The Truth


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Kaoru's POV

My eyes hurt. I resolve not to open them, that is, until I remember someone is supposed to be waiting for my big arrival back to consciousness. I can just feel Hikaru's pressence. And he knows I'm awake now, too. He's staring intently at my face, waiting for me to make the first move.

Without even opening an eye, I greet, "Morning, 'karu."

He's silent. I open one eye, not attempting to take in his form that hunches over me yet.

"So... I know that's not the best way to greet you after what I just tried to pull... but..."

I'm truly at a loss of words, so I open both eyes and genuinely focus on him. I see a confused mixture of relief and worry in his amber-green eyes. I mentally brace myself; I know what's coming.


As expected. His voice is quiet as a tad hoarse. I offer the only response I know to give:

"Um... You- you read the note, right?"

"That didn't tell me anything."

I feel a pang of realization in my heart, and my eyes narrow. "You want me to say it, don't you? You're toying with me!" My vision becomes blurry with built-up tears. "We both know you don't return my feelings! You could never love me as I love you! But you just want me to say it so that you can laugh in my face and reject me before hating me and never spea-"

His lips capture mine. Needless to say, I shut up. Before I have time you spurt "Whaaa-?!", he chuckles a little, "You really need to stop jumping to conclusions. Do you always have to expect the worst?" He notices I'm still confused, so he gets a bit more serious with, "I would never want to hurt you. I love you...I love you so much, Kaoru."

He cups my cheeks and wipes the tears that have just fallen away with his thumbs, as usual. I give a broken grin, and reach my hand around the back of his head, pulling his lips back to mine, with much more passion this time, though. He crawls on top of me and places his arms on both sides of my head. He repositons his lips to be fixed on a certain place upon my neck. He swirls his tongue, sucking and nibbling to the point at which I fell I bit of blood trickle down my neck. I shiver beanieth him as he laps it up.

While his lips are fixiated on my neck, his fingers move to undo the back of the hospital uniform, then he pulls it down to around my shoulders, while he again unlatches from my neck to continue the previous actions on my collar bone, his fingers pulling the uniform lower all the while. As he lets him mouth follow the down movements of the outfit, he postions a knee right between my thighs, and as his lips move to latch into a nipple, his knee continues moving up until it reaches my hard-

The door slams open.

Hunni-senpai runs in, tears streaming down two round little cheeks, while leaping into the air, calling "KAAOOO-CHAAANN!!!!" in a sobish, baby voice. Luckly, before he could land on us, he is caught mid-air by Mori-senpai, who proceed to cover his eyes and carry him out of the room.

Tamaki and Haruhi come bursting in next, but once they caught sight of our current position, Haruhi's face blossomed into the biggest blush I've ever seen and Tamaki covered Haruhi's eyes, followed by a rant about scarring his beloved daughter for life, and running to tell Okaa-san all about 'The twins' disgraceful behavior'. Kyouya, however, took a few quick pictures right before we got embarresed enough to just sit side by side.

When Tamaki went to sob about Mommy encouraging inappropriate actions, Kyouya grabed both glooming Tamaki and shocked-still Haruhi by the collar, dragging them out.

When the room was free of such annoyances, Hikaru simply rolled onto his back, pulling me into his arms (not that I have anything against just laying with him, but I would have much rather continued what we were doing before we got interrupted). There was a comfortable silence that followed, until something still plagued my mind enough to bring it up- something I needed to say...

"I- I'm sorry..."


I turned my head away from Hikaru, in a pathetic means to hide my shame.

"I'm sorry... so. so sorry..."

Hikaru was stunned for a moment, before grinning a bit and using a finger underneith my chin to turn my face toward him.

"You have no reason to be. I'm the one that's sorry. I'm sorry I hurt you so much. Sorry I was the cause... if anyone, I'm the one who should just die-"

No... he didn't just...

I quickly cover my older twin's mouth with my finger, then look down. I never want to hear him say that. Ever.

"Just- Don't-... Please don't say that..."

I bury my face in his chest. When I turn my head to the side to breathe, I notice my bandages, then a throbbing pain comes from underneith- All the memories of my exact actions come back vividly, and I remember all the physical pain. Hikaru notices my gaze. He carefully lifts my wrist up to his mouth and gently kisses it. I freeze, stunned, and Hikaru breaks out into a smile.

"I love every single part of you, Kaoru. Even the parts that aren't perfect." I smile, then realize that I don't have to hide my blushes anymore.

And finally, I get to say something I've been wanting to say aloud for... pretty much my whole life:

"I love you, Hikaru."

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