Egyptian Curses And Fate - Chapter 12

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Vegeta slowly turned around with Bulma resting tightly in his arms. His mouth dropped open in remembrance. The eternal dragon! They still had one more wish left!

Yamucha smiled brilliantly and turned Hannah's lowered head to look at the dragon. After a moment of confusion, she started jumping around happily, poor Velvet in her arms.

Vegeta smirked triumphantly up at the large montrosity. "Dragon! I have the last wish!"

The dragon appeared to have rolled its eyes. "Gee, really? Well, by all means, say it!"

"Impatient! I wish that this woman, Bulma, have her life and memories of her previous life restored to her!", Vegeta ordered more than requested. Shenlon's eyes once again lit up.

"It is done! I bid you farewell.", he roared, then exploded in a bright light. The seven dragonballs flew into the air and separated back to their ends of Egypt.

Vegeta looked at Bulma expectantly. After a few moments when she still hadn't woken up, his hope began to crumble.

"That fucking dragon ripped us off!", Yamucha cried. He kicked at a rock and sat down on the ground, head inbetween his knees. Hannah sobbed and sat down next to Yamucha, hugging her cat to her chest. Selfia and Worm came up beside the two. Selfia sat down next to Hannah.

"Don't worry, Hannah. It'll be okay.", she whispered in the little girl's ear while running her fingers through her blue locks soothingly.

Vegeta buried his face in his beloved's silky hair. "Saska lef jehn, Buruma...", Vegeta whispered. ~Don't leave me again, Buruma.~

Her eyes fluttered open. Apparently he hadn't noticed. She absently noticed that her neck was damp. She looked around her. Juuhachi and Juuanna from the palace? Why does she remember who they were in her previous life now? Were her memories restored with her life? They were! She remembered her entire life.

"Vegeta?", she whispered in a lovely British accent. (Buruma was from Vladis, a made-up country near Britain.) She stifled a gasp at the sound of her voice.

He slowly lifted his face to reveal tear stains. He stared in silent amazement into her eyes. "Lucsi ni paj.", he whispered happily. ~You are alive.~

"Vegeta, you know I don't speak Egyptian!", she playfully slapped him, having regained some of her strength. He smirked and lowered his lips to hers. All of the pent up emotion from both of them was released in that single kiss. They broke apart.

"You still taste just as good as you did a thousand years ago.", she murmured dazed. He grinned and carefully set her down on her feet.

"Of course, Buruma.", he replied smugly.

She wiped herself off and whistled at the others. They all looked up, one by one. Hannah screeched and came running. She jumped up and tackled Bulma to the ground. Luckily, she had set Velvet down before.

"Bul-chan! You're alive!", little Hannah began crying all over again, only this time in happiness.

"That I am, Hannah.", Buruma replied. Hannah looked at her skeptically.

"Man, what an accent!"

They both giggled. Yamucha was next to tackle Buruma. "You scared me to death! Don't ever die again!"

Vegeta growled and pushed Yamucha off of his "woman." Buruma laughed at her lover's jealousy. Selfia, Worm, Juuhachi, and Juuanna strolled over to join the rest of them.

"Glad you're okay, Bulma-san.", Selfia rubbed her back.

"Worm?", Bulma asked surprised. Worm just grinned goofily and waved. (Picture Goku or Gohan.) She laughed and shook her head.


I look to the side of me. My lover and best friend lays entangled in the sheets and me, her blue curls sprawled all over the bed. She wears a small smile on her lips. She is a pain in the ass sometimes, but I know that I couldn't bear to live without her. We may have been separated in the past, but I'll make sure we never are in this life.

She made sure the little woman and that pesty Yamucha moved into a house only a mile away from us so they could visit whenever they want. I made sure they took that evil creature, "Velvet", with them! I grunt in annoyance. The little woman is better off with us than that fool! He adopted her or some crap.

Juuhachi and Juuanna left to go settle in western Egypt. We see them sometimes. They seem to be fairly happy. I'm glad that they are reunited like Buruma and I.

Selfia and Worm ran off to Europe together. Who cares though?! The dumbasses shouldn't have been on Denan's side. I grunt some more. The woman wakes up slowly. She gazes at me lazily.


I slowly wake up after hearing Vegeta grumble and murmur some things. I still can't believe all we've been through together in this life and the previous. Who knows, maybe after we die in this life, we'll be reunited in even the next?

I made sure Hannah and Yamucha only live a short mile away from us. Yamucha adopted Hannah at her approval so she would have someone to care for her since I'm tied up with Vegeta now. She's nine now and she already has boys calling her. She takes after me, what can I say?

Juuhachi and Juuanna live together somewhere in the west. They don't say much but I know that they're happy.

Worm and Selfia are living happily ever after as well. They moved to Vladis. Yep, my previous place of residence! I'm glad that they're released from that evil Denan's grip. How dare him even think about killing me?! Oh well, he's gone now and that's all that matters.

I look up at Vegeta tiredly. He smirks and lowers his lips to mine, then down to my neck. I close my eyes and sigh in ecstasy.

We're reunited.

Our love is a true love, a real love.

Not even death can separate us.

Together... forever.

A very happy ending.

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