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I had never given much thought to fairy tales when I was younger, but I live in a fairy tale house...or...above the garage, anyway. We live on the north shore of Long Island, just outside of New York, on a massive plot of land. The estate has an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, an indoor tennis court, an outdoor tennis court, a solarium and a slew of servants to take care of the grounds, a small complement of servants to take care of the inside of the house, and even a tree surgeon on retainer. As a child, the main house almost seemed like a castle to me and I used to have many fantasies about rushing into its mammoth wood and tile hallways to fight off a slew of wicked dragons and evil knights to rescue the princess, one Winry Mustang...maybe I did believe in fairy tales.

My dad has worked for the Mustangs for many years now. Imported from England to be the chauffeur, he dragged me along with him when I was just six-years-old, and we came to live above the cars my dad drives. It must be some unwritten rule that rich people must have English speaking, or foreign help. I wonder if we'll die of asphyxiation from carbon monoxide someday...

Oh, my mom? Well she died giving birth to me, so me and my Da became pretty close, but as soon as I came here I went wild. Since our home in England was pretty small, we didn't have a yard I could play in. Da was so fearful of the dogdey area around us that playing outside was not an option. With so much room now to run and play in, I was beside myself and I was always into something until I finally learned my place.

Then there were the Mustangs; our employers. The matriarch of the family, Pinako Mustang was a widower and former owner of Mustang INC. It has been said by many in the business world that Mrs. Mustang's knack for acquiring and expanding her holdings exceeded most of the fortune 500 companies, but she couldn't hold a candle to her son. She has even graced the cover of Time magazine.

During the summer, she would, and still does I might add, hold lavish parties almost every night. The guest list reads like a who's who of all the prominent circles of society. Members of the government, wealthy stockholders, executives from other companies, movie stars, rich families from around the area...the only way I could ever attend one of these events was to watch it from the tree overlooking the party.

Wearing an expensive suit and sporting a large jeweled necklace, she would leave each morning, driven into the city by my Da, to buy up another company or to take one apart. Her straight-forward nature always made me fearful of her, and it wasn't just me, she even bullied the weather into doing her bidding. No matter how often she held an outdoor party it would never dare to rain or be anything but pleasantly warm on that night, she wouldn't have allowed it.

She did try to draw me out with sweets once and a while, but I was still too wary of her. I think she liked to have a young child in her presence again, maybe she felt sorry for me, I don't know. In the end she is just as scary as Roy.

That brings me to Roy Mustang, the eldest of the Mustang siblings and seven years my senior. He was, and still is a scary, silent, brooding presence in the house. He would always follow after me when we were younger, especially after one of my frequent spills, but his intense black eyes scared me the most. Often while out playing by myself, I would look up to see him standing in between the foliage, just starting at me. I would take off like a bat out of hell and hide. I think that he was trying to decide on how to talk to me, but I'm not really sure. He was just plain scary.

He took over the family company at the age of twenty, replacing his mother as president and took the small 100 million dollar company, making it into some serious money. That earned him a place on the cover of Fortune magazine. Now whenever he's home from the city I can see him working in his office, pacing back and forth, with a cell phone held to his ear. I wonder if he ever sleeps, I've never seen him do that.

And last of all, there's Winry. A rich socialite if there ever was one. While only two years older then me, she uses her age like a weapon, forcing me to do her bidding. If she knew that all she had to do was ask, I'm sure that she wouldn't have bothered with me at all. No fun tormenting a willing person, after all. She is the love of my life, and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She's charming, witty, bossy, dominating, and in and out of more schools and relationships then I could count. Having watched her for so long, I have come to realize that her outgoing nature is just a cover for to protect her inner child, who just wants to be loved.

She was on the cover of Maxim magazine, a lot. Stuff, and GQ too. I have all the issues.

"Edward, get down here please," Hohenheim asked his nineteen-year-old son for the second time.

"Just a minute," Edward answered absently, tucking a strand of golden hair behind his ear as he shifted further up the tree branch to watch the people in the yard. The trees were wrapped in fairy lights all the way to the high up branches, providing most of the light for the party goers. A few paper globes had been strung up, over the tables, adding to the ambiance and everyone looked very fine in their expensive suits and dresses as the live band played a soft waltz. Many of the guests were on the removable wooden dance floor, swaying to the music, but Edward only had eyes for his love, Winry.

"Edward, I won't ask again," Hohenheim warned with his fading English accent as he walked back to the black BMW he'd been waxing.

Edward grunted his acknowledgment and continued to watch his love as she twirled around the dance floor in the arms of her latest boy toy. She laughed at something the tall man whispered in her ear and leaned towards him to respond.

"Oh, no...she's licking his ear," Edward mumbled. "Why'd she have to lick his ear?"

The man pulled away from Winry with a sly smile on his face, and walked off into the direction of the solarium. Winry spent a few minutes talking with the guests before she too walked towards the solarium, by way of the garage. Edward scrambled to get out of the tree as she approached. This would be the last time he'd be able to talk with her for a long time.

He thumped to the ground just as she passed his tree.

"Oh! Edward, you startled me." She held a hand to her chest in surprise, as she whirled around to identify the source of the noise. Edward stood and took in the vision before him; small twigs and leaves rained down on to his baggy indistinct clothing, and into his shoulder length hair.

"Hi, Winry. Having a nice night?" Her pale green dress looked fantastic on her. The strapless, form fitting bodice accentuated her fit and toned body, as the bottom half of the dress swirled about her calves, occasionally showing a hint of her shapely, kissable ankles when the dress moved. Her hair was swept up on to the back of her head in a simple twist with tendrils of hair ghosting across her neck and face. Her bangs were straightened and pushed off to the side of her face, the feathered edges softening her face further. He would have loved to touch her just now.

"Are you still climbing trees? I thought I saw something up there." Winry glanced up at the bare spot in the upper branches before moving away. Edward had been dismissed. His face remained passive, no hint of the raw gaping wound she had just caused. He was almost used to the empty crushed feeling now. It was his constant companion. He watched her retreating back for a moment more before he followed her.

How many times had he seen this chain of events play itself out? He'd lost count long ago, but that didn't stop him from watching again and again. Edward made his way through the shadows towards the solarium, using a well traveled short cut known only to him. He pushed the bush covering the window aside and pressed his nose against the dirty glass.

They were already in each other's arms, dancing. Winry's hand moved lower, resting on the small of the man's back suggestively. Edward often thought about what would be going through his mind right then...probably something dirty, but then he'd seen this routine often enough that he was immune to it...almost.

The man tilted Winry's head up to meet his lips in a hot passionate kiss. They were soon moving towards the padded reclining chair; Winry franticly removing the bow tie and flicking open the buttons to the man's shirt to run her hands down his broad muscular chest. While he cupped her breasts through her dress and ground his pelvis against her own.

Edward let out a shaky breath. It was always like this, first Winry would remove the tie, then the buttons, and then moving to the reclining chair. Always, his own member would stir with the visual stimulation. He rubbed himself through his pants and groaned softly at the friction. They were on the chair now; the man having unfastened the dress was slowly sliding it down to reveal Winry's perfect creamy skin. She wasn't wearing a bra tonight and Edward sighed, fogging the window as he gripped the window still, at the sight of them.

The man claimed one of her nipples, making her arch off the chair and into his body. She franticly pushed at his shirt, pulling it down his arms. Once free of the garment, he claimed the other nipple, while Winry reached down and fondled his groin. Edward groaned. Watching this was so painful, in many ways. His aching erection throbbed with neglect and his heart broke for the millionth time.

He pushed his way back out towards the path; the bush snapping back into place with a rustle. Thrusting his hands into his large baggy pockets, Edward shuffled back towards the garage. Why did he have to go there tonight? Why did she? Couldn't she understand that he was the one she should be with? He had watched her for so long, that he understood her so much more then any drive by fuck would ever know her, but she would never give him a chance like he was now. He climbed the steps on the side of the garage, each one, a little bit easier.

"Edward? Is that you? Please come here for a moment," his father called out to him from his room. Edward shuffled his way across the deck. Standing in the open doorway, Edward watched his father study him for a moment.

"What?" he half-snapped at his father.

"I hate seeing you like this Edward. You deserve so much more then this obsession you have." Placing the book he was reading on the table beside him and Hohenheim crossed the room to clasp his son's shoulder. "Do you know how lucky we are that Mrs. Mustang found this opportunity for you?"

Edward hung his head; he didn't want his father to be right. "Da...do you think...she'll miss me?"

"How can she miss someone she doesn't know exists?" Edward looked up shocked. "I didn't mean that!" Hohenheim's expression softened, "Edward, use this time to your advantage, find out that there's more to life then watching the Mustangs." Edward nodded and shrugging off the hand on his shoulder continued on towards his room to finish packing.

"...I already told you I don't want to buy another gaming company...because they never make any good games...No, Roger, the deal expired at 10:00 and it's now...10:08. Goodbye." Roy flipped the cell phone closed and slipped it back into his jacket pocket. He looked out across the party and sighed. He was really too busy to be sitting here, but his mother insisted and she could be quite bullish if she didn't get her way.

Pulling on his tie, Roy walked over towards the house. He was dragged into a few conversations and debates with various guests, before he could excuse himself and continue towards the back deck. When he finally made it to the patio doors, his mother was just coming outside.

"Roy, where's your sister?" his mother asked. At fifty, she was still an active part of the company, Mustang INC., and in Roy's opinion, one hell of a scary woman. Her 5'4" frame radiated power and self-assuredness.

"Most likely with her newest fling," answered Roy absentmindedly. His mother gave him a withering glare. They were both aware of Winry's love of all things sexier, and if it made her look more sexy to be with it, she would gravitate towards it. Shaking his head, Roy flicked his arm out under his nose, checking the time on his cheep metal Timex. "It's too late for me to drive back to the city tonight; I'm going to stay here."

"Well if you see your sister tell her I'm looking for her. The Senator wants to meet with her about coming to visit his daughter this summer. I don't know why he won't let her ask Winry herself...so bizarre." Pinako nodded at a passing guest before she turned back to her dark haired son. "Are you going inside? Could you take this up to your sister's room?" Pinako held out her hand, palm up.

Roy took the offered item, a jewel encrusted hair clip, and tisked his sisters carelessness. "What's she thinking? I work hard for us so we can be comfortable and she almost looses a 500,000.00 dollar barrette."

"Oh, Roy, don't start that again," his mother admonished. They both knew how bad Winry could be with her things. To the complete annoyance of her brother, she once lost an almost priceless diamond necklace on loan from Tiffany's. Pinako was glad she had insisted that they insure it.

"Right..." Loosing his tie even more, Roy strode into the house to replace the wayward clip.

Edward half-heartedly placed his sweaters in his suitcase. He was procrastinating, stalling for time he didn't have, and he was hurting, knowing what Winry was up to with that man. His stomach flipped and churned with jealously and envy. When would Winry realize that he knew her so much better then anyone else; that he was the perfect man for her. With him gone, who would watch out for her like he could?

He placed another stack of clothes into his suitcase, squishing them down to fit. Glancing out the window for the tenth time since he started, Edward noticed that Winry's light was on in her bedroom. Last chance....he thought, as he rushed out of the room and flew down the steps. He slunk around in the shadows and entered the house through the servant's entrance.

Everyone was out enjoying the party, but Edward still felt like he shouldn't be here. He crept up to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, Edward could see the door to Winry's room was slightly ajar. He couldn't make his feet move forward and he wouldn't go back now. He must do this.

Taking a deep breath, Edward pushed himself forward. He knocked lightly and waited. He heard a muffled voice call out for him to enter and he pushed the door aside stepping on the plush carpet.

"Ah...Winry?" Edward could hear movement from the closet. "Don't come out 'kay? There's something I got to say..." When he didn't hear anything further, he took that as 'I'm listening' and continued, "I...I just want to tell you...that I...um...I know that you don't see me" He picked up a pretty jar from the dresser and fiddled with it in order to keep his hands busy. "...but I...understand you...better then anyone could...and I just want you to know...that somewhere, very far away, someone is thinking about you...and...well...if there's anything I could do--"

"Could you get me one of those cool cigar lighters that look like the Eiffel tower?" Roy asked as he came out of the closet to see Edward fiddling with a jar of perfume on his sister's bureau. The blond's face had gone completely white as he stared open mouthed at Roy.

"Oh god!" Edward dropped the bottle on to the carpet and ran from the room.

Roy could hear the fast retreat of the small teenager, and he started to re-think how funny his request had seemed compared to the look of utter mortification on Edward's face. He had to admit that he wasn't surprised with the blond's infatuation with his sister. It seemed that all males, everywhere, were in love with her at some point.

Sighing, Roy ran a hand through his black hair, letting it fall back in his face. It seemed that Edward was also still very scared of him. He really didn't know what he did to make the blond feel that way towards him. When they were younger all Roy wanted to do was play with him or watch out for the accident prone, younger child.

Ever since his father passed away when he was five, Roy had felt the need to fill his shoes. After the funeral, Roy had closed the door to his room, and removed all traces of his childhood. With Edward's arrival seven years later, Roy felt the first stirrings of the need for friendship in someone who wasn't an adult. He was instantly curious about the newcomers from England when his mother had told him about the chauffeur and the son he was bringing with him. On the day of their arrival, he stood by his mother to greet them as the taxi pulled into the drive and up to the house.

Instead of a quiet, respectful boy, the son of the chauffeur was loud and wild; jumping out of the car as soon as it stopped to gape open mouthed at the property. Roy had watched him with wonder. Did kids really act like that? In the days that followed, the small boy had full run of the grounds, and was always getting cuts and stitches every time Roy turned around. As much as Roy tried to engage the boy in play when they were younger, he avoided him whenever possible and would only beg to play with Winry.

Sighing once more, Roy left his sister's room for the party downstairs. It would soon be winding down and his mother would want him nearby.