Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry I haven't really been updating ModernDay Moses, but the town library computers have been down for about two weeks now. Plus, I won't be there until after New Years. I've been helping a friend get situated on this site, as well as working at the Book Fair at the school. Here's a Teen Titan Fanfic, hope you like it. If you know who this is about, let me know. Cookies for those who get it right!

He smiled as he looked at her sleeping peacefully. Her purple hair, pale gray skin, her normally emotionless face...all of it was beautiful to him. She was always the one who scolded him when he began acting like a child, and on a few rare occasions, she even smiled. A true smile that only he brought out.

She turned over in her sleep and grabbed his shirt. He smiled at the thought that she had come to him with her problems, problems that they all knew about but never discussed. She had thought that she was fat and ugly. She even attempted to kill herself a couple of times, but every time, he caught her before the dagger broke her skin.

'Why does she think that she's not beautiful? Why does she think that she's fat? Sure, Star and her are as different as night and day. But Star's an alien. She's not part human like her. Maybe that's it; she thinks she's not able to be a lot of things because she's part demon. But she's proven that wrong. She beat her father and what she was destined for.'

He turned to face her. Her plain features made her beautiful. Everyone knows the saying that beauty is only skin deep, but to him, it was much deeper when it was her. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her waist. Before he drifted off to sleep, he gave her a kiss on her pale cheek and swore that he saw her smile.