Kratos consulted Lloyd about a building he was designing. "It is going to be twelve stories tall and made completely of wood."

Lloyd was excited. But the problem was, they were in the middle of the fire pits of South Asia so the building might burn down pretty fast.

"No, it won't." Kratos say.

But so they build it, and so does their son, Bartholomew. Bartholomew was an artist and very sensitive. He lived on the top floor. But then it burned down. Bartholomew died.

"This is your fault" screamed Krotos at Lloyd. "You did not warn me that you had not put on a protective on a protective fire shield made of mermaid dust!"

Lloyd was sad.

Kratos joined the foreign service and fell in love with a person named Kitty Bettina and Lloyd was so betrayed he jumped off the building they'd built together. But he only fell into a hole that led all the way to the other side of the planet where he woke up in Japan.

Kratos was leading a SWAT team in a terrible raid on junkies and prostitutes. And he was so shocked when he ran into Kratos, who was already pregnant again with his baby! "My son my love I forgot about you! I am sorry can you forgive me?"

"Yes." Lloyd said. And had their new baby who died at birth, but it was okay it brought them together.