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Chapter 1

'I've liked her for a long time' the messy blond head furtively bobbed as he scribbled these words into his own private notebook. His hazy pupil less eyes shot up and looked nervously around the room for the location of the teacher.

Good. Iruka-Sensei was still down at the front of the classroom, writing some nonsense on the black board. His eyes skittered across the room, towards the object of his affections, her silver hair curtained over her face. His sky blue eyes darted back down to his notebook page.

'It makes me wonder how my mother ever got my father's attention. I mean, she was so shy…and I seem to have gotten that from her, at least when it comes to telling…certain people…how I feel. (Itachi if you read this I'm going to kill you.)

"Kame." Startled, the blonde dropped his pencil and looked up sharply. The scarred face of his teacher was directly in front of him. "Yes, Iruka-Sensei?" "What did I just ask you to do…well not you but what did I just ask the entire class to do?"

The entire class giggled…from their position at the bottom of the classroom, lined up to perform a practice jutsu.

The son of the head Hyuuga blushed like his mother and muttered, "For everyone to line up?" Iruka smiled tightly and said, "Yes."

Embarrassed, Kame snapped his notebook closed and went downstairs to stand beside the black-haired Itachi, his best friend.

Iruka stared at his student's back. Like father like son.

Kame could clearly see the oh-so-famous Uchiha smirk gracing the face of his closest friend. "Oh wipe that smirk off your self-satisfied face you teme…" growled the blonde. Sienna giggled from beside her black haired friend, which caused Kame's face to fall slightly, before he recovered.

"What were you writing about in that diary of yours, Kame, that you got so absorbed and almost completely ignored Iruka-Sensei?" whispered Sienna. Kame's face turned slightly pink but he kept up a relatively calm façade.

"Nothing," he whispered back. "Just something along the lines of what I'm going to do first as an official Genin. It's going to be something like eating a fine bowl of Ramen and, after that, go to dad and see if there is any possible way he can fix our team so that us three are on the same team."

Sienna laughed under her breath. "I think only my, father could arrange something like that. Therefore, I'll try and rig something. Leave it all to me."

Itachi was in no way fooled by this little act. He could recognize Kame's infatuation with the daughter of the Hokage a mile away, thanks to the affinity for blushing that Hinata had passed on to her son (much to Kame's embarrassment.) However, since Itachi was the only one (thus far) to pick up on the slight blushes that Kame gave around Sienna, Kame's secret was safe.

There was only one little problem with Kame's feelings towards the daughter of his father's old sensei.

Itachi was in love with Sienna as well. This little secret had yet to be disclosed to Kame, however, Itachi wasn't sure he wanted his friend to find out, mostly because he feared what Kame's reaction to this news would be,

After class was over, Sienna seemed to remember something as the three of them walked home. "Oh! I didn't tell you guys, did I?" Her long silver hair was in her face so she pushed it back behind her ear. Itachi and Kame (who flanked her) were both looking at her expectantly. Her eyes shone a soft silver (happiness, she had inherited her mother's trait.)

"My parents told me that if I pass my Genin exam, Keiko too, they'd take us to an unspecified location in…" she paused for dramatic effect. "The other world."

Kame smiled. He knew how much Sienna as well as Keiko were fascinated by the world they (well…their mothers) had come from. "That's great Sienna…have fun!"

Itachi rolled his eyes. Kame was one of the best actors in Konoha.


"MOM!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!" Keiko raced into the kitchen, excited.

Her voice, however, startled her mother and caused the black haired Kunoichi to drop the loaded cookie sheet that she held in her hand, in surprise. The still-warm cookies tumbled to the ground.

Keiko, however, reacted in time with her sand and the metal pan never touched the ground. "Calm down mom…you're still so excitable," smirked Keiko. She floated the pan (which still had every cookie intact) over to herself; she took a warm crumbly cookie and floated it back to the stove on her sand.

"Calm down?" demanded Yourusashi Mika of her daughter as she pushed some of her black hair behind her ear, exposing a scar on her neck that she had received on a mission a few years ago. "You come in here, screaming like a banshee…" at Keiko's confused look she added, "a mythological creature from my old world," before continuing, "and scare me half to death and then you tell me to calm…"

Her voice trailed off as she looked at her daughter's forehead. Sitting on it was a Suna forehead protector.

Keiko's eyes sparkled merrily at her mother. "A forehead protector…your academy exam was today, I had forgotten. Oh sweetie, I'm so proud of you!" Mika hugged her daughter tightly. "Why don't you head over to Kazekage tower and tell your father? Tell him to send a message to Konoha and tell Aunt Seyann that everything is okay on this end."

Keiko nodded and vanished in a swirl of her sand, leaving trails of the grainy stuff along the floor.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT IN THE HOUSE ANYMORE!!!!" yelled Mika, forgetting her daughter could no longer hear her.


"Congratulations Sienna, you passed your academy exam. And…" Iruka's voice dropped as he tied the protector around the forehead of the young girl. "You did it without using Celina's chakra." Sienna flushed a dull red. "Sensei, that was one time."

She shook her teacher's hand and took her place back beside her friends, applauding when they too received their own protectors.

As they walked home that night, they chatted happily over the day. "So, you going to go get that Ramen Kame?" "Yeah…you wanna join me?" "Can't, gotta go tell mom that I passed. What are you going to do Itachi?"

"I am," said Itachi with a slight smile on his face (his mother's blood was showing through) "going to finally get my father to teach me that fireball jutsu." Kame and Sienna exchanged a look, smiling.

"Mooooommy…" singsonged Sienna as she came through the door of the Hokage residence. Angel was sitting at the table with Kenji (who was visiting from Suna) doing their academy homework. "Hey hon, sorry I couldn't come today. How did it…" Seyann came around the corner and looked at her daughter. "You passed."

The protector was nestled comfortably at Sienna's throat. "I did indeed."

Seyann hugged her daughter. "I'm so happy for you. Why don't you go tell your father? I'm sure he's anxious to hear how it came out!" Sienna smiled happily and went on her way. "By the way mom, where are we going?"

"If I tell you that, it's not going to be a surprise Sienna, honey," smirked her mother.

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