Translating The Name: …Enjoy? Oh! This is a Soul Calibur cross over.

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AN - (shot)

Speech - "omega"

Thoughts - 'wet?'

Kyuubi - "baker"

Kyuubi thoughts - 'jiminy'

Chapter 01: Nee Chan!!

'Why is it always me? Kami-sama, what did I do to deserve this treatment from the villagers?' thought a girl with long golden blonde hair that was sprawled on the floor, mixed in with her blood, sweat and tears. Her face was in the floor so all you could see was her hair. Maybe I shouldn't say floor but ground in an alley way, because that is exactly where she was. Slowly and shakily, the blonde haired girl pushed herself up but only to fall back down, hard. She decided that her efforts were futile and rolled onto her back. It hurt like hell but she managed. The sun hit her face before retreating back into the clouds. She winced when it hit one of her eyes because the other one was swollen shut. Her eyes were crystal blue and looked mesmerizing to those who did not hate this five year old girl. Blood was flowing slowly from her whisker scars she received earlier. There were three in each side of her cheek and they were NOT small. They were very noticeable even WITH the blood. Pieces of her skin were hanging from her small arms and legs. She sat there waiting for the healing to begin so she could stop feeling pain. To her surprise, it never came. She waited and waited until she couldn't anymore and passed out.

Hokage Office_____________________________________________

It was five in the morning when Sarutobi, the Hokage of the hidden village of Leaf decided to check the town with his magnificent crystal ball. 'So far, everything is okay. Good because it's time to check on my beloved surrogate granddaughter…' He thought while chuckling inwardly, 'she's probably sound asleep in her bed. That Kirei, so young yet so lazy…' The crystal ball showed an image of Kirei's bedroom to find it empty. He visibly paled and wondered where she could be. He decided to check the alley ways first since most of the time he did, she was there. The crystal ball showed him an image of an alley way not to far from her apartment. Instantly, he poofed away and reappeared where he saw her tiny mangled and bloody body.

In the alley_______________________________________________

The Hokage was trying to think of a way to bring her to the hospital without hurting her and decided to leave a kage bunshin to guard her while he went to find the medics. On his way there the only thing that ran through his head was 'Not again. I just hope I'm not too late'.


The Hokage burst through the door and screamed at the top of his lungs


The whole hospital stopped while he said his speech. Suddenly, five medic Nins stood in front of him. He signaled them to grab onto him and they poofed away. They arrived and immediately began to work on her. Luckily for the Hokage, the five skilled medics did not see a demon but young burdened girl. Several hours passed and the medics wee almost done. All they had to do was fix the scars on her face. They all popped the third soldier pill and they wiped the blood off her face and began to heal the six whisker scars. It healed and they were satisfied. One of the medics opened his mouth to speak until he gasped, along with everyone next to him. The scars that healed opened up again but this time closed and turned into three large black lines. (Authors note: like the scars on Naruto when he gets controlled by Kyuubi when he fought the Uchiha bastard). They tried until the energy of the soldier pill wore out and then the Hokage spoke,

"That is enough. The wound refuses to heal, there is nothing we can do except transport her to a room in the hospital. We will wait until she wakes up to ask her what happened and then we can take action" he said grimly.

The medics nodded and Sarutobi lifted up Kirei bridal style and poofed to the hospital. The med Nins hesitantly walked to the hospital. When the Hokage walked in the hospital he walked over to the secretary and asked for a free room. The woman at the desk bowed politely before speaking into an intercom

"Himitsu Kichi, report to the front desk, the Hokage is hear and he needs your services".

The Hokage smiled at her and bowed in thanks. One minute exact, Himitsu Kichi appeared and bowed before replying

"What is it you need Hokage-sama?"

Sarutobi stiffened before nodding his head towards the body in is hands. Kichi looked at the small girl in Sarutobi's hands and nodded. He then turned to the lady at the desk and asks for a free examination room. She handed him a clipboard with the room number on top. He thanked her and they proceeded on there way.

In Kirei's mind when she passed out___________________________

Kirei opened her eyes but she didn't see the alley way or sunlight. She saw a gloomy sewer with a foot deep of crystal clear water. She looked down at herself and noticed she was not in her bloody white t-shirt or bloody black Capri pants. She was in a nasty, ragged, oversized t-shirt. She touched her face and noticed no bruises. She looked up and noticed a long dark hallway. Kirei ran towards it and ventured in. She felt a strong pulse. She closed her eyes and kept running. She ran and ran until she crashed into something and fell into the water. She opened her eyes and realized that she bumped into the prettiest lady ever. She had blood red eyes and lips with nine bushy black with red streaked tails swirling around her. Her hairs were black with red streaks and on top her head, was two fox ears. They were black but at the very tip, they were red. She had pale skin yet it looked healthy. She was wearing a midnight blue kimono with small yellow stars and her cleavage seemed to be disagreeing with her clothes. Kirei looked around her and noticed she was in a cage. She looked back at the woman and Kirei smiled a bright smile before pouncing on her back and petting her ears.


Kirei began petting her ears and giggling like mad. I mean come one, she is only five years old, she doesn't know that she is petting the ears of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. After Kyuubi regained her composure, she snatched the little girl off her and held her by her throat. The little girl was startled at first but then she began to laugh. The Kyuubi released her killing intent but that only made her laugh harder.


Kyuubi yelled. The little girl stopped laughing and began choking for; Kyuubi had tightened her hold on Kirei's neck. Kirei smiled (still choking) and said in a hoarse voice

"Be *cough* because, your *cough* *cough* ears are *cough* twitching…you *cough* look *cough* *cough* adorable…"

She smiled at the last bit. It may seem like the great Kyuubi is just an angry lady but in reality, Kyuubi is the nicest most compassionate demons ever but just don't touch her ears. She can explode like a volcano. The Kyuubi gently put the girl down then took a deep breath, smiled her evilest smile and spoke with a hint of amusement,

"You are one freaky kit. Do you even realize that you are in my cage? No one has EVER been inside my cage. You should be pissing your pants now."

"EH? I never knew the Kyuubi no Kitsune was a beautiful girl! Can you be my nee-chan?"

The Kyuubi almost face faulted. She studied the little girl and realized who she was.

'My container…Interesting…It seems she has already reached her breaking point if she had to come and visit me at such a young age. She looks no older then 6.'She sighed while formulating a plan on what to do.

'She seems smart enough…'

"Alright kit, I'll become your nee-chan. Just do me a favor and NEVER do that again. But first we have some explaining to do." Kyuubi said with mild annoyance in her voice.

"I want you to think of a place where it would be safe enough to talk to you. Can you do that for me?"


"Why you ask? Because in this world you can control the surroundings".

Instantly, the scenery changed into a grassy area that was surrounded by trees. There was a HUMONGOUS river or ocean for that matter, at the right side of the clearing. There were two blankets on the ground one white and the other yellow

"Sit, nee-chan" said Kirei.

Kirei sat down on the white blanket and crossed her legs. Kyuubi did the same except on the yellow blanket. Kyuubi decided to explain.

"Do you know about the Yondaime Hokage and what he did 5 years ago?"

"Of course I do! He is my hero! He defeated you and died in the process, which is why you are here. I'm dreaming again."

"Wrong. He sealed me away into his new born child in order to save the village. Right now, we are in that child's mind. Well, to be exact, YOUR mind."

The reaction Kyuubi expected was something completely different. Kirei sighed sadly and mumbled

"I must have been beaten pretty badly for me to be dreaming about this stuff. I should never go outside after dark to steal food. Who new that they were so many villagers? I wonder why that strange red chakra did-"

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Kyuubi yelled, "Don't you realize that this is NOT a dream? If it was, wouldn't you have woken up or something already? Your dad was the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure! He sealed me away into you, his DAUGHTER. He had to put the village over his own FEELINGS and FAMILY because of me!" by this time Kyuubi was crying.

Kirei began to cry too. Kirei got up and walked towards Kyuubi and hugged her while they both cried into each others shoulders. Kyuubi began to transform into a chibi fox and cuddled into Kirei's neck speaking softly,

"I came home one night after hunting and I was tired as hell. I opened the door and expected to see my two kits jump on me while my husband kisses me softly on the cheek. We always stayed in our human form at home; it helps us not break down our houses. Anyway, I came home to an empty house. Scattered everywhere was blood and a forehead protector. I glared at the symbol which read Leaf. I turned into my demon form and headed towards the city looking for my family. I destroyed most of the city. I didn't care what would happen to me just as long as the family was okay. At one point, I was facing off againts the Yondaime but the rest was a blur. The last thing I remember was seeing a man in a white cape with red flames at the bottom. He had blonde hair like you and blue eyes. I think he was crying as he said, 'I'm sorry Kirei-chan, Mommy died after giving birth and daddy has to die saving the village. Promise me you won't hate them. Grow strong and I know you will because I love you. Don't ever forget'". Kirei sighed she spoke softly

"I will find your family if it's the last thing I do but on one condition nee-chan," she didn't even wait for a response "you are going to train me and we are going to find out about my mother and father too. I want to know everything about them."

Kyuubi thought for a moment, "sure thing kit. But, before we start your training now, I would like to know one thing."

"What? Anything?"

"I would like you to tell me what happened to you that would make me see you at such a young age."

"Before that, why didn't you heal me?"

"I couldn't," Kyuubi sighed, "The seal sealed me out completely. The only time we could communicate or when I could lend you my chakra, is when you break the fifth seal that separates us and you only did that when you were unconscious. When you wanted me to heal you, I couldn't because you were slowly breaking the mind seal."

"Basically…My mind set up a barrier?" Kirei said thoughtfully.

"In a way it did but that can wait I want you to explain to me why you were near death?"

Kirei gulped and looked down at the grown. Kyuubi sensed her tension and turned back into her human from and looked at her directly in the eye.

"You WILL tell your nee-chan…"