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"Lucky Seven"

The beginning is Raziel's P.O.V.

Conquest. This is what we were created for. To conquer everything

That our eyes can see. For this very purpose, we are nothing but dogs.

Dogs that obey our master without question as to why he makes us to the things he says.

As life goes on, we tend to fear.

As we age, death draws near.

When we die, our hearts turn stone.

It is then we awake, we aren't alone.

No more anger, no more cries.

Tonight and together, we arise...

The sky, black as death, smoke ascending in to the heavens, threatening to choke the life out of anyone who breaths in its deadly fumes. The pilliage that was in effect had lasted for many hours. Tiresome bodies, yet strong willpower, was the reason why this conquest continued. Blood had covered the ground, where many bodies lay. Death, had consumed them all.

"Raziel, look out!" Shouted Turel at the top of his lungs. Raziel looked just intime to see the werewolf lunge at him. One swift move and Raziel managed to decapitate the beast with his broad sword, now covered in his enemies blood. He stood there for a moment and watched the spilt crimson liquid run down his weapon. A sudden movement had alerted him. His gaze now rested on the dead werewolf. It twitched in such a helpless way that Raziel almost felt pity for it. The beast in fact was slowly changing back into its human form. Raziel could do nothing but stare in awe.

'Amazing,' he thought, 'how the weak and fragile human body could start off helpless and suddenly change greatly into something so powerful in a matter of seconds. It's unbelievable!' Raziel's head shot up at the sound of heavy footsteps coming his way. It was Dumah, covered in blood. He quickly stopped infront of his elder sibling, short of breath, and sword in hand.

"Raziel," he panted. "We must go to Rahab. The village is being entierly consumed by those blasted beasts. The others need our help. Come, let us go." At that moment, Dumah took off running again from which he came, armor clanking along as he disappeared into the darkness. Only moments after did Raziel comprehend what Dumah had just said. Help. Yes that was it. His younger siblings needed his help. Raziel shot a glance at Turel from the corner of his eye. His younger silbling nodded in return. With this confermed, they were off. Both ran as fast as they could towards their destination. They appeared over a large hill, standing tall. Both vampires looked down below them...werewolves surrounded the small village. At least ten altogether. Still, even with six of them, they were outnumbered. Raziel and Turel charged full speed down the hill to help their younger siblings. Most of the hut houses were in flames, peasants running for their lives. Both brothers went their separate ways, trying to surround the beasts. Screams could be heard coming from Raziel's left. He went towards the sound, deciding to follow the scream.

"Ahh. Vampire! Daniel don't let him kill me!" Raziel was confused by this as to why she was yelling for help. He didn't see a human male at all since the battle started, save for the children. Listening to her scream "vampire," it must have been one of his brothers. He ran closer to the sound, coming from inside a small house like hut.

"Rooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!" In an instant, someone had been thrown out the window. It was Zephon. The werewolf broke down what was left of the door and charged at the slightly injured Zephon on the ground. Raziel didn't think twice. He grabbed his bow off his back and pulled two arrows out of his quiver. He aligned his arrows with his target and fired, sending both arrows into the werewolf's head, killing him instantly.

"Argh," Zephon said as the gigantic monster fell on top of him. Raziel ran to his brother's aid. Kneeling beside him, he helped pull the wolf off of him. Zephon nodded to Raziel in thanks, taking deep breaths. Raziel couldn't help but do the same. He realized his younger brother needed some medical assistance. Glass fragments were lodged in to his body from being thrown out the window. His left eye shut tight, only dried blood remaining. Zephon winced at Raziel's attempt to slowly pull the pieces out. Again the older sibling persisted on freeing the glass. Zephon simply swatted Raziel's hand away. This was not going to work. If Zephon did not cooperate, this could be fatal.

"No Raziel. I'm fine. Leave me be and finish the job," said Zephon speaking as best as he could without spitting out blood, making it seem like he was weak. This was the last thing Zephon wanted to be known as. The spider lord painfully clutched his side where it had been wounded. Large slash marks had cut deeply into his body. This was no doubt the work of a werewolf. Raziel could not face reality that by just sitting here, Zephon was slowly going to die.

"Stop being so damn stubborn you idiot! We haven't got much time. You need help!" Raziel said forcing Zephon's eyes to face him. He violently swatted Raziel's hand away form his chin.

"I need no one's help!" Zephon yelled in a rage, gritting his teeth until his jaw ached in pain.

"You fool! You will die if we don't take you to safety right now!"

"Stop trying to be the bloody hero, Raziel. I told you to leave!" Hero? Raziel could not grasp what Zephon had just said. He a hero?

"I'm not going to leave Zephon. I've already said I'm taking you with me."

"No you- argh." Pain drifted through Zephon's body. He did not know how much more he could take. His body had already used up all the energy it contained hours ago. Still, he wasn't about to give up on himself.

"I'm not going anywhere," Zephon began. "I will not allow my body to be carried away by you along with my damn dignity."

"Then you're going to fucking die! Is that what you want you bastard!? Huh? To sit here and bleed to death knowing that you're efforts have been wasted?"

" ." Zephon panted slowly. Taking in the words his brother was screaming at him. As ignorant as he was, Zephon knew his brother was right. Raziel had always been right. Since the first time they had laid eyes on eachother, Zephon realized why Lord Kain had created him as first born.

"Ugh." A sour taste formed in Zephon's mouth. His stomach was suddenly not agreeing with him. The thought of death made him quiver with fear. But alas, Zephon would never admit being afraid of such a common thing as death. It was inevitable to all. In fact, this was the one fate that every being shared.

Nausea had taken over. Zephon had vomitted on the ground. The young vampire felt as sick as a dog, wondering when this internal agony would ever cease.

"No. I..." Zephon's eyes traveled to the ground where the werewolf laid. 'I don't want to die. It is not my time.' He shot a side glance to his sibling. "Fine," he began. "But this does not mean that I am not capable of doing this myself. Remember that, Raziel," he said coldly. His superior could only smirk at his sudden courage.

"Of course, brother. Now shut up and hang on." Raziel, with all his might lifted Zephon up, lightly tossing him over his shoulder.

"Oof. Dammit, watch my wounds you idiot."

"Sorry," he mermered, not really paying attention to Zephon's complaints. He was too busy looking to escape without being seen by a wolf. If he was spotted, it would be difficult to try and fight with a handicapped imbecile over his shoulder. Raziel decided to hurry towards Turel, knowing that perhaps he could care for Zephon with his healing methods. Turel was the only one out of the six who actually fared in the magic area.


"Good God, Raziel what happened?" Turel gasped.

"Zephon. He's hurt badly."

"Where abouts?" Raziel gently laid his younger brother on the cold ground to allow Turel better acsess to his wounds. Turel's eyes widened in shock at Zephon's limp, bloody body.

"Are those wolf marks, Raziel?"

"Aye. I don't know what's going to happen to him, though. He won't be able to change into one of them will he?"

Turel shook his head in thought. "I'm not sure. Perhaps the master will know what to do. Of course I'm not sure how well he will take it once he finds out that this much damage has been done to Zephon." He bit down on his lip. "Bloody idiot," he whispered.

Zephon's other eye was now closed. This made Turel very nervous. Why was Zephon remaining so still? So dead like? For this reason Turel has never felt this much sympathy for Zephon. Especially him. Turel knelt down next to Zephon, lowering his head very close to his nostrils to try and feel any breath coming through. Raziel carefully observed Zephon's good eye opening. He sighed in relief.

"Turel. If you try and give me mouth to mouth, I swear on the pillars, that when my strength comes back I will kill your ass." Raziel chuckled. Indeed Zephon was alive.

"Hmph. As if Zephon. I was just making sure I wouldn't have to bury you so soon. Not that it really mattered."

"How thoughtful Turel. But maybe instead of giving me a damn love speech, you could actually prevent me from dying so you won't have to bury me!" Turel gave Raziel a worried face. Raziel lifted a brow.

"He's yours now," he said turning around to finish what he had started.

Hours later...

Raziel and Dumah had gathered the bodies together, human and wolf, for a head count. This was always necessary after a battle. One must know the progress one is making. But alas, even when the bodies were counted they would be piled up and burned anyway.

"Twenty-five, twenty-six..." Rahab had been totaling all the corpses that were lined up on the ground. Meanwhile the others waited around patiently for their master to arrive. Raziel looked at the small village, comparing it from what it was, a peaceful little place, to what it was now, a deserted barren wasteland. All was silent. There were no screams, no more begging for mercy. Just plain silence, which gave Raziel chills because of this uncomfortable feeling. One could say it was just too awkward.

"How's he holding up?" Raziel asked as he made his way to Turel, carring for the wounded Zephon under a tree.

"How do you think I'm holding up Raziel? Just look at me! I look like I have been chewed up and spit out!"

"No you actually look better, brother," Dumah said from afar. This made the rest of the vampires laugh. It was pleasing to see Zephon get angry. Well...angrier than he usually was.

"Why don't you come over here and say it to my face you coward! As big as you are, your balls must be huge to say something like that to me!"

Dumah turned to face Zephon. "What was that you insect? You dare challenge me?" All was silent. Raziel couldn't help but grin. Dumah and Zephon were always at each other's throats. One could say it was actually quite amusing.

"Thirty-nine, forty..." Rahab began raising his voice to let them know he was about to lose count if they didn't tone down their speech. Zephon raised his brow.

"No. Your not worthy enough to challenge me. Why don't you go fight yourself somewhere else? I'm sure you could win if you tried."

Dumah was fuming. How dare his younger sibling mock him infront of the others like this.

Turel chuckled, as did Raziel.

"You think this is funny, brothers?"

"Oh Dumah relax. Let this poor helpless soul make fun. He's just gone mad," Said Raziel.

"I have not!" Zephon shot back.

"Argh. You made me lose count you fools! Keep quiet unless you want to count them yourselves."

"No Rahab please continue. Besides, no one counts better than you," Zephon added.

"Hmph. One, two, three..." It had been quiet for a few moments until Raziel continued to question the injured vampire.

"I was concerned, Zephon. I wasn't sure you would live through the night." Zephon sighed. He let his good eye watch Raziel carefully, while the other was hidden behind bandages.

"Once again you underestimate my abilities, Raziel. Do you not think that I could handle myself? You think me weak? Do not count me out just yet because I can assure you I am not. I could have survived on my own."

"The hell you could have," said Turel pouring some liquid from a vile onto a cloth to treat Zephon's wounds. "If it were not for Raziel..." Zephon made a hissing noise as Turel began his procedure. "You would have died so don't deny it."

"Bah. You give me too much credit. If it was not for your care, well you know..."

"Of course Raziel." Turel had smiled at his elder sibling. In that moment more than enough liquid spilled on Zephon's injuries.

'Hissss'. Ah Dammit!" this made quite a scene that would undoubtingly wake the dead. "What the bloody hell!? Are you trying to burn me alive you asshole!?"

"No brother. But I will if you want me to."


"It is just a simple formula that I use to clean open wounds. Unless of course you want an infection."

"Unless you want an infection, oh shut up Turel!" Zephon immitated. "I know what will happen, you don't have to explain that crap to me. Just...watch it."

Turel smiled as did Raziel. The night was silent.

From a distance, a lone figure watched the six interact with one another. This made him smile. Never before had he'd been glad that they were actually looking out for one another. The pale vampire stepped out from the shadows to congratulate his sons.

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