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Chapter Fourteen: Akatsuki!

She stared at the house she called home. She couldn't bring herself to say goodbye to her father, Himitsu Kichi, to her legal sister and blood related cousin, Satsuki, she couldn't say goodbye to Konohamaru, the last legacy of her grandfather, to her mentor, Kakashi, Iruka, Jiraiya, her best friend, Shino, and everyone else who impacted her. She would miss the village, she would miss Neji and the team that went to go get Sasuke and Ichiro. She couldn't say goodbye to everything she loved, it would be harder to look them in the eye and tell them she was running away before she was sentenced to death. She knew they would kill her if they had the chance. She dropped to her knees and let the sobs wrack through her body. It hurt so much. All she could do was make Tsunade a letter explaining what she did and why she did it, to say goodbye... She tried screaming but her throat was raw from crying so much and a horse whisper escaped her lips. She didn't care if her bandages on her shins and forearms were getting dirty from the ground, or her black shorts and black weapon pouch and black tube top were getting dirty. She didn't even care if her fish net sweater ripped. She had lost so much, she had lost so much in such a short strand of time and all she had left was Itachi.

Stong arms wrapped around her and pulled her to her feet. She let him pull her into a tight hug where she cried in his chest. She could feel the sun coming up and wished for it to go back down for dawn was the time they had to leave the village before anyone noticed she was gone. She would get stronger, hone her skills so that there was no one who would get in her way, no one to stop her from protecting all she had left, Itachi. She needed to get stronger to stay alive, to stay in this world. She would be persecuted from the ANBU and be labelled as a high class missing nin. It would be difficult but her ability as a ninja was all she had left.

"We must depart..." He pet her hair and she nodded. He effortlessly flipped her so that she was on his back and he sprinted off out of the village. Kirei stared at the ground, and when she finally had enough strength to look up, Tobi was running alongside of them. They didn't stop and she would find herself falling asleep and waking up on his back. She didn't know where she was going but she trusted him, she was lost and Itachi had a way of finding her and bringing her back to her self.

She woke up in a cold and gloomy room. Her hair was in a single long braid and her blue eyes looked around, trying to find Itachi. She was scared, she never felt so lost in her life. She got out from the bed, the room had simple boring furniture in it and it was too dark to see what it was made out of. She yawned and put her feet on the cold ground and quickly found her black sandals. Blinking repeatedly she ventured to the door way and opened the cold door. She adjusted the collar of her fishnet sweater so that it wasn't hanging off her shoulder and followed the dimly lit hallway to a closed door.

"Itachi?" She whispered brokenly. He had a knack for being there when she really needed him. She bit her lip and knocked on the door. There was no response and she pushed it open. She couldn't make out who was standing there, but whoever it was was large. It looked like a plant? "Ano..." She mumbled worriedly. It moved and Kirei tried to focus on her senses. Slowly the figure moved and she tilted her head to the side. The green plant turned around and Kirei noticed the Akatsuki cloak that covered its lower half. There was a male, his age unrecognizable, half his body was black and the other white, his hair a messy dark red. She blinked in surprise at the mixed feeling she was receiving. The black side of him grinned.

"A stray?" His voice carried the word and his tone made her shiver in fear. "What brings you here?" He licked his lips and Kirei stared.

"I-I'm looking for Itachi-kun," she spoke so softly. He took a step toward her and grinned. Kirei maintained eye contact despite her fear, she was transfixed.

"How cruel of him to leave such a delicate flower unattended..." He chuckled and Kirei leaned away from him. "You are?"


"I am Zetsu. Welcome to the Akatsuki base." Her eyes widened and he threw his head back and lauhged a barking laugh. "Follow me, I'll bring you to your weasel..." He chudkled darkly and moved out of the room. Kirei followed him quietly, listening to him hum a very odd and creepy song. He stopped in front of a wide door and opened it. The room was dim but she could see a bed in the corner. She shifted uneasily. "Leader-sama..." His voice seemed softer and Kirei glanced at him. It was weird, his personality changed from his usual outspoken behaviour from what she witnessed. Something moved and a chill caused her to shiver.

"Thank you Zetsu you are dismissed." He disappeared into the ground and Kirei stared at the spot where he was. "Kirei-chan..." The way that man said her name so affectionately made Kirei look up and he stepped into the light. He had many piercings on his face and hair that resembled the fourth Hokage except red. He was smiling and Kirei could tell that it wasn't something he was used to doing. Kirei took a step back in fear while the young man laughed. "Don't worry, I will not hurt you, I am Leader but you can call me Pein."

"Pein?" She tested quietly. He nodded and she took another step back. He frowned.

"Why do you fear me? I have done nothing wrong to you." He pointed out. Kirei shook her head.

"You hurt Itachi... You hurt Kyuu-nee and you hurt me..." She stared into his searching eyes as he realized what she was implying. "The physical pain of losing my sister was nothing compared to the emotional pain of her absence, of the feeling that Itachi betrayed me. He is now all I have left."


"I was born alone, I found my family and because I couldn't save Itachi's family, because I couldn't save my own family I was convicted of treason, the penalty death. For a village I did so much this is how they repay me, I am forced to come here, with the only thing keeping me to this earth, Itachi, into the belly of the lion, my enemy, you." Pein's happy face vanished and in it's place was sorrow.

"I am sorry that you have gone through so much, I am sorry that it was I who caused it but I was unaware who the container was for the Kyuubi was. If i had known..."

"What differece would it make?" She snapped coldly. Pein ruffled his hair.

"A lot. Allow me to tell you my story... I was an outcast in my home country and found Naruto, your older brother Konan and a dear friend of mine. Needless to say, I suffered a lot, my dear friend died and as a result, I unlocked my bloodline and that happened to be a time where Jiraiya found us and he trained the three of us that was left. Your brother… He often spoke of you, about how he wished he could return to the village and take you away. He left Konoha before he could understand what had happened to his uncle, the one who sealed the demon in you and only found out about the suicide and murder of your father and mother respectively when Itachi joined our ranks and told me. Naruto kept himself hidden from Itachi, the pain too deep, and left to train by his lonesome. I have been his only contact."

"Does he know that I am here...?"

"No... He and Itachi are speaking for the first time in a little over ten years."

"I'm sorry that you have experienced so much pain err Pein." He smiled softly.

"Your brother and Konan and the thought of meeting you is what kept me going." He rested a hand on her head and Kirei couldn't help but smile. "Do you know that your mother, Mai Uzairu, took her mother's last name? Her father was an Uzumaki, just like me." Her eyes widened at his point. "We posess a certain bloodline attribute that you may inherit and I and your brother already have."

"I don't think I'll be getting it..."

"You unlock it when you experience a lot of pain..." Her heart expanded in her chest remembering the reason why she stood before her cousin.

"But my blood is only one fourth Uzumaki and one forth Uzairu, the chances of me receiving the dojustu are slim."

"It is still a possibility." He stood up and offered his hand. She hesitantly took it as he led her out of his room. "Do you know what our goal is?"


"It is to end the age of ninja, and create an age of peace, without pain..."

"But I like being a ninja." She pouted.

"Maybe you can have mock spars in the new world." He smiled happily. She nodded, it did not seem like such a bad idea. They walked on in silence until they reached a dead end. Pein let go and did a few seals and the wall seemed to move. Sunshine blinded Kirei for a moment and she followed a step behind Pein. Kirei felt the dark ebbs of her mind pulling her in and she grabbed Pein's hand as a comfort, feeling alone again. He led her through a mountain path onto a wide field filled with tall grass swaying in the summer wind. Kirei could see two men standing in the middle. As they approached Kirei could feel her eyes swelling with tears at the man with blowing black hair in a pony tail, wearing a fish net tank top and black shinobi pants. Beside him was a man with long hair just like Jiraiya but blonde and she was pretty sure it was longer, and as he turned to look at her, she could see the same crystal blue eyes she had. Her eyes darted back to Itachi and she ran to him.

"ITACHI!" She called running and jumping into his arms. He caught her without moving, as she let the few tears fall onto his shoudler. After a few minutes she let go of him and stared at him with adoring loving eyes. He smiled back at her, resting a hand on her head. "Don't leave my side again okay? I can't be alone, I don't like it..." She explained quietly. He caressed her cheek and nodded.

"Kirei, I'd like you to meet your brother, Naruto Uzumaki." Kirei looked at him after Pein's introduction and stared at the searching eyes of her brother. His skin was tanned, his eyes were hard and cold but she could see the little sparkling in them.

"Narumi..." He whispered. She stared at him with wide eyes. His own filling with tears. "How..." He swallowed. "Are you alright?" Kirei knew that he meant more then just right now. She shook her head for no and he opened his arms to which she ran into them. Itachi watched them, feeling a lot better about coming here. While she had slept he and leader had conversed about the betrayal which boosted his decision but seeing the reunion between brother and sister, it solidified the decision.

"Naruto-kun I'm sorry for what happened to you..."

"It's alright. The experiments weren't all that bad. They gave me with the ability to control all forms of chakra, yours, mine, everyones." He gave a reassuring smile and Kirei smiled back sadly. "The only problem is it shortens my life considerably." He grinned. "I heard you were trained in our Uzairu clan techniques! Why don't you and I have a friendly brother and sister spar!" Kirei nodded.


Pein and Itachi wondered off to the side, Pein kept the smirk on his face while Itachi watched impassively.

"Who do you think will win?" Pein asked amicably.

"Kirei, Naruto will let her win."

"That is very much like him. He has missed out on a lot of her life, he will be making it up to her.

Kirei stared at her brother, innerved by his small smirk as he stood in front of her. Suddenly two Kirei clones appeared in the sky and the real Kirei as well as her cones launched a barrage of ninja stars, kunai and senbon needles. Naruto's hair covered him and turned into spikes, deflecting all the projectils Kirei ran at her full speed despite the gravity seal and her clones landed and did the same. She summoned Soul Calibur as did her clones and when Naruto emerged from his cacoon, he nimbly dodged the three swipes from the circle blade. He back flipped away while the Kirei clone on the left launched SC like a boomerang, wind gathering around it increasing it's diameter. Kirei leaped into the air, her hand above her head and spun SC arouned her wrist horizontally in the air. Small torrents of wind flew down on him and he jumped in the air as her mini tornado passed above him and the boomerang underneath. The other clone charged as he back flipped going through katas as he narrowly dodged all the attacks. Kirei bit her lip annoyed and got rid of her gravity seal. She disappeared and reappeared behind him while the two Kirei clones attacked in front of him, one using kenjutsu the other, using SC as a boomerang. She downward sliced him knicking his back and he leapt high into the air to escape her advances. He landed several feet away and grinned at her as she disppelled her clones.

"You're very fast, faster than me even and you're very good with your weapon."

"Yes but it isn't fair that you aren't fighting back big brother." She pointed out. He laughed. She smirked before disappearing and appearing swiping his feet with her weapon while her foot reached all the way around and kicked him in the head. He fell face forward and Kirei couldn't help but finish him off with another swipe from SC. he rolled out of the way and she continued to slash at him while he dodged. He managed to grab her wrist that held SC and flung her. As her weapon left her hand it poofed back into the scroll and she broke her fall by chart wheeling.

She stood up and stared at him, getting into a fighting stance, her hands glowed with chakra once before she disappeared. This time she appeared above him, a kick aiming at his head. She infused the wind with her super strength and he quickly rolled out of the way. Her foot indented the ground, while two gusts of wind in the shape of a crecent appeared and cut up the surrounding grass. She pulled out her foot from the ground and looked up at him.

"Whoa, I have been torn to bits by that." He pointed out. Kirei scissor kicked the air and six wind blades flew toward him. He evaded them and stared at her. "You're not tired?"

"Warmed up." She disappeared again and reappeared in front of him with a spinning bird kick. He blocked, his feet sliding against the ground. Kirei landed and back flipped, trying to hit him in the chin. She missed and gently touched his wrist trying to sever the tendons with chakra then landing further away from him. He stared at her and she frowned at the lack of reaction.

"On anyone else that would have worked but I have chakra covering me, it is the ultimate defense."

"Unless I can cut chakra..."

"Not really, my chakra is different then others. I can solidify it and fuse it with other techniques like elemental chakara." He caught fire and Kirei gasped. He laughed and the flames went out. He then turned to earth, disappeared with the wind and came back as a pile of water and formed back into his normal self. Kirei clapped, it was really cool to watch. He smiled and bowed.

"Pein, Itachi, Naruto, Kirei." Kirei looked over at a woman with blue or mauve hair with a paper white flower in it. The woman seemed very quiet and Kirei walked over beside her brother to listen to what this woman had to say.

"Konan, have you come to meet Kirei-chan?" Pein asked amicably. She glanced down at Kirei who waved.

"That will have to wait. We have intruder."

"Was he identified?" Itachi asked.

"Yes, it's Jiraiya-sama."

"Bring him to me." She nodded and poofed away. Kirei looked worriedly up at Itachi. He was relaxed and calm and she tried to follow his example. "Naruto, are you alright?"

"I'll be fine, it was only a matter of time before I had to see him again. The field was so pretty until we got to it..." He said wistfully. Pein chuckled and Itachi shook his head. Naruto then crouched down on the ground and placed his palm on the floor. He mended the terrain and the bald spots of grass were filled in.

"How'd you do that?" Kirei asked with wide happy eyes.

"Chakra is life, eveyrthing posesses chakra." He pointed out. She looked up at him with happy eyes, she thought he was so cool. He smiled happily at her and Kirei felt that for the first time in a long time things would be okay. She hid herself behind Itachi and Naruto while Pein was in front of them as Jiraiya and Konan made their way toward them. Kirei was nervous, was he here to take her back after the letter? Would he do something like that to her? She hoped not. She couldn't see him and she preferred it that way.

"Jiraiya-san, what brings you to my neck of the woods?" Pein asked humourlessly. It was then that she realized that he was cold to everyone except Konan, her, Itachi and Naruto. She bit her lip feeling bad that he had to go through so much.

"I did not come to fight," He looked around and his eyes landed on Naruto and they widened. "What's your name kid?"

"Uzumaki Naruto." He replied evenly. Jiraiya's eyes were so big he stared at the young man in awe.

"You're alright?"

"No thanks to you or anyone in Konoha." He replied. Jiraiya flinched at the remark.

"Why don't you come back with me?" He asked. "You can grow up in the land your parents fell in love in."

"I owe Konoha nothing. I owe my parents nothing, in fact, I hate Konoha and I would give anything to see it burn to the ground."

"I'm sorry I didn't do anything."

"Why are you here?"

"To try and atone for my past wrong doings. I'm here for Kirei."

"She will not return with you." Itachi clarified.

"We will not go to Konoha, we will be going on a training trip and I am not asking if she will come, Im telling."

"Do you wish to die old man?" Pein asked. Jiraiya shook his head.

"No, but she needs me as much as I need her."

"Who are you to judge that?" Naruto asked. Jiraiya sighed.

"I'm asking for three years in seclusion to teach her everything I know." The three males glanced at one another, understanding what he meant by that notion. He wanted her to take his place as the Toad Sennin. He wanted her to learn about her family techniques and all of the things it entails. They all nodded and Naruto and Itachi stepped aside revealing a curious Kirei. She took a small step forward looking around at the three men standing beside her. They nodded and she bit her lip nervously, she was reluctant to leave them.

"Kirei, would you like to come with me and learn?" He asked nicely. She stared at him, he was like an uncle to her. She nodded slowly and he grinned.

"But I don't want to leave my new family!" She reasoned. Jiraiya looked grim.

"You'll be working so hard you won't even notice we're not here." Pein said, patting her head. She pouted staring at him, her eyes watering.

"I want to go to get stronger, so that I can protect the ones I love because I wasn't able to before..."

"We understand Kirei. If Jiraiya hadn't have come, we would have taught you everything." Naruto said, pinching her whisker marked cheeks. She smiled.

"Can I at least say by Ero-sennin?" She asked. He nodded and gave them privacy. She hugged Pein first.

"Thank you err Pein..."

"You don't have to call me that, call me Aniki." She nodded and turned to her brother. She hugged him tightly.

"When I come back, we will spend the day together!" She promised. He grinned.

"I would love that Naru-chan." She turned to Konan who had a small smile on her face.

"Err, I hope that we can become good friends!" She declared. Konan nodded and put a paper flower in her hair.

"So we'll know if you're okay." Kirei hugged her in thanks and turned to Itachi. Itachi looked impassive but she could tell that he was reluctant to let her go. She hugged him and he kissed her forehead.

"This will be the longest we will go without seeing eachother." She nodded in his chest, unwilling to look into his eyes. She would break.

"But we both know that I need this." He nodded.

"It doesn't change the fact that I hate it."

"You're not alone anymore Tachi-kun, Naruto and Pein and even Konan will look after you!"

"Yes but I'll miss you." He pulled her chin upwards and she stared into his onyx eyes. Her eyes swelled with tears at the idea of seperation, she was in a fragile moment in her life. They let go and kirei made seals and touched each of their palms.

"So I know if you all are okay."

"KIREIIIII!" Jiraiya yelled from across the field. She sighed and with a last wave, she walked over to the pervy old man. She looked back, seeing them watch her leave and she promised herself that she would become srtong enough to protect them. Strong enough to save them and to hold them when they needed it most.

Sasuke walked out of the room where he was introduced to Orochimaru and his servant Kabuto. He agreed with their idea of his training and in three years he would be strong enough to kill Itachi, in three years he would be strong enough to win Kirei back, to get her back as his friend, as something more hopefully. He wanted to do what he needed to do and he would stoip at nothing to return Kirei to him, regardless of who stood in the way, it was his goal and he would achieve it. With a smirk, he headed to bed, he had a long day ahead of him.

Shino rubbed her back, watching the brunette break apart from the news. Her father had seeted himself on a chair, his eyes glazed over. Tsunade let her sorrow show while Shizune wiped her tears.

"What had the council decided?" Shino asked, speaking on behalf of her family.

"They have decided to execute her for her crime." Tsunade managed. "She is now a missing ninja and as one, labelled the highest rank, SS, an ANBU tracking squad has been sent there way."

"You can't possibly let them find her and execute her! She has done nothing wrng!"

"She is in love with an enemy, who knows what she has told him concerning the village?"

"Those can't be your words Tsunade-sama! You know Kirei, the village will always be her home! She is the most forgiving person in the whole village! You can't agree with them?" She looked away at Satsuki's words and stared into a distance.

"Tsunade-sama! Tell them!" Shizune tried to reason. The Godaime sighed.

"Tell us what?" Satsuki asked desperately.

"Jiraiya-san is looking for her as well if he gets there before them, then there is nothing to worry about."

"She must be with Itachi, what if they get killed?"

"She will be classifed as a high risk threat to be eliminated on sight." Satsuki started sobbing. Tsunade and Shizune turned to leave.

"Does Ichiro know about this?"

"We're on our way to tell him."

"Don't. He'll want to hear this from a friend."

"I\ll leave it to you Shino."

As they left, Shino couldn't help but hope for the best for his friend, she deserved it. Now he had to tell everyone she ever met that her life rested on time itself."

"You're lucky it's you Itachi, and not some random person." Naruto said, cracking his knuckles. Itachi laughed as did Pein. "I'm happy that you both found hpapiness in each other but she is underage..."

"I'm not Orochimaru." Itachi clairifed. "She has given me hope in a very dark time, I will do anything in my power to help her." Itachi expressed. Naruto nodded.

"We have a lot to catch up on don't we?"

"Yeah..." Itachi muttered, looking into the distance.

"Intruders..." Konan muttered. Pein sighed.

"Peace seems so far away." They all stood in a tsraight line waiting to meet the intruder. Pein remained impassive, Naruto seemed relaxed and calm, Konan seemed reluctant, and Itachi unleashed his sharingan. The quiet was interupted by a restless breeze that caused the grass to sway. They remained silent, each patiently waiting for the battle that was to come. A moment later, one ANBU appeared wearing a panda mask. The group stared at him curiously, wondering where the rest of his troup was.

"Itachi-can, I heard that Kirei was with you..." He looked around. "I don't see her, where is she?"

"State your business." Pein demanded.

"I heard that she was tried with treason for talking to Itachi and I couldn't let them find her and hurt her. Please tell me that she is safe."

"She is safe." Itachi said. The ANBU seemed to relax and turned around.

"My platoon will arrive shortly, I am merely a shadow clone..."

"What is your name?" Pein asked.

"Kirei calls me Panda-chan but my real name is Yamato."

"Yamato-san, she is safe with Jiraiya, I trust you will keep this to yourself and report this to those who still remain loyal to her in Konoha." He nodded.

"Hai..." He disappeared.

"She seems to be able to change the hearts of people." Konan announced.

"Yes, she has something special called kindness." Itachi explained. Konan smiled and nodded and they all stood straight as the ten ANBU appeared, the Panda ANBU lagging behind.

"You are all under arrest for treason against Konoha. Follow us or face death." The leader with the bird face said. Naruto crouched down below and the others understood that he wanted to take them down.

"We aren't a part of Konoha."

"You were fratinizing against the enemy, Himitsu Kirei."



"It'll take me ten seconds to kill all of you." Naruto said coldly. They braced themselves and Naruto smirked. A wind blew and Naruto semeingly disappeared into it. He reappeared in front of the ANBU with the bird mask and cut him with a short sword right on the throat. He dropped down and burst into flames and disappeared again.

"9" Itachi murmured. He reappeared again, this time two of them dropping and bursting into flames at the same he came to life. "8" He slashed through one more. "7" Two of them chaged him and he kicked both of them in the stomch sending them flying. "6" He whipped his sword and it turned into a flame whip, hitting both fo them on the throat. "5" He grabbed the nearest one next to him and the ANBU that charged him cut right into her stomach. "4" She screamed and he snapped her neck throwing her right into the man that killed her. "3" He cut through her body and set the man who killed her aflame and shot his short sword behind him landing right in the head of the ANBU who crept behind him. "2" He spun and kicked out his leg sending a torrent of wind to the last man standing. "1" Itachi finished, a smirk on his face. Naruto pulled out his sword and wiped the blade on his fingers. Panda just stared at them, shaking slightly. Naruto turned to him and pointed his sword.

"If I find out that you were trying to harm my sister in anyway, you will end up worst then them, a death slow and painful." He nodded and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Do you think it'll be the last of them?" Konan asked.

"No, but they don't know that the base is several kilometrs away."

"Let's hope Konoha is stupid enough to keep sending them here in this clearing and not the base." Pein said.

"Knowing them, it wont be a problem." Naruto said.