Our Third Encounter

Author- WOLF

Title- Our Third Encounter

Saturday, December 09, 2006 at 10:30:51 PM/ Same night at 10:50:11 PM

Summary- A remake of how Serge views Gilbert when he first meets his new room mate.

Rating/ Warning- K for shonen ai (how can you watch the anime or read the manga and not know that this is a shonen ai series?), Serge Battour X Gilbert Cocteau, spoilers from Kaze to ki no Uta volume one pages 48 to 49, fanfic etc.

Note- This is sort of my first official fanfic of KtknU. I wrote some stories, but none were for viewing…

Words- 369(ALL)/ 260 (in story only)

"It would seem that you finally have a roommate, Serge. This is Gilbert Cocteau." When Carl pointed the boy out, Serge had already met him before. Such a mysterious aura floated around him. The boy walked down the stairs to where the others were standing, his gait a liquid smooth walk. He had an elegant appearance. The blonde appeared slightly agitated as his slim pale hand brushed his bangs aside gracefully. He appeared to look like an angel. His emerald green eyes fell upon his new roommate.
"Gilbert, this is Serge Battour; he's the same age as you I believe." Carl introduced the two as Gilbert seemed to examine Serge. When Carl noticed the shocked look in Serge's eyes, he gave a questionable look. Was Serge OK?

What Carl failed to realize was that these two have already met, just only through random encounters.

That day when I arrived here and it was foggy, he appeared much different than now! Serge took notice in this boy's appearance. Short golden locks angling his face and giving it a halo atop it, deep green eyes sparkled like gems around the little light in the hallway, and his lips were soft looking and pink colored. This new roommate was most beautiful indeed!

He looks just like a female! Serge noted in awe. Never had he seen such a beautiful creature. This boy would make an interesting roommate.

Unknown to Serge was that Gilbert was making his own inspections.

Dark skin…? Chocolate eyes…? Not bad…Let's see if he'll run away as well shall we…heh.