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"And what will that do to prevent the humans from crossing the borders?" Turel asked Rahab, frustrated at the ongoing argument.

Kain sat on his throne with his reaver against his thigh, watching his sons, on the borderline of curiosity and boredom; his appearance still remained the same: his skin was still pale, his hair snow white, and his eyes, golden yellow that would put the sunflower to shame. Raziel's appearance had changed, however. Although he retained his human appendages, his hair was slightly longer, darker, in a very small pony tail; Turel's hair had grown past his ears and to his shoulders, freely combed back; Dumah had grown much taller and muscular, and his jaw became squared; Rahab's hair was slicked back with light oils, and his eyes had turned a dark shade of blue; Zephon had grown taller, but unlike Dumah, he was built on a lean frame; his red hair had all but diminished on the tips of his flame-like hair, nearly being overrun by black; his face became narrow, and his eyes were slightly slanted up like a cat's. Each vampire had pointed ears and long fangs, though not as long as their master's.

"Well, unless they can swim fast enough without vampire guards noticing, the idea should work. Moats in the Southern and Eastern borders should be built first; there isn't any clan inhabiting the South, but we might as well get a head start on preventing the humans from establishing an empire."

"And just how will we get the water to fill these moats?" Dumah asked, crossing his arms in frustration. "Will we draw straws to see who must fill the buckets?" Everyone except Raziel laughed; Kain sighed and sat back in his chair. Just as he opened his mouth, Raziel spoke. All eyes were drawn to the first born.

"Isn't that why we have slaves?" Raziel smiled at Rahab. "I think it will work. You can get it done rather quickly, yes?"

"Of course, brother. If we start tomorrow, with four-hundred slaves working, it should take no longer than two months. During this time, though, we will need guards to make sure nothing goes wrong. We can't have the Sarafan picking the slaves off."

Raziel looked to Kain, who had already planted his gaze on him. Raziel shrugged, showing his father that it was up to him.

Kain rubbed his chin. "What is the verdict? All who oppose?" Dumah and Turel raised their hands. "All those for?" Everyone else raised their hands. "Then you have permission for the moats, Rahab. May you be responsible for them, and for the sake of your slaves and children. Is that understood?"

Rahab bowed. "Yes, my lord. Thank you."

"Now if there is nothing else to discuss, this meeting is adjourned." Turel was the first to walk away, nearly knocking Zephon back. The others soon followed, though not as quick. "Raziel," Kain called. The firstborn turned on his heels and took a knee by his master's feet. Kain was silent for a while; his eyes were glazed, like he was in another world.

"Something bothers you…" Raziel said before clearing his throat.

"What gave you that impression?"

"You're never quiet during our meetings. You always have something to say, and never let Turel get out of hand."

Kain chuckled. "Turel—he didn't get out of hand, not yet. He wouldn't dare, Raziel, none of you would." He sat back in his chair and gave a long sigh, like he had no worries. It was quite the contrary. "I have dreams about your sister." Before Raziel's mind ended up in the gutter, Kain continued. "She tries to attack me. I know it's her, but I can't see her. It's like a shadow is attacking me, and she's buried in darkness. And before she can strike I wake up." The vampire lord chuckled again. "Am I descending into madness so soon?"

"No, sire, I do not think so. Rahab thinks about her a lot. Of course, I'm not sure when we will see her again, but I know she will be changed." Raziel got to his feet and bowed. "I'm sorry, sire, I must attend to other matters. If there's anything else you need-

"I'm fine, Raziel…just…" Kain waved Raziel away, and rose from his seat. The firstborn only bowed again and turned to leave. Kain watched him go before walking to his chambers for the night.


Raziel made his way out into the courtyard with his vision straight ahead, not seeing the lower vampires bowing as he passed. Even the courtesans that lingered in the halls could not halt his movements. He continued his way outside the sanctuary, where vampires conversed and went about their business, and parted like the Red Sea when Raziel walked by. He looked at them with disgust; oddly enough he wasn't disgusted with them, just frustrated that he could not help his master, could not decipher his dreams so that he may sleep in peace.

Upon reaching his clan grounds, Raziel was greeted by his servants and kin, who all bowed and said "Praise Raziel," and "Good night, Lord." Raziel forced a smile, a meager one at that, and made his way to his chambers before anyone had the chance to stop him. He was very private, and didn't like others barging in on him, especially when he wanted to be alone. He sat on his bed and removed all his clothes and sword before walking out onto his balcony. The full moon was so close he could touch it, and it glowed with a fierce intensity, like it wanted to arouse all the creatures of the night to cause mayhem. Raziel's naked form bathed in the moonlight as he leaned on the railings, sighing and letting his hair loose to caress his face. He smiled; he hadn't realized how long it had gotten.

"I need a hair cut," he said, smiling to himself. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled it. He stopped when he heard something in the distance. Standing straight up he remained silent and listened, only to be surprised. It was a howl, a wolf's howl. Raziel bared his fangs and gripped the railings, determined to rid the beast that walked about the forest just outside his grounds. His expression changed when multiple howls echoed the first and then faded into nothing. Raziel listened but could not hear them anymore.

"My God," he breathed. There had to have been at least fifty howls, howls his ears were able to pick up; it did not mean that more weren't walking around on their own. Raziel backed up into his room and shut the balcony doors. He didn't want to believe they were anything but wolves, not werewolves like the fledglings had once claimed. Climbing into bed, he shook his head of those assumptions and pulled his covers up to his chest, closing his eyes and waiting for sleep.


In the forests, a large group of werewolves were morphing back into their human-like forms. Amaryllis was leading the pack, naked and muscled, her wings growing back as her form came to full; her long hair swayed against her hips as she led the group home.

All her wolves were males—as Amaryllis had intended—and often tried to make moves to suggest any sexual contact. Although every wolf possessed angel carved faces and the body of a demi-god, Amaryllis always saw past their "charm" and "physicality." She had another vampire in mind. Sebastian. She always loved him, and told him numerous times, but he always denied her. After years of chasing after him, the Wolf finally gave up; she was tired of rejection, and wanted someone real. For now, Sebastian was the general of her army, and that's all she allowed herself to see him as.

Once inside slaves immediately wrapped Amaryllis in silk to cover her naked body. She nodded in thanks and headed to her room to dress. She opened the door and put a hand to her hip.

"What are you doing, Sebastian?" The vampire was leaning over a map on the wolf's desk, with the fireplace as his only light. He looked up at Amaryllis briefly, tiredness in his eyes, and returned to the map.

"Just looking over the map, and wondering where the engineers should build the new mess hall for the soldiers."

"And you can't do that in your room?" Amaryllis began to undress. Sebastian looked up, and seeing her backside, turned his head slightly.

"I-I would need your approval," he replied nervously, not sure if he should corner the wolf into getting into bed or leaving the matter alone for another night. Sebastian sighed and turned around, nearly bumping heads with Amaryllis, who leaned over the map in curiosity.

"What did you have in mind?" Sebastian couldn't help but keep his eyes on Amaryllis as she scanned the map.

"Um…perhaps near the barracks. It would only be more convenient for them, wouldn't you say?" the vampire asked, pointing to the spot on the map. Amaryllis thought about it and nodded.

"Very well. Have them start right away. Now get out of my room so I can sleep," she said with a smile. Sebastian shrugged his shoulders and rolled up the map.

"Really? Are you sure you don't want some company. I could keep you warm."

Amaryllis rolled her eyes. "Very tempting, but no thanks. Have a good night," she said without much emotion. Sebastian frowned and shrugged.

"Good night, my lady," Sebastian said, trying to hide his disappointment. Once the door was closed, Amaryllis fell back on her bed.

"You asshole," she whispered to herself. "You only want to get laid; you don't want me." Then something hit her, a memory from the hunt. She remembered seeing another vampire, a handsome vampire that vaguely looked familiar. She couldn't put her finger on it, but he looked like she'd seen him a hundred times. With no name coming to mind, she easily forgot about him and fell asleep.


Amaryllis walked through the human citadel wearing a hooded cloak, as she looked about the various vendors. No one paid her much heed, thinking she was probably from one of the vampire clans. She stopped at one of the little shops and looked at the palm-size marble statues. She picked one up of a werewolf in a howling position.

"You are a vampire?" Asked the vendor, wearing a thick smile.

Amaryllis smiled, still admiring the statue with great interest. "Yes…and no. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, I-I don't mean to offend you. It's just that you're very dark compared to any of the vampires here."

Amaryllis pushed the marble statue to the vendor. "I'll take it." She reached into her leather pouch and pulled out five gold coins. While the man remained speechless, Amaryllis was already walking away. Walking further into the citadel, she caught several vampires walking around, keeping everything at bay. She passed by a couple and was stopped after she heard one of them sniff the air.

One of them grabbed her. "Who are you?" he asked. "I've never seen you before."

Amaryllis pulled her arm away. "I'm a drifter. I only came to shop."

The other vampire hissed when he saw the werewolf statue. "You mean steal." With his speed he reached for the statue, but Amaryllis was quicker and moved.

"I paid for this, now leave me alone." Amaryllis bared her fangs. The vampires noticed how different her teeth were, and how much darker she was.

"Day walker, eh?" They drew their swords. "Now you're going to get it, wench!"

Amaryllis' metallic iris' turned blue and she gives a deep growl. One vampire swings his sword; Amaryllis moved behind him before the sword made it to the target, and broke his neck. Before the second vampire can swing, Amaryllis pulls out a dagger and slices his throat. Both bodies fall to the ground; blood pools out like a flood; people scream, and more vampires rush her way, weapons drawn.

Amaryllis bares her fangs and lets out a low growl. She takes off running in the opposite direction, pushing people out of the way as she goes.

"Stop!" A vampire yells, trying to catch up with the wolf; she's too fast for them. Smiling in satisfaction, she runs further into the citadel. Once she's gained some distance, she stops and takes a breath, adjusting her cloak so as to cover her wings.

"Why are you running?" A deep husky voice came from up above. Amaryllis pulled her hood further down over her eyes and looked up. Standing up on the stone edifice was a vampire, very handsome to say the least, and very muscular.

"What business is it of yours?" Amaryllis retorted as the vampire jumped down from his spot. She noticed how beautiful he was, and his blue eyes are what attracted her to him first.

"Because numerous guards are chasing you, and you're running like you've done something wrong," the vampire said sternly. "And you're obviously not from around here." The vampire took notice of the wolf's cloak and skin. "I've never seen a vampire with dark skin like yours."

Amaryllis stepped back; the vampire was far too close for her tastes. She noticed the strange purple shoulder cape hanging, and on it, an even stranger symbol. She was tempted to ask, "What does that mean?" but didn't want to get to know this vampire.

"I like the sun," Amaryllis admitted. "Now, if you don't mind, I must be going."

The vampire blocked her path. "What's the rush? Can you not spare a few minutes with a gentleman?" Before Amaryllis could answer, a flash of white emerged from the corner of her eye, and in slow motion, she could see a fist collide into the vampire's temple. In an instant, he was on the ground and out cold.

"Sebastian? What the hell—how did you know where I was?"

Sebastian was breathing somewhat hard after using some energy towards his speed. "You're not that hard to find." After a few moments, he began to breathe normal. "What are you doing here, Amaryllis? You're putting the clan in danger by wandering around on your own, in foreign places nonetheless. Where are your guards?"

"Don't scold me like you did when I was a child, Sebastian. I can take care of myself."

"Oh, of course, you really had that one covered. Didn't you see the look in his eye?" The vampire shook his head. "Probably not, right? You obviously can't tell when a man wants you."

"I don't care. How's that? I didn't ask for your help, you know?"

"No, you didn't, but I can't trust you with other vampires; you don't know what they're like."

"I know what you're like, and Marcus and Faustus, and all the other vampires in the clan," said Amaryllis. "I swear you're overprotective." She crossed her arms and pouted like a child. Then, remembering her purchase…

"Here," she said, and pulled the werewolf statue out, "I bought this for you," and placed it in Sebastian's palm. "I'm going home now." Amaryllis began walking away.

"Oh…thank you," Sebastian said, unsure of what else to say. That didn't stop Amaryllis from walking.

"There she is!" cried the pursuing vampires from earlier. The wolf turned around in annoyance, seeing the approaching group of vampires. Sebastian braced himself, but was pushed back by Amaryllis as she walked in front of him.

"You are under arrest! Surrender now!" One vampire screamed.

Amaryllis' eyes turned blue, a dark, evil blue, and used her psychic abilities to send the vampires crashing into the stone walls, crushing them and blending them into it; a snarl was upon her lips. Once they were taken care of, Amaryllis began walking once more. Sebastian looked back and forth between the vampires and Amaryllis, before following her.


"There were twenty-six dead, four in critical condition. There was only Lord Dumah that witnessed her," said a Turelim vampire. The vampire clan lords had all assembled to where Dumah's body had once lain. He was sent to the infirmary to recover.

"Just Dumah?" Zephon asked.

"Well…not quite, sir. There was a human who talked to this creature, but he didn't get a good look at her face. All he mentioned was her dark skin and unusual silver-like eyes."

"That will be all," Raziel said. The vampire bowed and walked away. The firstborn eyed his brothers; they all wore the same confused expression.

"Do you know who it could be?" Melchiah asked Raziel. The firstborn shook his head.

"How do we know it wasn't a Sarafan?" Turel suggested, his expression going dark. "Filthy humans—they snuck in here and nearly murdered our brother."

"Use your head," Rahab said with impatience. "Do you really think one could sneak in here? Whatever came into the citadel clearly wasn't human, so the humans would not bother with her. Secondly, humans, let alone vampires, do not have silver colored eyes; not any that I've seen, anyway."

"Hm. And it couldn't have been a fledgling," Zephon added, putting a hand to his chin. "I don't know what it could've been."

A Rahabim fledgling cleared his throat; the vampire lords all turned around.

"My lords, I believe we may have found something that could help with the investigation." The vampire held up a black feather. The vampires remained confused. Raziel plucked the feather from the fledgling and examined it.

"A feather?" Raziel thought for a moment, but couldn't come up with an answer off the bat. "This will certainly take some investigating; we cannot let whatever attacked do so again." He turned to the fledgling. "Keep your eyes open at all times, and never walk alone. If you see anything, alert someone at once!"

"Yes, Lord Raziel," the fledgling bowed and disappeared.

"Lord Kain must know about this, Raziel," said Turel, taking the feather into his hand. "I wonder…"

Raziel grabbed the feather back and nodded to his brothers.

"I will inform you on Lord Kain's decision."

"What decision?" Zephon asked.

"To pursue this fiend and kill it."


"It was no big deal," Amaryllis said, frustrated that Sebastian was still following and scolding her. "I handled it."

"Yes, and now every vampire in Nosgoth will be looking for you. You have no idea how fast something like this spreads!" The vampire continued to follow Amaryllis into her room. She tried closing the door in his face, but his impatience overpowered her stubbornness.

"Ooooh, I'm sooo scared, Sebastian. Please, these vampires are pushovers."

"Have you forgotten your brothers, or your father?"

Amaryllis felt as though an arrow went through her heart. Since they've moved the clan closer to vampire inhabited areas, Amaryllis had to be careful. She wasn't a full-blooded vampire, and any suspicions of her whereabouts could endanger her and the clan; if her father or brothers got ahold of her, it would only take a guess of what they would do to them.

"I haven't forgotten, Sebastian."

"Then maybe you can open your eyes a bit to see how serious this is, instead of letting your arrogance lead you." Sebastian moved closer to Amaryllis, who was looking out the balcony window. Her thoughts were elsewhere. The vampire came behind Amaryllis and wrapped his arms around her. She froze.


"I'm just holding you. Or is that against your policy?" Sebastian joked and boldly kissed Amaryllis on the cheek. "Lighten up. You've been like this since we moved the clan here." Amaryllis relaxed in his arms and sighed.

"Can you not see why?"

"I know why, but don't let anyone intimidate you. You've got me, Faustus, Marcus, and the entire clan by your side." Sebastian turned Amaryllis around and looked into her sad eyes. "You have to stop thinking that this is your battle. You have all of us, and we owe you everything." He hugged Amaryllis again. "You're never alone," he muffled into her hair, and pulled back slightly to kiss her on the lips. The wolf slipped out of his grasp and looked up at him in sadness.

"You know we can't, Sebastian," Amaryllis said. "Please, don't."

"Why not? I care about you more than anyone. Why do you refuse?"

"Because you don't love me. And anything we did would only ruin our bond. It's not worth it, Sebastian, and I'm not that kind of person." The wolf turned to look out the balcony window.

"Who said I didn't love you? When have those words escaped my mouth? Are you assuming again?"

"I told you when I first met you, and you didn't share the same feelings," the wolf said in near tears.

"You were eight, what was I supposed to say?" Sebastian said in frustration. "Do you think I would really date an eight year old? What kind of monster would I really be then?" Amaryllis stayed silent. Out of impatience, Sebastian picked Amaryllis up and placed her on the bed; he straddled her and forced her to look into his eyes.

"I have always loved you, too, Amaryllis," he said softly. "Always. I fucked different women in the house because I knew I could never have you, and I had to drown my desire with whores. I didn't have them to make you jealous or hurt your feelings; I had them to keep me from making love to you. How fuckin' pathetic does this confession sound? And I don't just want to make love to you, I want to love you and hold you, and protect you from everyone." Then his voice was barely above a whisper. "I would die for you."

Amaryllis began to cry and Sebastian wiped her tears away. "I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't know…"

Sebastian replied with passionate kisses; Amaryllis gave them back. He caressed her cheeks and ran his hands through her hair, before moving towards her breasts. He removed her clothes without permission and rubbed her nipples; they became hard on contact.

"You've wanted this for a long time, I know," the vampire cooed. So have I…" He sucked and licked her nipples while she moaned in pleasure; the vampire made sure he kept his eyes on Amaryllis' expression. Next he moved south and licked every muscle on her abdomen; he could see Amaryllis squirm as he went lower.

"You're going to love this," he said with a smirk, his eyes filled with desire. His tongue lapped over her clitoris.

"Oh, God," Amaryllis said loudly. Sebastian stopped and put a finger to her lips.

"You have to try and be quiet, Amaryllis."

"Why?" she breathed. "I don't care what they think. Keep going."

Sebastian chuckled and continued to lick all around her folds. Then, he took a finger and stuck it into her hole. "Ah, you're quite tight, but I can loosen you up." Sebastian stood up and gave his length a few strokes.

"Would you mind?"

Amaryllis sat up, and moved over to Sebastian, getting on her knees. She stared at it with interest; it was quite large and it throbbed with the desire to be played with. Amaryllis looked up and could see the impatience in his Sebastian's eyes. She smiled and put it in her mouth, bobbing up and down, faster and slower with each moan that came out of the vampire. Once he was lubed, he instructed Amaryllis back on the bed. He parted her legs and gave his length a few more strokes to even out the saliva.

"I'll send you around the world. Hold on tight," he said with a chuckle. He placed his length in her hole and slowly pushed in, and out, in and out, until she relaxed enough to receive him fully. He straddled her again, and was inside her.

"Fuck me," she pleaded. "Please."

"I'll make love to you instead." And Sebastian thrusted his hips, in and out he went until Amaryllis couldn't hold on much longer. Sebastian was ready to come as well, but before they both could, he bared his fangs and hovered over the wolf's neck.

"Promise me," he said. "Promise me that you will love no other but me." He stopped thrusting and Amaryllis whined.

"Sebastian, please…"

"Promise me."

"I promise, I promise, just please don't stop," she cried. Sebastian smiled and continued thrusting. At their peak, he bit Amaryllis' neck; pleasure exploded between them as they became one, both physically and emotionally. The vampire thrusted a few more times before falling off the wolf; she was breathing hard, and became very fatigued.

"That was…was…wow, Sebastian. I'm out of energy. Even with intense training I never become this fatigued."

Sebastian rolled over and hugged her tightly, pulling the blankets over them.

"You need to practice it more," he replied with a smile.

"Stop it…"

"I'm serious." He broke into laughter. "You need to build stamina. I've been doing it for centuries, and you need to do it often."

"I suppose you're right. But now…I need sleep." Amaryllis closed her eyes and nuzzled Sebastian's neck. He kissed her forehead before going to sleep.

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