soon as she noticed it was her darling daughter, she squealed and flung her arms around her neck.

"Oh my God! I wasn't expecting you!" Jackie let go of Rose, who was gasping for breath. "According to my watch, it was only last week since you were last here," she said, walking back into the flat, still nattering on. Rose glanced at the Doctor before following her mum into the kitchen, where she was already putting the kettle on. That was pretty much the only reason the Doctor liked coming to visit Jackie: you could always rely on her to put on a cuppa.

"So how have you been? Have you been feeding her, Doctor? Come here; let me have a proper look at you. You know, you could come in Doctor, don't let the warm air out. Close the door will you!" Jackie poured hot water into three mugs, still going on and looking over her shoulder as if to check they were still there. Unfortunately, the Doctor thought, we still are.

Rose wandered into the sitting room, the Doctor soon followed. Jackie came in a moment later with three steaming mugs, passing them round before sitting down on a chair opposite Rose.

Jackie glanced between them, noting with her mothers' instinct that something was going on.

Rose didn't look at the Doctor, though she could feel his eyes on her.

"Err, mum we have something to tell you-"

The Doctor coughed.

"Ok, I want to tell you." Rose glared at the Doctor but he avoided it by innocently looking at the photos on the wall.

"Well, umm, this is probably going to shock you but, me and the Doctor have um-"

Rose didn't know how to continue but fortunately - or unfortunately - her mother seemed to grasp the basic concept. The Doctor subconsciously hid behind his hands, ready for the yelling and slapping that was inevitable.

Instead, he heard a shriek of joy and footsteps. Once he was sure they weren't coming towards him, he peeked through his fingers and saw Jackie had pulled Rose up into a bone-crushing hug. Rose was grimacing over her mothers shoulder at the Doctor before sputtering, "Mum, I can't breathe."

"Oh, but Rose, I'm just so happy for you!" Both Rose and the Doctor raised their eyebrows at Jackie; they couldn't quite believe it. However, Jackie was already advancing on the Doctor but before he could even cower, Jackie pulled him up as well and gave him a hug similar to Rose's.

The moment was short lived, because when Jackie pulled away, she gave the Doctor a stern look and said seriously, "You are a total idiot! Whatever Rose sees in you, I hope I'll never know, but I am happy for you both." Before he could give her their thanks, she went on.

"You nearly broke my daughter's heart, changing your face like that! You try anything like that now, and I won't hesitate to slap you in to next century. You also need to know – both of you – are completely thick!" She rounded on Rose. "I told you years ago you were infatuated but no, you didn't listen to reason, or to your mother at that. You two galloping round holding hands without a care, but the rest of the world could tell you were in love and the sweetest couple."

Jackie took a deep breath; obviously she had wanting to say that for a while now. The Doctor glanced at Rose but she was just as confused as he was.

"Well, mum, it's nice to know you feel that way but if you felt so sure everyone knew this small unimportant fact about my life that I just didn't seem to grasp, why didn't you tell me?" Rose asked, hands on her hips; trying to stand up to her mother didn't usually work but this was an emergency.

"Rose, you know well enough that a lesson learnt is the most worthwhile! Why should I have told you when, one: it was completely obvious, even to the blind-" the Doctor and Rose looked rather sheepish and avoided each others gaze. "- and two: you need to learn these types of things for yourself, not to have your mother whispering the answers in your ear!"

Rose understood, even though she felt it unnecessary for the metaphor.

Jackie seemed to realise her daughter had nothing to add so sat back down in her chair and asked, sipping her tea, ignoring the tension in the room, "So, anything else you'd like to tell me about your travels through the universe?"

Rose and the Doctor left Jackie's apartment feeling much happier than they had when they arrived. The pair automatically linked fingers as they made their way back to the TARDIS; their home.

The Doctor pulled out his key and placed it in the lock but before he opened the door, he turned to Rose.

"How long are you going to stay with me?" the Doctor felt it necessary to make sure, just hoping with both his hearts that her answer would be the one he wanted.

Rose looked up at him and smiled. "Forever," she said, kissing his cheek.

The End

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