Title: 12 days of Contestshipping
Anime: Pokémon Advance Generation
Pairing: Shuu x Haruka
Summary: Twelve days till Christmas has never been fun in Johto.
Warning: PG-13 fic
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon.

This fic was supposed to come out on the 14th of December but my procrastination took over. Hopefully I get the 2nd & 3rd chapter done tomorrow. I will get up to date on this I swear!

On the 12th day of Christmas, Contestshipping gave to me:

12 weird Wynauts-

"Christmas is almost coming!" cried May who danced around the streets of Violet City. The frozen air turned May's cheeks a bit red. She cuddled herself underneath her pink jacket. Hiding her mouth behind the white scarf, she walked along the streets, admiring all the things that were in the windows of shops. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, anything that grabbed May's interest.

"I just need to shop now!" May cried, excited to see bags in people's hands. Huge red and white bags carrying presents that they would give to their special ones. May always loved Christmas. Either shop expensively for presents along with her parents or rush through December until December 25th came along. Since she was such a good girl all years, she gotten mostly what she wanted. If she received something she didn't like, simply she'd give it to her friends in school. May always thought of memories every time Christmas came around. Of her and her brother Max always watching her mom bake cookies. She liked it best when her dad was around as well. Norman would relax with his family and smile a lot.

"Even though this is another Christmas without my family, I just know it'll rock!" May couldn't wait to see what would happen on the 25th. She hoped to at least see her brother or her any of her friends. A phone call would be nice, May thought as she stopped in front of a tree. She looked back to see the buildings of Violet City a bit away.

"I must have paid more attention to this than knowing where I was going," May smiled and sat down on the nearby light brown wooden bench. May looked down her to see her white boots and fading green grass behind.

"I just hope I don't spend Christmas alone," May pouted and laid back on the bench. Resting herself from walking. She felt tired and wanted to take a nap but having the fact of a twelve year old girl sleeping unsteadily on a wooden bench in the freezing cold would be awkward and made May shiver with the thought of herself in that situation.

"I'll go back to the Pokémon Center I guess," May declared.

"Wy," cried a sound that surprised May.

"Hello?" May said, wondering where the sound came from. "Anyone there?"

"Wy!" the sound made another cry. May looked around herself and found nothing in side.

"Am I going insane or something?" she whispered. "Whoever you are, you can come out now!"

"WYNAUT!" the sound revealed itself. A blue creature with a cheery smile on its face jumped down from the tree behind May. May took a back a step as it landed on the ground. It shook a little and looked up at the frightened girl.

"Wy-wynaut?" May asked.

"Wynaut!" the blue thing cried and jumped onto May's arms. A little bewildered, May calmed herself down, sighed and smiled back at Wynaut.

"You look familiar," May wondered as she stared at Wynaut. It only kept smiling at her until it jumped off and cried again. "Wynaut!"

"Wynaut! Wy! Wynaut!" cried the other Wynaut as they all came down the tree. Mostly twelve Wynauts stood around May. She just looked at them blankly. The first Wynaut ever to come out moved behind the tree and was there for a minute. It slowly came out pulling out a basket of tan and red berries along with a red Santa Claus hat on its blue head. The other Wynauts offered to help by pushing the basket, dragging it through the gray cement to May.

"Wynaut Wy!" the Wynaut with the Santa hat said.

"Are those for me?" May asked, bending down and pointed to the basket. The Wynaut all nodded.

"You must the Wynaut I've met long time ago!" May cried and suddenly remembered just from looking at the berries. "These are Liechi berries, right?"

"Wynaut," smiled the one with the Santa hat. The other eleven Wynaut nodded in agreement.

May picked up the basket from the ground with her white gloves.

"Thank you very much," May gladly accepted. "Hey, why don't you all come back with me to the Pokémon Center? We can spend the holidays together."

"Wynaut! Wynaut! Wynaut! Wy!" all twelve Wynauts cried. May giggled happily. "Then let's go!"

"You really love Wynaut don't you, May?" said a voice that May recognized. She slowly turned behind and saw a boy with green hair leaning his back against a nearby tree.

"… Drew?!" May cried. Surprised as usual to see him, Drew walked over to her. The Wynaut jumped up and down, pleased to see him again.

"Are you always surprised to see me?" Drew asked in a mocking way. May seemed to know that he would give out remarks to her.

"Only because there's a chance you'll act like a jerk," May scolded.

"Wynaut!" cried the Wynaut with the Santa hat. It jumped next to the basket full of ripe Liechi berries and grabbed one with its long ears. It tossed it to Drew, making him catch it.

"Huh?" Drew wondered. May looked back furiously at the Wynaut.

"What was that for?" May cried. Wynaut walked to Drew, who looked down.

"Wynaut! Wy!" it said, giving its usual cheery smile again.

"Are you saying this is for me?" Drew asked. Wynaut nodded in approval. Drew gave a small smile. "Thanks… I guess."

"But that was my present," May whimpered. Drew noticed May and laughed a little.

"Don't you know how to share your presents, May?" Drew gave off his infamous smirk and threw the Liechi berry in the air and caught it, repeating it for a numerous amount of times.

"Of course I do!" May shouted. "I just don't want to share anything with you."

"Well unfortunately we share the same planet," Drew turned away from May and placed his hands into the pocket of his light blue pants.

"So then I'll have to knock you out of here!" May ran to push Drew but he knew she was coming that he shifted to the left the second she came half an inch close to him. Without stopping, May fell vigorously flat on her face on the ground. Drew looked down at her, the Wynaut coming close.

"Ow that hurt," May bleated. Drew shook his head.

"You're a real ditz, did you know that?" Drew declared. He reached out a hand to May which she stared at for a moment before letting out her hand. Being in assist, Drew helped May up. She brushed off anything on her pink jacket.

"You should've just let me kill you," May muttered. Drew just sighed and crossed his arms.

"So," May began to speak. Drew looked at her in question. "What are you doing for Christmas?"

"Does it matter?" Drew said, pinking up his hand and brushed a part of his green hair. "But in case you're THAT desperate to know, nothing I suppose."

"I thought a GREAT coordinator like you would have so many plans this time of year," May stated in a deriding way.

"Do you have any plans yourself, May?" Drew gave a smug look. May knew he just had to say something back.

"Of course I do!" May confidently said. "And even if they fail, I still have the Wynaut to be with. Right cuties?"

"Wynaut! Wy! Wynaut!" replied the blue creatures. Smiling and jumping up and down.

"I won't be surprised if you catch one and use it in a contest," Drew said, looking down on the Wynaut. "Though don't think it'll get you to win."

"I don't have to catch the Wynaut for a contest," May cried. "Plus, they came to me because they love me."

"Sure," Drew said in sarcasm. "Ran out of love for your own Pokémon?"

"Look who's talking!" May shouted and turned away, crossing her arms in anger. "If I went into a battle with you with all my Pokémon, you'll be crying after you lose."

"Oh really?" Drew denied the fact that May could beat him.

"Yeah," May answered. "After all, they did win me a ribbon in Cherrygove City, ya know."

May took out her metal pink ribbon case. It had a magenta ribbon on the center. She quickly opened it to show Drew a red and yellow ribbon that she managed to win.

"One ribbon isn't going to prove anything." Drew said and took out his ribbon case which looked like May's but was green. He handed it over to May who snatched it. The minute she opened it, her eyes widen.

"Tw-tw-tw-two ribbons?!" May cried in shock. The Wynaut were just amazed to see shiny objects.

"That's right," Drew declared, gently removing his case from May's hands. "Pretty soon, I'll be going to the Grand Festival before you."

"I'll be there before you and you know it!" May cried. "Just because you're one step ahead, doesn't mean you'll be able to get there before me. I'll catch up to you and then jump over."

"Are you saying that you're better than me?" Drew asked in sarcasm again. May seemed to become disgusted and in a rage.

"How about a battle to see who's better?" May suggested. Drew looked at her with a questioned expression. "Using all of our Pokémon."

"I don't want to embarrass you in front of the Wynaut," Drew replied.

"What are you?" May teased. "Scared?"

"No," Drew answered calmly. "But since you want to, I guess a practice battle wouldn't hurt."

"You got yourself a deal!" May cried. The Wynaut looked at both coordinators with amazement and confusion.

"Wy," said the Wynaut with the Santa hat.

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