"Watch the doorframe!" Izzie yelped as George and Derek manhandled a Christmas tree the size of a young sequoia into the hallway. "Let's set it here by the window." She exclaimed excitedly.

The men shared a look before they pushed into the living room and finally set the tree in the stand.

"George get down there and tighten the screws while I hold it steady." Derek said as he held up the tree.

"Why do I have to get down there?" George mumbled.

"Because I'm your attending. And I have the tree steady. And this damn thing is heavy so hurry." Derek chuckled as George got down and vanished under the piney mass.

"Guys, it needs to lean a little more to the left… NOT that much. Ok right there, right there." Izzie demanded. George stood up finally with a sigh, and Derek stepped back, everyone holding their breath waiting to see if the tree would hold up.

It stood there, massive and green. Steadily. Izzie immediately began fluffing out branches. "Do you think Mer will freak? It's a lot bigger than last year."

"Meredith is going to enjoy Christmas and sing carols and drink cocoa and like every minute. I'm a Christmas person and she's going to convert." Derek stated emphatically.

"Is that like changing from Christianity into Jewish?" George joked.

"Let's get the lights up boys, so I can do the garland, and we will do ornaments tonight when Mer gets home." Izzie ordered, beckoning to a tote filled to the top with lights.

"Are we having a Vegas tree?" Derek joked, as he started to rummage through it.

"You'll see, this is going to be the most beautiful, glorious tree ever." Izzie promised.

And it was. Derek sat on the couch, in the dark, with his Meredith in his arms. They were curled up on the couch, admiring the lit Christmas tree which was adorned with ornaments and baubles. The lights were beautiful, and while plentiful, not tacky. Derek had already filled up half of the underneath with brightly wrapped packages, having gone a little nutty already with shopping. He was determined to give Meredith the best Christmas and show her that she had a family, him and her friends.

"It's so pretty. I do love Christmas trees. We never had a real one, my first one was last year. But I never…" She trailed off.

"Never what?" he asked her as he nuzzed her neck.

"Last year, I never thought I'd sit here a year later and be sharing a tree with you." She looked at him shyly, her eyes shining.

Derek sighed and pulled her closer into his arms. "All I wanted last year for Christmas was that Meri. My happiest moment of Christmas was the time I got to spend with you. That was the night I told Addison I was in love with you too."

"You did?" She asked surprised?

"I did," He confirmed.

They kissed, softly. He pulled back and held her face in his hands. "I Love you Meredith Grey."

"I love you Derek Shephard." She smiled.

They met each others lips again, and the kiss intensified. Derek tangled his hands in her hair, before moving them down to her tiny waist. He pulled her onto his lap so she was straddling him, and felt his hands wander under her sweater.

"You know..," he murmured into her ear, "George is off with Callie for the night, and Izzie is sound asleep. Do you want to christen the tree?" he asked her with a wicked grin.

Meredith closed her eyes, not wanting to wake up… not ever. She leaned down and kissed him deeply another time. Then she stood up silently and walked over to the tree, before sinking to her knees. Derek smiled and jumped up to join her, helping her pull her sweater over her head. She helped him off with his shirt, and they both lay down together in front of the tree, their mouths finding sensitive spots on each other, and their hands wandering.

Under the Christmas tree Meredith and Derek made love, the lights shining on them softly, and Meredith decided that she really really liked Holidays after all.