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Run Away Love

Chapter 1

Hell Is A Place Called Home

Forced to think that hell is a place called home

Nothing else to do but get some clothes and pack

She says she's 'bout to run away and never come back

Sora awakes to the sound of screaming and shattering glass. They're arguing again... it's always the same. The noises would stop soon and then his mother would knock out, leaving Sora at the man's mercy. The noises did finally stop and he heard his mother sob quietly. Soon after a long and dragged out silence. Sora heard his mother's light snoring. She was asleep. Sora threw the covers off his body and rushed into his bathroom, the only room with a lock. He slammed the door shut and slid the lock into place. Just as he predicted, the man walked into his bedroom and closed the door quietly behind him.

"Little Sora, don't you want to come out and play?" The man cooed. The man's voice sent shivers down Sora's spine and Sora huddled into his corner. Go away, Sora thought quietly, just give up please…

"Come out come out wherever you are."

Sora held back a sob and dug his fingernails into his skin, forming crescent slivers on his pale skin. He jumped when the door shook violently. Sora let out a sob, praying and hoping that the man would give up. Another violent bang and the door splintered. Sora was now in tears. Another blow than another and the door flew off its hinges. Sora screamed as the man stormed into the bathroom. The man turned towards him a lustful and disgusting expression on his face.

"You've been a bad boy Sora." The man spoke softly. Then he lunged for Sora, whom scrambled out of the corner trying desperately to put distance between them. But the man was not only fast but long armed. He grabbed Sora's night shirt and yanked Sora back.

"NO LET GO!" Sora screamed. The man let out a harsh laugh and threw Sora down to the floor. Sora tried to scramble away but was flattened immediately by the man who had thrown his body onto Sora. Sora let out a sob as the man began to strip him. He couldn't fight, not when the man had his arms and legs pinned. Sora shuddered as the cool air kissed his naked flesh.

"Please don't." Sora sobbed. The man let out a husky laugh and forced himself into Sora, making im cry out in pain.

"S-stop please…" Sora begged. The man sped up thrusting harder and faster. Sora closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to stop and the humiliation to end.


It was finally over. The man had left him alone in his own bodily fluids, but not without a few good kicks. Ribs sore and body bruised and broken, Sora curled into a balland cried his heart out. He hated it here, he hated living through the humiliation and pain. It was too much and to frequent. He had nothing, no one, to turn to. No one to console and comfort him and it left him feeling stranded and emotionally starved and broken. He wasn't even safe in his own home with his own mother who had always known what was happening but let it slide without a care. As long as she was receiving drugs she let them abuse and use him. Sora nestled his head in his arms and cried. Then, finally, he fled to his dreams a world where he could find peace.


Rays of sunlight danced across Sora's face, waking him from his slumber. Sora slowly sat up, the all too familiar ache of pain making him wince. He was probably late for school and nowhere close to ready. He slowly stood up and walked over to his shower. He started up the warm water and looked around the bathroom. The broken door lay on the floor reminding him, painfully, of the events that had passed again. Sora pushed the shower curtains back and slipped underneath the warm water. A soft sigh escaped his lips. He rinsed the blood, humiliation, and painful memories from his body. Yes, this was his only sanctuary the only place which existed where he could feel free.

"Mom, wake up." Sora whispers, shaking his mom softly by the shoulder. She was laying on the Victorian daybed a needle stuck in her arm. Sora's mother, Victoria Belle, stirred from her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and glanced at Sora. She sat up slowly and pulled the needle from her arm.

"What the hell do you want?" She asked bitterly. Sora bit his lip and looked down at his feet.

"I-I'm late… can you drive me?" Sora answered. A short cruel laugh left the woman's mouth and she glared disdainfully at her son.

"After you fucked him, you're asking that after you fucked my boyfriend? Find another host to suck off of, you whore." The woman drawled cruelly. Tears stung Sora's eyes. The words cut him on his already raw skin.

"I-I'm sorry." Sora apologized, his voice barely above a whisper. Sora's mother's eyes narrowed into slits. Then, as fast as a viper, she struck him hard across the face. Sora flew to the ground, clutching his burning cheek.

"Something wrong Victoria?" The voice sent chills down his back as well as unwanted memories. He turned to his mother's bedroom door, his eyes locking onto his rapist. His body shook uncontrollably.

"Yes, this little whore wants a ride; maybe you can give him one." Sora flushed at his mother's innuendo. More cutting words. The man's eyes narrowed briefly and he smiled a bone-chilling smile.

"Sure, I can give him one."

"Of course, don't you always?"

The man glared at Victorias and turned to Sora.

"Come along Sora, before you're late."

"No thank you, I can walk."

"Come now, we don't want to have any problems, now do we?"

Sora flinched at the memory of the first time he had struck him. Sora stood up slowly and picked up his bag with trembling fingers. The man smiled and steered Sora out the front door. Sora held back the tears which threatened to fall. He was alone again in the hands of his rapist.

"Get in." It was an order, not a request, Sora noted. Sora pulled open the door of the expensive Buick. He slid into the front seat and closed the door to his only means of freedom. He watched his rapist walk to the driver's side and open the door then slide into the seat. Sora closed his eyes sending his mind into a far off place. He felt the man lean in close, his breath hot on Sora's neck. The man's hand slid down to his thigh.

"I'm going to be late." Sora told the man softly. The man grinned.

"Heh, it's a pity that such a body goes to waste." The man whispered. Sora closed his eyes, feeling the man's hand pull away from him.


"Hey Riku, would you stop hitting on my sister, ya?" Wakka asked the platinum blond-haired boy who was spitting out cheesy flirting lines to a cute red-head. Riku groaned as Wakka dragged him away from Kairi.

"Come on man," Riku whined, "she was just about to answer." He gave Kairi the call me sign. She smiled and giggled. Wakka and Tidus roll their eyes and drag the flailing bishie away from the teenage red-head girl. The three slowly make their way towards the school, bantering playfully with each other, until Tidus spoke up.

"Hey you know that new kid?" Tidus asked his two friends. Riku and Wakka shot a glance at each other.

"You mean the emo kid?" Riku asks.

"Yeah, that guy." Tidus answers.

"What about him?" Wakka asks.

"Have you seen those bruises on his forearms?"

"Maybe he was bullied, ya?" Wakka suggested. Tidus looked down at his feet.

"Yeah, look at him, he's a walking billboard for bullying. Look at his scrawny arms I bet one flick of a finger could break them." Riku told his friends, He ran his hand through his silver hair and every girl on the block squealed with delight and stared at the platinum blond beauty. Tidus and Wakka glanced at each other. Tidus rolled his eyes and mimics Riku, Wakka mimicking the squealing fan girls. The two of them crack up and Riku playfully punched them on the shoulder.

Suddenly a black car pulled up to the curb and the door flies open. A small boy jumped out of the car, struggling to get free of another person's grasp. Sora finally managed to get out of the car, his shirt crooked and untidy, his pants sliding off his hips, and a scared and wild look in his eyes. Sora stumbled to the ground, his book bag tearing the contents flying everywhere. The car pulls away and Sora picks himself up, trying to gather as many stuff as possible. Wakka, Tidus, and Riku exchange looks and immediately bend down to help Sora gather his stuff. Sora sniffles and wipes his eyes and picks up his book bag.

"Hey are you okay? I mean did that man hurt you?" Tidus asks. Sora looks up, only to have Wakka and Tidus draw back in surprise. Riku just stands there staring at the sobbing boy. Sora's cerulean blue eyes were filled with tears, which were threatening to fall. Riku's stomach tightened. Sora grabbed his things and stood up quickly. Without a word he ran off.

"HEY WAIT!" Riku shouts. He breaks out into a run, chasing the small brunette.

"Hey wait up!" Riku calls after the boy. Sora immediately speeds up and runs around a corner only to end up in a dead end. Riku finally catches up with Sora and stops to catch his breath.

"If I give you my lunch money will you leave me alone?" Sora asks, throwing his wallet to Riku.

"No, I just wanted to know why you were crying." Riku answers. Sora stared at Riku as though he were crazy and possibly retarded.

"You chased me down for something that stupid?" Sora snapped.

"Err…. Yeah… okay maybe that wasn't such a brilliant idea.?"

"No shit Sherlock."

"So are you going to answer?"

"It's none of your business." Sora tells Riku rudely. Riku frowns and watches as Sora walks past Riku and picks up his wallet.

"I'm just trying to be nice." Riku growled. Sora looks back and smirks.

"I don't need your pity." Sora tells the platinum haired boy angrily.

"What the hell's your problem ?" Riku shouts, his anger reaching dangerous levels.

"PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE MY PROBLEM!" Sora shouts. Sora walks out the alleyway, leaving Riku there, alone.


"Woah Riku, you look like hell." Tidus tells the pissed off Riku. Riku ignores Tidus and stomps his way into the classroom.

"What's his problem?" Tidus asks. Wakka shrugs and follows after Riku. The bell rings and Riku sits all the way in the back next to the small brunette.

"Why are you stalking me?" Sora asks, not even bothering to look at Riku.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me what's wrong." Riku tells Sora. Sora frowns and shifts uncomfortably. Sitting had become a problem ever since his mom's boyfriend raped him. Sora sighs and finally raises his hand.

"Watcha want pipsqueak?" Professor Xigbar shot.

"I need to use the bathroom." Sora calls out. Sora meeps when twenty bullets shot past him.

"No bathroom breaks! If you gotta go, then go on the spot!" Xigbar growls. Sora slowly melts back into his seat, shaking slightly.

"Haha, this isn't like all those other middle schools. Keep acting like that and you might end up riddled with holes. Then what would your mom do?" Riku informs the little boy.

"She wouldn't care." Sora whispers.


"Dude what was that about?" Wakka asks.

"I don't know, he seemed a little upset." Riku answers. He had told him about what happened earlier that morning. Riku catches sight of Sora sitting in the back alone as usual. Like always he ate nothing at all. Riku immediately walks up to Sora and sits next to him. Wakka and Tidus follow suit and sit in front of Sora and Riku. Sora immediately tries to hide a bottle, but Riku managed to snatch the bottle out of his hand.

"HEY!" Sora shouts. Riku holds the bottle up to his face and looks at the label.

"Anti-Depressants?" Riku asked. Sora looks away and Riku hands the bottle back.

"Why do you keep stalking me?" Sora asks angrily.

"Well I can't exactly ignore something this cute." Riku answers, placing his arm around Sora.

"So wanna go out with me? Riku asks.

WHAP! SMUSH! Riku lands face first into his pasta and Wakka bursts out laughing.

"WOULD YOU QUIT HITTING ON PEOPLE!" Tidus shouts, smacking Riku over the head with a rolled up newspaper. Sora holds back his laughter, but fails miserably and lets out a small chuckle.

"Oh so you thought that was funny?" Riku asks, wiping the sauce off his face. Sora nods sheepishly and Riku picks up his pasta and smears it on Sora's face. Sora sits there motionlessly and then grabs Tidus' nachos and throws them at Riku. Riku dodges and the nachos hit a 10th grader in the head.

"WHO THREW THAT?" The 10th grader shouts. Sora points to Riku and Riku points back.

"Oh shit.. he hit Axel..." Tidus whispers. Tidus backs away from Sora and Sora looks at Riku confused.

"What's wrong with that?" Sora asks.

"He doesn't just throw food." Riku answers. Riku grabs Sora and forces him under as a fireball shot right at them.

"Oh." Sora mutters.

"FOOOOD FIGHT!" one of the kids shout. Immediately everyone starts to throw food and anything else they could find.

((An Hour Later))

Sora and Riku sigh as all five of them cleaned up the cafeteria (Axel got in trouble as well).

"That was awesome!" Tidus tells the four of them. Sora was happily mopping the floor and Riku was organizing the trays.

"So do you want to tell me why you were crying this morning?" Riku asks. Sora bites his lip and remains quiet.

"Dude something messed up must've happened if you're crying. Say.. you look a lot like Roxas." Axel says. The boys look at Sora and then back at Axel.

"You know my brother?" Sora asks.

"Roxas is your brother?" Riku asks. Sora nods and Riku gives Sora a sad smile.

"I see... so you're his little brother. He told me about you." Riku says. Sora looks he was gripping the mop so hard it had turned his knuckles white.

"How can you live in a place like that?" Riku asks.

"Don't fucking judge me! You don't know anything!" Sora shouts. Sora throws down the mop and runs out the cafeteria.

"What did you say?" Axel asks.

"For a shrimp he's pretty fast." Tidus says, watching Sora run out the school.

"What's his problem, ya?" Wakka asks. Riku sighs and picks up Sora's mop.

"His mom is. That bitch allows her boyfriends to just… rape and… hurt him as long as she gets her drugs." Riku answers coolly. Axel finishes up cleaning the tables and Wakka takes over Riku's job.

"Then why doesn't he run away?" Tidus asks. Axel gives Tidus a sad smile and looks out the window. Sora was long gone.

"Run where? Who can he go to? He doesn't have any friends and he's forbidden from seeing his father. What can he do? Live on the streets? He'll still suffer the same lifestyle." Axel answers.

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