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AN: important things that you must know:

1. - Orochimaru didn't become a missing Nin or got that "switch body jutsu" (but that doesn't mean he won't betray them later on, maybe)

2. -Sound village will still be in the story

3. -Itachi killed his clan when Sasuke was four

I think that's all and before you start pointing fingers read the story.


"I can't believe this is happening" thought Sarutobi while shaking his head in disbelief not more than an hour ago the Kyuubi was defeated at a high price, the life of his successor.

"That idiot" said a voice to the left of the old man while his fist hit the wall nearby.

"I still can't believe he went and got himself killed" said another voice this time feminine.

"Jiraiya, Tsunade that's enough" said the hokage in a tone that obviously left no room for arguments. "It was his duty as the hokage, and it had to be done" he said but in the bottom he didn't want to believe those words.

"And what's going to happen to the brat" said the toad sanin while eyeing the baby Shizune was rocking in her arms while the little one was giggling happily.

"That's the reason we are waiting for Orochimaru" said the elderly hokage


"Because you are a perverted idiot" said another voice from the rail in the window

"What was hebi-teme?" said the offended shouting

"You heard me, I'm sure if you had the chance you'll be on the onsen peeping and drooling"

"Why you…."

"Ehem, as much as I like to see Jiraiya acting as an idiot Orochimaru, I think sensei called for another reason" said Tsunade that this time she had to do something that she didn't usually does, being the sole voice of sanity and behavior.

"Well yes Tsunade the reason to call you all here is that I want you each to take an apprentice"

"You know after Arashi I don't take more students"

"I already got Shizune"

"There isn't anyone good enough"

"I'm not saying now, but later I'm sure there are a lot of academy students that have the potential you need"

Jiraiya put a serious look and ponder about the subject before saying in a firm voice

" I want Arashi's son"

"What" said the other sanin in unison

"You heard me I want Arashi's son to be my student, simple as that"

"And why you should train Naruto" asked the snake sanin

"First because I trained the father and helped him achieve his potential so I know first hand what a Kazama can do, second because I'm pretty sure that's what Arashi would have wanted and third because I owe it to him"

"But that's no reason to let you train the boy"

"Actually, for once I think Jiraiya is right" said Sarutobi

"Sensei you can't be serious! he'll turn him into a pervert or worse" said the slug sanin in an indignant tone.

"But is the best choice, if he is anything like his father, he won't be a medic-nin, and the way Orochimaru trains won't do either" said the elder Sarutobi

"If that settled I'll come back for the brat in six years, until then keep him alive sensei" and the toad sanin leapt out of the window

"What about you two?" asked the hokage

"I want an Uchiha as my pupil" said the snake sanin

"Itachi?" asked the hokage in a concerned tone, he knew it was near to impossible that Fugaku relinquished his elder son.

"No, there is something wrong with that boy, something dark, maybe his second son"

"Sasuke?" asked the hokage, the sanin nodded

The hokage ponder in the subject, Sasuke was a more likely possibility for the age, and he was sure that Fugaku wouldn't pass the chance to have two powerful shinobi in the clan.

"If the parents approve then Sasuke will be your apprentice in due time"

"Then I must go, I'll be back in six years, good bye sensei" said Orochimaru in a lightly dark, creepy tone before disappearing.

Tsunade shivered, he did that in his genin days and it still unnerved her to no end

"And what about you Tsunade?"

"I don't think there is someone special right now, so I'll come back in six years to see if there is anyone that I can take"

"Very well I'll see you then" and with that said Tsunade and Shizune left leaving Sarutobi and Naruto alone

"I hope I'm doing the right thing, Arashi"


"HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN OLD MAN" yelled the toad sage enraged at the sight of the treatment that Naruto, the last of Kazama and Arashi's son.

"You now as well as I do that only so much can be done by the hokage Jiraiya" said the snake sanin.

"He is right Jiraiya the council didn't allow me to take Naruto in or give him his inheritance until he was at least 16"

"But that doesn't mean he had to be treated like Sarutobi its inhuman what these people did to him all these years" said Tsunade enraged as well, nobody should have to pass trough this.

"The only good thing is that he won't have to suffer it any longer. He is actually really excited to go in the trip with you when I told him that you trained the yondaime, he wants to be the next hokage"

At this the toad sanin let out a chuckle, the kid was not only the spitting image of Arashi but have the same dream as well.

"And tell me what about you Tsunade?"

" Is there someone by the name of Haruno Sakura?"

The hokage looked startled for a second, how her ex-student was able to know the existence of the 6-year-old girl was beyond him.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes old man"

"But why"

"I owe it to someone" she said while remembering a certain konoha jounin that helped her four years ago.

"If that's your final decision then its fine, but I still think it would be best if you took the Hyuuga"

"That might be, but it still my call old man"

The old hokage looked worried for a second, even thought in reality this was by far the best thing that could ever happened to that girl, he was sure that Hiashi will raise hell for the decision, and Hinata might end up paying it.

"And you Orochimaru, what do you think of Sasuke"

"The kid is traumatized, first for the wipe out the clan and the fact that was his own brother that did it, he is bent on killing his brother, it will take a whole lot of time in making him change of goal, if that's possible"

"I leave them in your hands" the three sannin nodded and went to look for their new students.

Arashi I hope what I'm doing is the right thing" said the old man to no one in particular in a low voice while watching the monument carved in the face of the mountain, as if expecting to give any sign that he was listening.

The next day the three with their respective apprentices departed, but not before looking back at the village that gave birth to them, and they took a good look because they will not see their homeland any time soon.

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