Defiled by Her Blood

By Mountain Wind

Ino has been inducted into the elite ANBU division of the Konoha military. She has finally shown her worth by beating Sakura in their near life long struggle for superiority over each other.

Even with this win Ino feels frustrated as Sakura has one thing over her, Naruto. The two old friends have finally been able to express their deep feelings for each other. Because of him Sakura is now platonic when it comes to their old rivalry, causing Ino to be jealous.

As her new stint as an ANBU begins she is sent on a highly classified mission that ends in tragedy. She will have to face the consequences of her actions.

The only question is, whose hand shall administer the punishment?

Chapter 1

"Congratulations Yamanaka-san. You not only scored highest within your group you also reached the ninety fifth percentile," the examiner explained as he showed Ino her test results. "Because of your family we expected the use of your family jutsu, when you used other means we admittedly gave you a little bonus. The Shintensen was an expected sight during both the intelligence and infiltration parts of the exam."

"And I got more points by not using it?" she asked.

"Yes. You see it's easy for someone from the Hyuuga clan to use the Byakugan or from the Aburame clan to use their bugs, and for someone from the Yamanaka clan to use the Shintensen. We want to see inventive members more than members who have crutch techniques." He signed her exam and then stamped it with a seal. "You're going to be training with an ANBU captain for the first few months until you understand all the procedures used by the whole section, not each individual division."

"Which division will I be placed in?" Ino asked as she reviewed the needed scores for each.

"You could do well in intelligence. But with your scores you could choose whichever one you want. I suggest thinking about it. If you rush in you'll find transferring to another division harder than getting into the ANBU in the first place," he joked.

"I'll go into the intelligence division," Ino said as she handed the form for transfer. The examiner snorted back laughter and stamped and sealed the form in an envelope. "When do I get the tattoo?"

He couldn't help but to bust out laughing.

Sakura blinked as she stared at Ino's bare bicep. "I beat you!" Ino said in a singsong voice. Sakura smiled and leaned back before she gave her friend a big hug. "So what will you do now Sakura-chan? I'm already in the intelligence division! In a year or two I may be a captain!" she said as she replaced the sleeve of her shirt over the twin swirl tattoo.

"Well I'll be taking my entrance exam in a week or two after I complete this next mission. When is your first mission Ino-sama?" Sakura asked in a mocking tone.

"Around the same time. We'll celebrate your successful mission together! Unless you'll be spending the night with Naruto again?" Ino asked with a sly smile.

Sakura smiled back and moved a stray lock of hair behind her ear. Ino snorted when she saw the dreamy look in her friend's eyes. The two were sitting, as usual, inside of the Yamanaka Flower shop. Sakura was leaning over the counter at the opposite end, near the door that led to the back. Ino was behind the register.

Ino and Sakura had been rivals ever since both of them had developed their mutually childish crush on Sasuke. Ino had slowly begun focusing on her rise in the shinobi ranks, as their mutual target of love had shifted, and Sakura had moved on toward being with Naruto.

Although she was happy for Sakura, Ino was a little jealous. The two were happy and spent a lot of time together. Ino had Chouji and Shikamaru to pal around with, but neither of them gave her what Naruto gave to Sakura, a feeling of peace and home. Both women now lived on their own, even with Sakura planning to move into Naruto's much bigger apartment, and Ino kept feeling lonely whenever she walked in.

"…to come?" Sakura ended.


"I'm going shopping before Naruto and I get some dinner, do you want to come?" she made sure the last part was drawn out as if Ino was stupid.

"Sure," Ino said. "Who knows when the next time might be," she thought.

Four days later Ino was staring at the secret headquarters of the ANBU. The HQ of the most secret section of the Konoha forces was located within a cut off area of the forest. To enter it one must be led by a high ranking, and trusted, ANBU captain, only registered ANBU who have their mask and armor are allowed to go there without being blindfolded or blocked from finding their way back.

"Well this it. From here on out, until your six years of basic service are up this is where you will receive your orders. Come on I'll show you to the equipping station."

Her captain led her inside and pointed out that each division had two different floors. The building itself was two or three square acres in size. Ino only imagined how much space was on each of the floors. There were seventeen floors, nine were located underground to keep the building under the tree line. The six topside were for the heads of each division and the Hokage. The topmost underground was the locker rooms. Under that was Command division, which was over Hunting division, then Intelligence under that, Testing and Talent and finally Torture and Interrogations on the bottom two floors.

"When you receive your official papers you'll be given a sign code to be used at each elevator to go to your level. You'll also be given a password for each room, it's a lot to memorize but the Intelligence division holds as much about Konoha as it does its enemies. I'd like to warn you ahead of time most of your files and things will be in your own space until you rise in rank. Anyone under second lieutenant doesn't get even a desk or file drawer." He led her into the equipping station and showed her to armor first.

"This is the standard ANBU armor. It offers minimum resistance to all jutsus and chakra based weaponry. I'll give you a heads up and tell you to buy something higher up the line. This stuff won't cut it on the harder missions," he explained as he showed her the other armor available.

"We have to buy our own armor?" she asked.

"Only because you're a rookie. You get a marginal discount of fifty to sixty percent because of your score and speed in choosing divisions. Each division has a different preference. For intelligence they focus on defense most because of the fact most intelligence members aren't that strong. Here, this is cheap with the discount and perfect for a newbie," he said as he showed off a set of armor.

"It looks like the rest," she said. He smiled and snapped his fingers. The ANBU dealing with sales nodded. He took the armor down and placed it next to a set of the basic armor. The captain fired a blast of fire at the basic armor. It held up for a few seconds before melting into mush. He then aimed at the better armor, it was only singed. "I guess I made a mistake," Ino blushed and paid for the armor.

"Next clothing, which is really just getting your size," he said as she picked up a package of her size. Each package contained two weeks worth of the garment, eliminating the need for cleaning. "It's water resistant, stain resistant, and is machine washable."

"You sound like a commercial," Ino snorted as she placed the heavy bundles into a cart the ANBU on duty had provided for her.

Finally they entered the weapons room. She saw hundred of scrolls and kodachis. There were a few Wakizashis and Katanas, but mostly the short swords used my many ninja. "You don't have to pay for shuriken or kunai, but scrolls and swords all cost a little." He put an arm around her and leaned in. "Just between you and me, grab a cheap sword and hold on to it until you have a chance to steal a good one from a pesky target, the one on my back," he pointed to his own, which had a very ornate hilt and sheathe, "I got from a samurai bodyguard when I was in the hunting division."

Ino nodded, she chose a moderately priced blade not because she didn't believe her captain, but because she never put much emphasis on swords and the art. Shuriken and kunai were important for any ninja, but only a few she knew used swords.

After she had been issued all of her basic gear she headed for the mask room. She saw one lone ANBU woman standing in front of a few crates of masks. They were labeled with each of the twelve animals an ANBU could choose from. Ino saw that the unit, which approved the use of that mask, was marked on each crate. Her captain pointed out the ones for the Intelligence division.

Ino looked at them. Dog, cat, rabbit, dragon, snake. Ino picked a rabbit mask and looked at it. Only the eyes were marked. She looked at the ANBU then her captain. "You have to paint it. The kits are free. You get a new mask with each ascension of rank."

When she had received everything she needed she put them in a locker and took a scroll in a pouch next to it. Her captain told her to write the number of the locker on the scroll and use it to transport her things back to her whenever she needed it. Ino thanked him and she was led home by another ANBU. He gave her a scroll detailing where she was to meet her new team the following day.

Ino took the scroll and went inside. She summoned her mask and gear and began to decorate it. She drew a daylily on the part of the mask just under the right ear. As she painted she lost herself and soon she had an entire vine on her mask.

"Uh…I hope that isn't too much," she scoffed. Looking at it she smiled and then started to laugh.

Ino stood in her full uniform with her two new comrades and their captain. When he had shown Ino around he had been personable, now as most ANBU he was stoic and only spoke to order them. They were brought into the level of HQ where the Intelligence commander, Manju Oyama, located her vast collection of data. Ino waited patiently with a magazine in her lap as they saw members higher up the chain of command enter and leave.

After what seemed like hours Oyama's assistant motioned for them to come in. when they entered Ino saw the entire room was filled with filing cabinets. Her assistant had only a rolling chair so she could move from one to the other.

Oyama herself was sitting behind a small desk with three files open. She appeared to be reading all of them at the same time. Ino saw one of the files was her own. She concluded the other two were hew new teammates'.

Oyama looked up and nodded before she closed the files, arranged them in some order, and placed them to the left side of her desk. "Hello, I am Manju Oyama, commander of the Intelligence Division of Konoha ANBU Special Operations. You three have been chosen for a special training mission. Because you have the highest scores on record from the last five years of applicants to our division you have been given this assignment."

She took a file from the right side of her desk and opened it. "There is a small castle containing a very important scroll. You will be part of a two-team squad that shall go for this mission. Your part will be case the castle and its perimeter. Afterward you are to scout inside. Once all information has been taken you will report to the second squad that will then infiltrate the castle and retrieve the scroll.

"I must warn there will be shinobi guarding the scroll. Because we intercepted the information early they won't be high level or on high alert. But do not be reckless! Information can be retrieved at anytime if stolen; your lives cannot be returned to you after they have been taken. Do you understand your mission?"

In unison all three new recruits stood at attention. "YES OYAMA-SAN!"

Ino's teammates were two ANBU who had transferred to the division early on in their careers. The formal introductions would wait until after the mission. For now they would follow the commands of their captain.

Nyosai, her captain, met with the captain of the other team and led both groups to the outer boundaries of a small country framed by the Lands of Wind and Earth.

The castle itself was massive, a testament of Daimyos of old. It was fifteen levels, three hidden underground. Ino saw right away the normal soldiers, or trained guards, used dogs. On their first run by she also took note of the many native birds. She made note of when and where they flew.

When they regrouped one of the teammates, who wore a cat mask, informed them there was a chance it would rain that night. The captains looked at each other and Nyosai went off to check.

"Alright Yamanaka-san what did you see?" the remaining captain asked. Ino nodded and recounted the descriptions of local wildlife, flora, the water source of the castle, the guards and their dogs. She laid out a suspected change in shifts on a grid using a spare scroll. Sometime during the discussion Nyosai returned.

He reviewed what Ino had told the others before the final member revealed several hidden storage rooms with access tunnels to the lower levels of the castle. Ino wondered if he was a Hyuuga.

"Good…here's the plan. As soon as darkness falls there will be two teams. I will go with Yamanaka-san. We will infiltrate the kennel just before the change in the guard. Yamanaka-san will possess one of the dogs and I will create a shadow doppelganger of it. I will escape with her and her body and wait until the guards pass one of the storage rooms with a tunnel leading to the main tower of the castle. She will locate a safe entryway, devoid of observational systems and guards to allow entry for the other members of our team.

"After we are in we will then do a quick trip to the security office where the main guards and security system control is. Once we have located the most direct route to the scroll Yamanaka-san, whose body along with one other member of my team will be with your team, will release herself from control of the dog and report back to your team Hokai-kun."

The other captain nodded, "Our team will then take that route and quietly dispatch any guards. No fatalities unless I give the order. After we have reached the holding room for the scroll we will take it and leave via the entry route. Yes?"

One of Nyosai's team raised his hand. "What if other guards find the unconscious guards sir? Shouldn't we find another route?"

Nyosai and Hokai smiled behind their masks. "Correct," Nyosai said. "After Yamanaka-san reports to you and you enter the building she and Hasuki-san will keep watch near the exit location we will transmit over our radios," he said revealing eight.

Once the members of both teams had been given their radios and assignments they waited until nightfall. During that time Hasuki crouched near Ino and said hello. "Are you nervous?" he asked.

She looked at him behind her mask, "A little. The mission sort of relies on me…a little." She laughed.

"Some people fault clans for having family jutsus, the Uchiha and Hyuuga being two of the few who aren't, because of how they base their entire styles on them. I know a few people who call them crutch techniques…" he scoffed.

"You're a Hyuuga right?" Ino asked. He looked at her and then made a quick glance around. He lifted his mask and moved it so she could see his silver right eye. She also saw a line on his forehead. She guessed it was part of the "bird cage seal" of the branch family.

"Yes. Yes I am. I heard a member of the Yamanaka clan had gotten into the intelligence division after her first test. That is very impressive. I also heard you used your hair to trap an enemy in your first chunin exam," he said. Ino blushed under her mask. He was obviously impressed with things she thought weren't very impressive at all. He regarded her for a second and then leaned against the tree. "Do you know Uzumaki Naruto?" he asked after a few minutes.

Ino was silent then she said, "Yes he's my best friend's…" she thought of the word. After an internal argument she said the word on her mind, "lover."

Hasuki nodded. "He's a friend of my second cousin. I see him around a lot. I always thought he was an idiot…but then he…made things better…"

"What do you mean?" Ino asked. Of course she knew. Everyone within the Rookie Nine (teams Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma) knew that Naruto made Neji see how he was wrong and also had helped Hinata out of her shell.

"He made Neji-sama see things differently. Enough so there is now a greater sense of harmony in the family…" Hasuki looked at the branch he was sitting on. "Your friend what kind of woman is she?" he asked.

Ino laughed a little, "Why the interest in me?" she asked.

"I am a member of the Information division," he replied. As Ino was about to reply there was a bird whistle. It was from Nyosai. The two quickly moved to the origin of the sound and crouched down with their leaders.

"Is everyone ready?" Nyosai asked. The six rookie ANBU nodded. "Alright. Yamanaka-san! Let's go!"

"Yes sir!" she and Nyosai dashed off into the night just as the rain clouds began to gather.

Ino felt a rush of excitement as she moved through the compound in 'her' new canine body. She made her way to the fifth level of the complex, smelling far too many guards on the lower levels, and opened the door with her nose. She looked around quickly and sniffed the air gently, no one around.

She headed to a storage room and saw a small window. "Even is this body that would be a tight fit," she thought. She once again checked for anyone in the vicinity and headed for another window. As she passed a room she smelled fresh air, along with the leaves from trees in the courtyard. She used her teeth to open the door and saw a large open window. She smelled the remnants of cigarette smoke. Ashes on the floor told the tale.

She moved to the window and looked out, no guards were directly below her at that point. As she was about to signal, using a special scent bomb she had been given, she heard voices. She found a small desk and dashed under it as two young men entered the room.

"I tell ya this is pathetic. We have a 'scroll of magnificent value' and we can't even get real ninja to guard it." The voice was followed by the click of a lighter. The smoker returns.

"Think about it man, these kids may look like nothing but they could kick your ass into next week," his friend replied.

"Genin? Gimmie a break. My sister was a ninja and she couldn't kick rotten wood until she became a chunin." He paused as he inhaled and exhaled a cloud of blue smoke, "But we are looking after a rotten piece of parchment here man. That thing may be what? Two, three hundred years old? Who knows if anyone can still read it?"

His friend sighed loudly, "Whether anyone can read it or not isn't the point! You heard those jounin talking! It supposedly is dangerous for even a novice ninja to get their hands on it. I wouldn't be surprised if there are ninja planning to steal it right this minute!" he said.

Ino tensed and hid herself in the shadows of the desk. It had a back to it so they couldn't see her, but she made sure they couldn't hear her either. "Whatever man…aw shit! Our break's over. I got caught up talking to you and I wasted my cig break!"

"Close the window man," his friend scoffed as they headed out.

"No way! Smells like those damn drug dogs in here! At least the trees get a bath now and again," the door closed and Ino took a moment to sniff the dog's fur. He was right, it did smell bad.

She took her chance and let the bomb go off. at this height the dogs wouldn't smell it and the humans who left didn't have the noses for it. Within minutes Nyosai and the last member of their team were there. Nyosai nodded to her and landed next to her. As he was about to move she bit his hand and tugged.

"What is it Yamanaka?" he asked with a bit of annoyance. She pointed her nose at his extra scrolls and ink. He unrolled a blank piece and gave her a wet brush. She quickly wrote out the information she had acquired. "Two jounin at least with genin. That means two teams of rookies on a training mission to guard the scroll…" he thought for a minute. "Alright let's go!" he took a small tin of water and splashed it on the scent bomb to keep the jounin from catching wind of it.

They made their way, two men and one dog, down the hall. They went up another three floors and found the security office nearly empty. Only three guards. Nyosai made two Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones) and easily knocked them out. He placed a binding jutsu on them and then tied them with the other ANBU's help. He put his hand to his radio headset and spoke to Hokai.

"We're in the security office. Prepare to Yamanaka. Radio silence form this moment." Nyosai looked at the screens showing the layout of the castle. The scroll, if their location was correct, was located on the first floor, hidden in a secret room. He made a quick glance and then found it. There was an area on the map made to look like a sealed in wall, but was far too large to be anything but a room. He pointed it out to Ino and then related the route to her. She nodded the dog's head and prepared to release.

Nyosai and the other ANBU muzzled her dog body with rope and tied her legs. She nodded and released herself from the dog. Immediately she was sitting on a branch with Hokai and Hasuki by her. She quickly relayed the information and Hokai went with his team, Ino and Hasuki in toe, to the castle. Ino and the young Hyuuga waited.

"So two teams right?" Hasuki asked.

"Yeah," Ino said. She kept her eyes open. The young Hyuga probably was keeping his open as well.

"What village do you think?" he asked.

"We're closer to the Earth country than the Wind…could be," as she was about to finish her thought an alarm was raised. Ino and Hasuki crouched lower in the tree they were hiding in and watched as the guards headed toward the doors and secret entrances.

Ino's radio crackled to life, "This is Hokai! We have retrieved the scroll over! In pursuit by single Kunoichi over! Village indeterminable over! Fight or fall back over?"

Nyosai's voice came next, "Do not engage! We must not be seen! They must not know our village copy? They must not know our village! Fall back! all units take escape routes! I repeat take separate escape routes!"

Ino and Hasuki looked at each other. Hasuki quickly turned his head back to the compound and made the signs for his family signature technique. As he saw the group of their ninja escape he saw something that made him stop. "We have to go…NOW!" he said as he grabbed Ino's arm and pulled her away.

"What did you see?" she asked as she ran. He let go of her arm and turned his head back to her.

"The ninja following ours was able to block her presence! She is very powerful we must go now!" he said again as he raced on.

Their radios crackled to life. "Hyuuga, Yamanaka! The enemy is after you! I repeat the enemy is after you copy!! She is gaining quickly! Do not I repeat do not fight her! Run!" Nyosai roared over the radio.

"Hasuki! How far away is she!" Ino asked. He made signs again.

He gasped, "Twenty meters!" he cried. Ino took a large gulp of air. "We must hurry!" as he was about to run a large roll of earth flew by them. "Hidden Stone!" he cried.

Ino looked back and saw a second stone she narrowly avoided it by dropping to a lower level in the trees. "All units beware! I left a motion trigger! The other jounin is following! I repeat! The second jounin is coming!"

"SHE'S HERE!" Hasuki cried. Ino let out a scream as the tree she was in topple. As Hasuki cried out his name a third stone flew aftert him. Ino leapt into the bushes by the fallen tree and lowered the volume on her radio.

"Hasuki! Get out of here! I'll hold her off and try and possess her! That way I can give you time to regroup!"

The radio reply was too low for her to hear. She waited a few seconds before deciding he had left. She quickly rolled away from the tree and slid her body up another one. She tried to see her enemy, but she was hidden well. Ino took the chance to climb up the tree to get a better vantage point.

Immediately she caught a glimpse of the ninja, but a flash of lightning close to her blinded her. The next thing a stunned Ino knew was she was being swung around. She cried out and landed hard on the ground. Rain pelted her mask and she barely heard the sound of a crashing tree. She rolled and leapt back to avoid being crushed.

Rain fell harder against her as she hid in the tall grass. She panted softly and tried to regain her sight. After three crucial seconds that were hours of helplessness she could make out shapes. She saw two strong legs standing just at the edge of her vision. She kept her breathing steady, but took longer, slower breaths.

"She's right there. I know it's her…I just need one chance." Ino remembered her sword. She raised her arm and drew it as slowly and quietly as humanly possible. The enemy ninja moved with trained care to the left, closer to Ino's position. If Ino didn't move or act now she would be found by being stepped on.

Ino suddenly felt the rain. It had been raining since her first big fall and she was soaked. The normal black and dark of her armor was no covered in mud. She herself was covered in mud. Her enemy wasn't. she made a swift slow move. The elegance of her movement would be the envy of any assassin. She didn't hesitate. After years of fighting against criminals like Akatsuki and even Orochimaru she knew no enemy would hesitate with her.

She struck, quickly, efficiently. Her medical ninja kill telling her the exact place to pierce her enemy's back and tear through their lung, and their heard. The blade snagged the bitch's rib and crashed off of it down ward. Ino stood toe-to-heel with her first kill as an ANBU.

As she relished the blood lust, as all ninja do from time to time, she felt horror rise in her soul. A flash of lightning crashed through the night sky. It hit a tree a few meters away from them. The tree caught on fire and filled the darkness of the small battlefield with bright burning light. A red battle ready blouse, a longer than average, but still tight miniskirt, and a pair of shin guards with high heeled zori (traditional Japanese sandals).

What made Ino's heart wrench was the hair. Long pink tresses fell down the back of her enemy and were matted to her back by her own blood and the rain. Tears fell down Ino's face and from under her mask. She let the sword go and the body fell forward. A sickening sliding sound accompanied the blade hitting the ground first and being pushed out of her.

When she was face down Ino removed the blade and turned her over tenderly. The face of Sakura was serene. Calm, almost sleeplike. "Oh my god…what have I done…Sakura…why…did…oh god!"

Ino held her face and started to rock back and forth. She gathered Chakra and tried to heal the wound. She was coughed and watched as the jutsu dispelled. She didn't have enough chakra. Being in the dog so long…

"Ino?" Sakura's voice, horrifyingly weak asked.

"Yes…Sakura I…I can't heal you…I…I…oh god!" Ino shook violently. She ripped her mask off and vomited to the side. She gagged after a few minutes of painful retching and finally composed herself to look at Sakura's face.

"You…were the…" she gasped and blood trickled from the corners of her mouth, "intruder?"

"My…" Ino gasped and shuddered, "Team…my first mission…" she was almost alright.


"What?" Ino asked. She was so weak. Her voice so soft…she could barely hear her. Ino leaned in and held her ear over Sakura's mouth.

"Naruto…he's coming…" Ino's eyes widened. Fear filled her belly. She looked at Sakura and quickly grabbed her mask and put it on.

The sound of a voice alerted her to how much time had passed. They had to have been here for twenty minutes. The fire started long ago, years it seemed to Ino, had begun to die down because the rain had gotten much worse. She stood, but Sakura raised a hand to her. Ino fell to her knees once again.

"Sakura…I'm so sorry…please…" she took the hand. It was so cold. It was so, so cold. "Forgive me…" the flower covered rabbit mask looked down lifelessly at her. Sakura smiled. She could no longer speak. She mouthed the words, "I do."

Her hand slipped from Ino's grasp. As it did she heard a strong wild voice call out drastically, "SAKURA-CHAN!"

Ino stood to go and looked down at Sakura. Her sword, covered in Sakura's blood, lay in the wet grass. The area around it dull burgundy. Ino bent to pick it up as footsteps splashed closer. She quickly dashed away just was a blond haired young man entered the clearing.

He gasped at the form of the woman in the field.

By the time Naruto made his way to Sakura's body and found she was dead, Ino was dozens of meters away. He pulled her corpse into his arms and cradled her for a few seconds, rocking back and forth as Ino had. Finally he screamed.

Letting loose all the fury, rage, and despair within him Naruto screamed. The Kyuubi roared with him and the sound echoed throughout the forest. It was a horrid sound, filled with sadness and loss. The sound of ultimate suffering.

Ino remembered it all the way back to her regroup point.

The other members, hearing the sound and seeing Ino, covered in blood and filth, did not ask. They knew. Hokai explained he had seen a genin from their village and found that Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto were watching over a team of Genin while their current leader was away on a secret mission.

They had not had all the information they needed.

Ino didn't speak until they returned to Konohagakure four days later.

MountainWind here! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter in my Drama! This one is filled with excitement! Angst! And Revenge! Will Ino be killed for her murder? Will Naruto be the one to kill her? Will Konoha be the same? Will Naruto be the same?

Find out in chapter 2…!