Chapter One

The Beginning

Sailor Venus ran to the fight scene to save her friends. Her feline friend, Artemis, following quickly at her heels. Sailor Venus' face and arms were all cut up from running through threes. She came to a sudden stop when she reached her destination. Artemis ran into the back of her long and slender legs. The two were in awe. Their friends were down. The sailor scouts leader, Sailor Moon, was no where to be seen. "Artemis, what has the world come down to?" Sailor Venus whispered. The two walked along the fallen bodies of their friends. Artemis saw Luna and Diana. He ran to them, hoping to nurse them back to health. Mina knelt down beside Sailor Mars, her best friend. She held the brown-haired priestess in her arms, brushing hair out of her face. A very familiar and wicked but sweet voice spoke from the air, "It's no use, Sailor Venus. By the time your friends regain consciousness they will be on the dark side of the Negaverse!" Sailor Venus looked up. "Rini!" she yelled.

"The name is Wicked Lady, Princess." Sailor Venus gasped when she saw a bloody Sailor Moon in the hands of the enemy. "Put her down!" exclaimed Sailor Venus. Wicked Lady looked at Sailor Venus in disgust. She snarled, "Why don't you make me?" Sailor Venus nodded. She knew that she had a good chance of defeating Wicked Lady. She's probably stronger now, Sailor Venus thought. She got ready then shouted, "Venus Love Chain Encircle!" The powerful energy attack hit Wicked Lady full force but it only stunned her. Sailor Venus was in shock that her attack didn't even affect the evil beauty. She thought it would have at least caused a little bit of damage. Wicked Lady cackled. The other sailor scouts began to glow in the shade of their respective planets. In a blink of an eye, they were gone. Along with the evil Wicked Lady.

That was a year ago. Mina Aino felt alone. Her best friends were gone. She had no idea if she'd even see them again. She looked out her window and watched the snow fall on to the color, wet ground. She sighed, thinking about goofy Serena, brainiac Amy, fiery Rei, butt-kicking Lita and her other friends. She missed them a long. She knew she wasn't completely alone. She had her husband, her teenage daughter, her three furry friends, and the other planetary knights. She even had Darien. "Darien…" Mina sighed. "He must be a nervous wreck. Both his daughter and queen are gone and he doesn't even know where they are." The gray fuzz ball known as Diana had overheard Mina. She jumped into the blondes lap and looked up at her friend. In a high pitch sophisticated voice, Diana said, "You should call Darien and see how he's doing, Mina." Mina nodded and reached for the phone. She dialed Darien Shields' number. It ran twice before Darien picked up. He asked in a raspy voice, "Hello?"

"Darien? You sound awful."

"Who is this?"

"It's Mina… I'm sorry I didn't call sooner."

"You're supposed to be my friend, Mina."

"And I am your friend, Darien."

"You went to great lengths to avoid me. I'd call or show up and you acted like you weren't home. All of us, I and the knights, are going through a hard time. We all lost our wives. I lost my wife and my daughter. Antonio didn't lose anything. He still has you. You didn't lose anything either. You probably didn't even fight."

"How dare you say that! I lost my closest most dearest friends! And I did to fight! I didn't see you or the Knights there, so don't tell me that I did nothing!" Mina yelled. When she was finished, she hung up quickly, angry with everything Darien had just said to her.

Luna and Artemis watched from around the corner. They looked at one another dazed and confused. "Perhaps we should activate the Neo Scouts," Luna suggested. Artemis nodded in agreement. "You're right," he began. "We have to save the universe and they're the only ones who can do it."

Luna and Artemis ran up to Mina. "Mina," Artemis began. "It is time." Mina looked at Artemis in total confusion. She had no idea what Artemis was trying to tell her. "You must bring the next sailor scout generation together," Luna explained. "Not Kinala…" Mina urged. "I will not put her through so much pain." Diana pleaded, "But it is her destiny. As it is with all the others, Mina. As it was yours." Luna nodded and said, "Diana's right I'm afraid. If the Neo Scouts don't step up, all will be destroyed. The Queen and the rest of her court will be lost forever in the dark void known as the Negaverse."

"Look, you guys. I love my daughter. She deserves to live a happy life. I refuse to put her through so much pain and stress," Mina said. Luna and Artemis curled up beside Diana." She's going to experience those two things anyway, Mina. She's a teenager," Artemis joked. "If this is about what Antonio might think, I'm sure he'll be all for it. If anyone loves the universe more than us, it's him. He misses his friends and big sister. Or is this about not having any faith in Kinala? Because we do."

"It's not that, Artemis," sighed Mina. "I don't want to lose her like Darien lost Rini. She's my only daughter." Mina looked down into the pleading eyes of her furry feline friends. She debated in her mind what to do. Finally, she sighed and answered, "Fine. Where do I start?" Luna let out a huge sigh of relief then replied, "First you tell Princess Kinala her past then her destiny. We'll start location the others for you."