†∞† Runaway Love †∞†


Chapter 8


The Truth Hurts

Sora re-buttons his shirt as Leon glares ruthelessly at Ventus whom was blushing and looking down.

"Now let me get this straight, you two got into a fight with Riku which turned physical which lead you guys to HAVE SEX ON MY COUCH?!" Leon shouts angrily. He was seething furious and he want to beat Ventus down, but his badge held him back. "Wow Sora, you really are one bad ass kid these days, but Squallie you need to calm down. I mean remember when Laguna caught you trying to rape Cloud in your bedroom? You were 16 once too." Yuffie says smugly. Leon turns bright red and glares at the though of his old man.

"I hate that old man, he never let me live that down." Leon mutters darkly. He snaps out of his thought and turns back to Sora. "STILL, I never actually went and raped him on the couch you know where people SIT ON!" Leon emphasizes. Sora sighs and looks down at his feet. "Like I said, dad, nothing happened. We didn't even have sex yet." Sora mutters. The experience was so new to him that he wanted more even though it was with someone other than Riku. Riku pops into his head and he angrily pushes him out.

He lied to me… and he let that girl get raped. I… I hate him! Sora thinks, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't hate him. Riku was the only one he could count on and for him to actually do something like that was near impossible. Yet.. he only knew Riku for a few weeks and they had only started dating for a few days. He couldn't possibly know everything about Riku… and yet he seemed so torn up about it.

Sora snaps out of his thoughts when he heard Leon call his name. "Sora!" Leon shouts. Sora shakes his head and looks up. "Huh?" he asked adorably. Ventus blushes as Sora looked up with those adorable azure puppy dog eyes. Leon sighs and supports his head on the palm of his hand.

"Why are you cheating on Riku?" Leon asks again more steadily. Sora feels a shard of guilt pierce his heart. "I-I'm not cheating on him. Things just aren't going well…" Sora answers, trying to defend himself.

Leon frowns and turns back to Ventus. "I'm sure you can find your way out." Leon says coldly. Ventus frowns and nods, getting up. He kisses Sora on the lips and walks out the living room and out of the house. Leon turns to Yuffie, who was happily gulping down a cream puff. Leon clears his throat and Yuffie looks up.

"Oh um… Vincent's expecting me. See you later Sora… Leon go easy on him." Yuffie says. She walks out the house and the two were left alone.


"JUST DON'T START!" Sora shouts angrily. Sora was already feeling bad enough, and even more confused than before.

"Sora… I'm aware that Ventus told you about the rape of Aqua Summerdale." Leon tells Sora softly.

Sora nods and feels tears burning his eyes.

"H-How could Riku do that?! She needed him and he let her down! HE LET HIS FRIENDS RAPE HER!" Sora shouts.

"That's not the whole truth, Sora." Leon murmurs.

Sora looks up as Leon took a sip of water. Leon looks into the glass and sighs.

"It's best if you heard it from Riku. He loves you Sora and Ventus… well he's not exactly a good person either." Leon tells Sora.

Sora looks surprised as Leon left Sora alone in the living room. Sora was now even more confused than ever. He couldn't believe anyone anymore and his life seemed to be spiraling out of control… again.


Riku rolls over in his bed, unable to sleep. As he thought, Ventus would use Sora to hurt him. What was even worse was that Sora didn't even believe him. Tears trickled down his tanned cheeks as he placed his hand on his head. "That wasn't how it happened…" Riku whispers.


"Come on Riku, she can't be that bad?!" Larxene says smoothly as she hung on Luxord's arm. "Yeah, she must be a real babe." Luxord agrees.

It was a hot summer right when he had gotten with Aqua. She was beautiful yet she was nagging him a lot about meeting his friends. She was starting to get annoying as well. She wouldn't stop complaining about his flirting habits and about her father not wanting her to see him. It was starting to get too much for him and he was thinking about breaking it off with her.

"So have you guys fucked yet?" Axel asks. Axel was smoking like usual and had his hair pulled back into a ponytail, his tribal tats trailing his arm in a spiral fashion. "Psh no, plus it's not like she would let me. She keeps saying that we should wait until we were married. That bitch is getting on my nerves man." Riku hisses. He took his own cigarette out of his mouth, shoving it into the ash tray.

"She's so old-fashion that it sucks. She always teases but when it comes down to the actual thing she wants to wait." Riku mutters. Riku leans back, with his hands on the back of his head. "Well why don't we go out then? I mean there's this broken down old abandoned mansion on Sunset Avenue. You should bring her, you know, for a little fun." Rai says. The group agrees and Riku shrugs."Fine, whatever, I could use a little fun." Riku mutters.

"Riku, I don't think this is a good idea." Aqua whispers, as Riku jumped over the brick wall. "Come on don't be such a kill joy, we're just gunna have a little fun." Riku mutters, waiting for Aqua to come down the other side of the wall. He throws his cigarette to the ground and grinds it out. Riku looks up and smirks. Aqua was stuck on the wall, her torso on the other side and her legs dangling down on this one.

"Need help?" Riku asks, smirking, holding back his laughter. "No, no, I can do it… I… think." Aqua mutters. She slowly slides further down the wall and accidently lets go. She falls on top of Riku and both of them hit the ground. "For Kingdom's Christ, watch where the hell you're landing." Riku hisses. Aqua giggles and gets up. Riku brushes off his pants and walks towards the mansion. "Yo Riku, what took you so long, and woah-hoe, what a babe. She can't be your girlfriend man, she's too fine." Axel says winking at Aqua. Aqua giggles and clings on to Riku.

"Y, you guys are late man." Luxord says, sipping down a can of beer. Larxene was doing her nails and she looks up. "My my look what we have here. She's quite the cutie, she yours Riku?" Larxene asks, wrapping her arms around Aqua. Aqua shifts uncomfortably and Riku pulls Aqua to him. "Back off Larxene." Riku mutters. He kisses Aqua on the neck and she smiles. Larxene smirks and looks at Rai and Luxord. "Hey Riku, Axel, we need some more booze, think you can hook us up?" Luxord asks, shaking a can of beer.

Riku nods and looks at Aqua. "Are you gunna be okay?" Riku asks. Aqua nods and Riku walks out along with Axel.

"So Aqua, wanna have some fun?"

Riku and Axel finally make it back to the mansionand Riku stands there shocked. Aqua was with Rai and not like talking. She was banging him. There was a flash and Aqua was thrown to the ground. Aqua looks shocked as Riku slammed his fist into Rai, over and over again, blood covering his fist and face. "RIKU STOP!" Axel shouts, pulling Riku off the fallen boy. "You fucking slut!" Riku shouts, pointing a finger at Aqua. "Riku, I'm sorry, he made me." Aqua cries out, pointing to Luxord. Riku pushes Axel off of him and walks towards the exit." RIKU! DON'T… DON'T WALK OUT ON ME!! I'm telling you the truth!" Aqua screams, grabbing Riku's arm. "I SAW YOU BANGING HIM!! I DIDN'T SEE LUXORD POINTING A GUN TO YOUR HEAD! YOU FUCKING SLUT, GET OFF ME!" RIku pushes Aqua off of him and storms out the mansion

Later that night police were at his door and he was arrested for assault and battery charges. Aqua confessed to the charges and also blamed him for her rape. Later on she confessed that he didn't rape her and it was Luxord, Rai, and Larxene. By then the damage was done. Aqua was disowned and she was pregnant. She moved with her two brothers and Riku was alone.. again.

The memories were still fresh in his mind. She had backstabbed him and so did his 'friends'. Now she had even taken away his only love. Again Riku was alone. He wanted to beg Sora to forgive him, but knowing Sora… he probably would never trust him again. "Sora…" Riku whispers. He could still smell him. Felt his soft, yet spiky brown hair. His gentle soft lips, and soft skin. Now he would have to spend his birthday alone. Those letters stuck to his mind. His heart weighted even heavier. Tears flowed even more freely down his cheeks. He threw his pillow at his lamp, watching shatter on the floor. The door opens and he heard his brother stumble in. "What the hell's your problem?" Kadaj mutters. Riku sat silently on his bed and Kadaj already could tell he had been thinking about 'that' incident. "It wasn't your fault, that she was a whore." Kadaj says silkily. He held Riku close to him and Riku listened to his brother's heartbeat.

"I hate that bitch. She's already taken my life and now she has Sora. The worse part is I can't do anything about it." Riku whispers angrily. He wanted to murder her… he did it before… why not again?

"Brother… I have a confession." Riku whispers.

Kadaj looks down at his brother as if he already knew what he had done.

"I killed Sora's mother and her boyfriend."

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