I present to you my new fic, it's gonna be so cool, so enjoy the first chapter. You can find the full plot on my profile. Edit: For those you have read the story, I gave it a little sprucing up to give it a lot more description, new dialogue, and fixed any grammer or spelling mistakes. So it'll look as nice as its current sequal does. But it's of course still the same story, so enjoy...

Future Shock

Chapter 1: Photographic Memories

One beautiful morning in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob was in front of his pineapple house with Patrick, Sandy, and Gary. He was playing with the new camera he got for his birthday.

"Okay, smile!" SpongeBob said before he took Patrick, Sandy, and Gary's picture.

The camera flashed, and SpongeBob laughed cheerfully while stating, "These will be the memories we'll remember years from now."

"How many?" Patrick curiously asked.

"I don't know, ten? Twenty?"

"Oh…we'll be old." Patrick realized, looking a bit shocked.

But SpongeBob put his comforting hand on Patrick's shoulder. "Yes, we will. But we'll always be together forever." He responded with a warm smile.

"Ya darn tootin' we will." Sandy added, smiling as well. "Hey, I gotta go home and get to work on my machine."

When Sandy was about to leave, SpongeBob called out, "Wait, Sandy! Can't we take just one more picture?"

"Okay, sure." Sandy responded with a shrug as she walked back to her friends.

Before he took the picture, he looked around and saw his neighbor, Squidward, walking to work. Before he could get very far, SpongeBob yelled out, "Hey Squidward, come be in the picture with us!"

"No." He answered back bitterly before continuing onward.

"Aw, come on, Squidward, don't be a party pooper!" Sandy urged, trying to get him to join in.

"Yeah, it'll be fun!" SpongeBob agreed as well, jumping up and down.

Patrick joined in trying to convince Squidward, "It'll help us remember you in ten or twenty years!"

With a growl of annoyance, Squidward finally gave in and reluctantly responded, "Fine."

He walked over to the group and stood next to Patrick, Sandy, and Gary. SpongeBob was adjusting the camera on the tripod to autotimer. When the clock started to count, SpongeBob ran over and stood in the middle of the group. Everyone except Squidward said "cheese" and smiled brightly until the camera flashed as it took their picture.

Afterwards, Sandy got ready to leave as she said, "Well, gotta go. Bye y'all."

"Goodbye, Sandy!" SpongeBob and Patrick said as they waved good bye.

"Well, I'm leaving before we make anymore 'precious memories'." Squidward said with a frown as he walked away.

SpongeBob waved goodbye and called out, "Okay, Squidward, see ya at work!" But then, SpongeBob slapped his forehead as he remembered, "Work? Oh no, I almost forgot. Today's the day of the 'Two-For-One Patty Special', a special day where you can buy an extra patty for a dollar more."

"Didn't something happen last time?" Patrick asked.

Right when he was about to take a step, SpongeBob froze as he got a shocked look on his face, remembering the terrible thing that happened on that day, but he shook it off and laughed nervously. "Let's not talk about that."

"Talk about what?" Patrick asked, looking clueless.

"See ya later!" SpongeBob called before he left for his job at the Krusty Krab.

I know it seems short, but it's only the first chapter. I promise the chapters will be longer in the future. But please read and review.