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10 encounters-

"It still seems kind of weird to spot you around this time," May said. Both her and Drew were walking along the path back to Violet City from the bench. The Wynaut, still following them, played around like little children at a park. Hoping over each other, chasing after one another, they were doing something to entertain themselves while walking back to the Pokémon Center.

"Why does it seem so weird?" Drew asked.

"Well it's hard to explain," May admitted. "But I really did think you had plans to do. I mean don't you usually have places to go?"

"Only things I have in mind of doing is training my Pokémon for future contests or just stick around watching people do all their businesses," Drew replied.

"I'd love to spend Christmas with my family," May sighed. "Or maybe friends. After all, isn't that what Christmas is all about? Spending time with someone?"

"I didn't think you were someone who thought about that," Drew took his hand and flipped a part of his hair. "Mostly someone who just wanted presents."

"Well… I want that too but come on," May cried. She pushed Drew on his arm but it didn't move him. After then, they didn't speak for at least ten minutes but kept walking.

"So," May nervously said. "How is everything?"

"Besides winning two contests in a row, fine," Drew answered, looking down at the gray ground. "I was going to Ecruteak City but I guess I just took a small stop back at Violet City."

"Ecruteak City?" May wondered. Drew shook his head.

"Only an amateur coordinator would ask that," he replied. "I don't see how you can get through Johto without knowing where you're going?"

"I use a map!" May cried.

"I wonder how you got through Hoenn," Drew teased. May glared at him.

"My brother Max has a PokéNavi, that's why," May turned away. "He always tells us where the next contest is."

"Sadly, your brother isn't here now is he?" Drew smirked at her. "You have to know how to do things yourself in order to survive. How did you get here?"

"Just shut up," May cried. "Just be glad I'm here."

"I'll try," Drew teased again.

"You know what?" May looked up at the grayish blue sky. "I still remember all the times I saw you back then."

"Really?" Drew asked. "I find it a bit hard to forget."

"Yeah," May said. "You never have anything nice to say."

"I complimented on your battling skills yesterday," Drew reminded. "Unless you think everything I say is converted into critical words once they go into your ears."

"I thought you were kidding," May muttered and crossed her arms. Drew just looked at her.

"Slateport City," May said in a low voice. "You know, where we met. Unfortunately."

"Hm," Drew looked away and smiled. "I remember you said that you could win the contest."

"It was my first contest!" May cried. "At least you could've helped me instead of bringing me down.

"It really doesn't matter," Drew said. "I might've been helped but that would mean I would go easy on you."

"You should relax Drew," May smiled. "Remember that I'm not the only one who cried after losing to their first contest."

Drew felt like he was snapped into pieces. "I wouldn't be too sure if you should be comparing me to you."

May felt like she had advantage over Drew this time and that made her happy. She then appeared in front of him. "I know, you're afraid that I might tell someone."

"I could care less if you told the world," Drew said but glanced at the sky because he did care if she did.

"Don't worry, I won't say anything," May spoke.

"Even though I may have lost, I still have more experience than you," Drew looked at May. Now he was turning the remark game back at her. "And I did give advice to you for all that."

"What advice?" May cried. "You're insulting and critical assistance?"

"Well didn't it help you?" Drew asked. "Even if you got all pissed off."

May looked away from him. Though his advice did help her in ways. Maybe without him, I might've not gotten this far, she thought. A couple of Wynaut moved in front of May and Drew. They ran around them which caused them to stop.

"It did help," May continued. "Eventually I've gotten a bit stronger."

"That's true," Drew said and looked down at the Wynaut that were still running around him and May. "I guess."

"And what about the Wynaut," May bent down and picked up one of the Wynaut who seemed surprised but smiled cheerfully.

"Mirage Island," Drew stated. "We're lucky to have been on that island."

"Really?" May wondered.

"Of course," Drew answered. "Being unable to see a lot of times. A lot of people never made contact with it. That's why we're lucky."

"Oh," May looked at Drew, amazed at what she just heard. She looked down at the Wynaut who kept smiling.

"Well you and your friends made it all the way from Mirage Island to here?" May asked in a happy way.

"Wynaut!" responded the blue cheery creature. Drew just looked at them both. As they nearly approached the buildings, the Wynaut reformed and followed the two coordinators back into the busy city.

"I never expected Violet City to be so crowded with people," May looked at everyone who walked in the streets.

Drew shrugged. "It's the holidays so what do you expect?"

"True," May agreed.

"I eventually need to get stuff for people," May said.

"Think you're able to find your friends?" Drew asked. May looked down.

"I guess not," May stared at the shops that were besides her. She spotted a Milotic doll.

"Hey," May cried. Drew looked at her, wondering what she wanted.

"This Milotic doll reminds me of Robert," May smiled and poked the glass, pointing to the long dragon plushie. Drew came besides her and saw it. The Wynaut looked at the other window that connected with the same store, amazed to see so many toys.

"You're right," Drew said. "I haven't seen him in a while though."

"Me either," May disclosed. "I haven't seen a lot of people. Like Grace or Kelly or even Brianna your fan girl."

Drew looked away, slightly blushing. "Yeah. I think she stopped calling me though."

May quickly looked at him. "Brianna was calling you?"

"Yeah," Drew said. "Kept praising me too much. It was getting annoying no matter how sweet it was too."

May giggled. "You like her don't you?"

"No," Drew retorted. "She's just like every fan I've seen. Only more obsessed."

"I find it pretty weird of people to be your fans," May smiled. "Like the fans you had in Rubello Town."

"Obsessed," Drew felt a bit embarrassed. "And crazy too. Though…"

"What?" May wondered.

"You wanted to be praised by them," Drew replied. "Even though they did admire your amateur skills."

"You're just jealous," May said.

"Jealous?" Drew began to laugh. "You're the one who was jealous of them coming to me first than you. Besides, they only worshipped you because of your father."

May gave Drew a defiant stare.

"Well as long as you're full of remarks now, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day without having a rain cloud over me."

"So I'm now considered to be May's little rain cloud in her sunshine," Drew sighed in a sarcastic manner. "What else is new?"

"Me leaving," May walked off. The Wynaut followed behind. All of them waved good bye expect May. Drew just shook his head.

"Girls," he murmured and continued to watch her disappear into the mob of people.


As May came back to the Pokémon Center. She stared outside from her window in her room. Two bunk beds with pink blankets over each bed. It was enough for four to sleep in each guest room of the Pokémon Center. The walls were light blue and the floors were wooden and brown. May sat on the chair that belonged to the desk that stood in front of the window. She looked out into the cold night.

"Without Drew," May whispered. "I might have still came here right?"

She turned to the Wynaut who were sleeping on one side of the room. Six of them in each bunk on the bunk bed. They were snoring softly and were scattered across the mattress.

"Of course I would," May continued to whisper, not wanting to waken up the blue creatures. "After all, not like Drew controls where I go."

"But then without him," May folded her hands and placed her head on top of them, bending down on the desk. "Would I have help? After all, he really does have more experience. But I also made my own ways that helped."

"I don't know," May gave up. "I should enjoy having rivals like him any way."

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