"So which one do you like better? Mopey McDreamy or Happy, Sexed McDreamy?" Izzie asked as she tied her sneakers.

Cristina looked up and smirked. "Yesterday, he let me slip the guidewire in AND cauterize a bleeder AND close. I definitely like McDreamy when Meredith is giving it to him."

"Nice Yang." Alex remarked as he closed his locker.

"Well, he may be nicer, but we aren't getting much sleep anymore, that's for sure." George complained to noone in particular, as they all started to file out towards the nurse's station. Alex snickered.

"Seriously. Meredith's headboard. Definitley could use some padding. And? Holy shit. Maybe just once they could do it without the screaming orgasms?" Izzie laughed.

Just then Meredith jogged up, tying her hair up in a bun on her head. Having caught the tail end of the conversation she blushed as Alex gave her a sly grin. "Shut it Karev."

"I'm just saying Go You is all Grey. We all deserve Screaming orgasms." He chuckled.

"Well you are all going to be screaming in a minute, but it isn't going to be pleasant I can assure you." Bailey charged as she busted up the happy group. They all jumped to attention and waited for their assignments, ready for their day to begin.

"O'Malley, Dr. Hahn has requested your services. Karev, Dr. Montgomery. Cristina, Dr. Torres. Grey, surprise surprise Shephard, please keep it in your pants while you are in this hospital and ask him to as well. Scratch that, don't give him any ideas. Stevens, you're with me today. What are you waiting for people? MOVE!"

Everyone startled, and headed off to their respective stations. Preston was back in the hospital. No actions had been taken against him, but he had elected to take one more month off of surgery and continue PT, while doing some office work and catch up on paperwork. Richard had decided that for now, it wasn't the time to hand over the reigns of Seattle Grace.. to anyone.

Bailey and Izzie started off towards the board to check their first surgery when Mark approached.

"Dr Bailey?" he asked with a smile.

"What?" she asked him with a flat voice.

"Good morning to you as well Miranda." He continued on, choosing to ignore the frown that deepened when he used her first name. "I'm here to pick up my intern."

"Intern?" she asked him.

"Yes, my young apprentice, moldable, malleable trainee? Intern?" he joked.

Miranda turned and walked up underneath him, invading his space. She walked all the way up against his chest, and looked up at him. "Do you mean lackey Sloan? I'm sorry did you not get the memo? Oh wait. I only send memos to real doctors. Well my interns are for teaching doctors, doctors who teach my interns things they need to know to be doctors. Not who use them for sandwich chasers and dry cleaning pick ups. And furthermore. My interns are assigned on a requested basis, at least two hours prior to needed service date. Good day Sloan." She turned around, bumping him out of the way in the process and headed down the hallway.

Izzie looked at Mark, who was completely dumbfounded and shrugged, suppressing a chuckle. She headed after Bailey.

Ok so there's a little fragment that started while I sat here waiting for my last final.