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Chapter 14

Kakashi eyed the brown-haired girl with some amount of trepidation. Having lived with Seyann and her best friends for as long as he had, and now having a 12 year old daughter, he had learned to recognize how to read female expressions. He had some considerable pride in this skill of his.

All his years of expertise told him one thing. This young woman, the one person he knew could not possibly be his beloved wife was wearing an expression of open attraction on her face. He only saw it for a split second, before she managed to mask it but that was enough. He sighed inwardly and wondered if it was too much to ask for the gods to cut them a break after what they'd been through. To have someone attracted to someone they weren't supposed to be with would only complicate the matter further.

"Hi, I'm Bethany Lin," she stated as she extended her hand towards him. "As I was saying, I really appreciate you coming here with them. I hate the thought of something happening to them. Who are you by the way? Has the doctor been in?"

The silver haired copy nin sat up in his chair. "I'm Hatake Kakashi. The doctor said that the one with the blonde hair fell and hit her head and the one with the red hair had a seizure." As he was speaking, Bethany had turned and was now examining with closer precision, the redhead's forehead. He stopped and watched as she went to the foot of the bed and flipped up the sheet, now examining the blonde's feet.

"Wax. I've warned her about how she could slip if she put that much on her floors but does she listen? Nope, why listen to me?" She was clearly disgruntled as she wiped off the blonde's feet. Straightening up, she looked over at Kakashi. "Crystal," she gestured at the other bed, "owns a ballet studio. She enjoys over-waxing her floors when it's just her dancing because it makes her feel as though she has less control and is moving more with the music. I've warned her numerous times that someone will just get hurt but she's so stubborn." Bethany signed and moved towards the other one.

As she did, another person charged into the room. He had brown shaggily cut hair and his almost black eyes looked at the one named Crystal with concern. He didn't appear to take note of Kakashi, merely directing his questions at Bethany. "What happened?"

"She had one of her seizures Kyoshi. She'll be fine, she just needs to rest right now." Kakashi could sense her barely veiled hostility towards the newcomer, and he could tell that Kyoshi could hear it too because the corner of his eyes tightened almost imperceptibly. He ran a hand along Crystal's cheek before relaxing. He looked over at Bethany. "It's a good thing you were at the studio then, when this happened."

"I wasn't." She jerked her head towards Kakashi. "He found them."

Kyoshi finally took notice of Kakashi. And when he did, his eyes bulged with first shock, then anger, then fear. It would have escaped any other person's notice, but Kakashi (a master lip reader) watched him through confused eyes as his mouth, barely moving, formed the word 'hokage…'

After his attempt to regain control of his face failed, he turned to Bethany, all but ignoring Kakashi. "I don't like seeing her like this. I'm going to go, I have to make some calls anyways and they don't like people using cell phones in here." He turned on his heel and hightailed out of the room.

This immediately aroused Kakashi's suspicions. Why had he reacted so badly to the ninja's presence… and he wasn't supposed to know that the Hokage even existed!! Although everything in his body fought what he was about to do, he stood, and made to follow Kyoshi out the door. "He's actually reminded me that there are a couple people I need to call."

"Can I have your number? I mean…" she blushed suddenly. "I know Crystal and Danielle…they'll want to thank you for saving them…

He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and scribbled his cell phone number onto it, along with his name and handed it to Bethany. "Thanks," she said. "I'll talk to you soon then?"

Kakashi nodded and said "It was nice to meet you Bethany," before he walked quickly out of the room.


Kyoshi sat in his rental car and clenched his fists around the wheel until the knuckles turned white. How on earth had they found them so fast? Was there some connection that he had underestimated, something his jutsu hadn't accounted for? Was it simply the work of that cursed demon seeking out his life mate? And if that was the case why was the Hokage there, besides the fact that he had lost his wife. How would he have known that the two women who had been unconscious in the bed…were the ones he was looking for?

The door on the passenger's side opened up and Kai slid into the passenger seat. "What's so urgent?" he asked, and drew back slightly when he saw the dangerous look on his friend's face.

"Kakashi's here."

Kai winced. "And his presence means that everyone else isn't very far behind." Kyoshi confirmed his friend's words with a nod. "Dear Lord Kyoshi, this could ruin everything."

"You think I don't know that?" demanded the brown haired man angrily. "The only way it wouldn't would be if…." The anger faded from his face. He then sent a wicked glance to Kai, and the other ninja could see the cogs working in his friend's head. "What if they fell in love with the wrong person? Or at least….what if they think that the wrong person is their wife?"

"Kyoshi don't you think we've done enough? I mean…Kendo-Sama asked us to break the jutsu, not make it worse."

"Kendo-Sama isn't here Kai," snapped Kyoshi. "Think!! If I remain Crystal's 'boyfriend', and Bethany falls for Kakashi, then he's going to be around a bit more. He's obviously going to call the rest of the group out here, to the west coast, and I have no disguise to hide what I look like! When Gaara sees me he will wonder what I'm doing here and my betrayal will be known to everyone faster than a heartbeat, and they'll know I did the Jutsu. I'm the only spy Kendo has in the Suna ANBU, Desert Death will be destroyed if Gaara discovers my presence here."

Recognizing his friend's rising anger, Kai retreated from the topic. No matter what he thought, Kyoshi was hell-bent on achieving the goal of Desert Death, with or without the blessing of the leader.

The blonde Shinobi had supported his best friend through whatever happened. Now he started to wonder if maybe that had been a mistake. He could see now the extent to which Kyoshi was willing to go to gain his revenge. He'd fight until he died…and he, Kai had supported his best friend's bid for death. Because surely, the Kazekage wouldn't allow the threat to his wife to live. And then, the fallout from Kyoshi's death would ripple across the rest of the organization.

Sumira would be heartbroken when he died at Gaara's hand, and when Kyoshi was linked to Desert Death, they would all be put to death. Kendo would go down fighting, Sumira would welcome it, once Kyoshi was gone…and all the other members, with their leading council gone, would scatter to the winds…hunted to extinction.

Unless he, Kai, could stop it. People would still die…but it would remain as Kendo had foreseen. Only three would die because of Kyoshi's mistake. Kai made the decision that sealed his own fate and became determined to track down the Hokage once Kyoshi had left him alone.


It had been several hours since he had left the hospital, and he waited in the Airport for the others. According to the board he was looking at, Neji's plane should've landed 10 minutes ago but due to storms, they were delayed. Gaara was flying the farthest, and was still in the air.

It was very faint, so faint he almost didn't pick it up at first. The boys were playing with some toys he had bought them, sitting on a chair beside him. Instantly at alert, he surveyed the area for a face that may look familiar, a face that might bear chakra.

A sandy-haired man sat down next to him, his eyes also focused on the board. Kakashi felt another faint shiver of chakra, and he shifted his entire concentration, although not his eyes, to the man sitting next to him. In a very quiet voice, so the children wouldn't hear, he said, "I can sense what you're doing. You have my attention, provided you're no threat to the boys"

"I think that what my people have done to you in the past month is enough, you don't need your children taken from you."

"Your people? Are you responsible for what happened to our wives? Who are you?" His anger and animosity growing by the second, the threat in Kakashi's voice was clear as the noonday sun.

"Not me. My friend did, on behalf of the organization that we are a part of. I will not tell you my name, it's too dangerous."

"Desert Death."

"Yes. I first ask you, before I tell you what I know, that you not turn me over to Gaara. I'm a ninja of Suna and he could- rightly -have me executed for my part in this. Also, I can tell you that you have the right girls. I just can't tell you who is who…only my friend knows that and he won't tell me so I'm not a liability."

"He sounds like a nice friend," Kakashi's voice was sarcastic but already he was warming up this man. Although I must ask you to give me a good reason not to turn you over to the Kazekage. I would execute you on the spot if you were a Konoha Shinobi."

"In order for you to get your wives back, I, and my two companions must remain alive…We're the only ones who can return them too you, and Kyoshi is the only one who knows who's who."

"Kyoshi!!" Kakashi's anger reached a breaking point and his voice became louder, attracting the notice of the boys. The sandy haired man flinched and nodded.

"I know you've met him, and I ask you to not go hunting him down right away, although I realize that will be very hard for you."

"Give me one reason I shouldn't go hunt him down and torture the answers I want from him. I miss my wife, and my children need their mother."

"Because in order for you to get their memories back…the jutsu can only be broken by the caster, and two volunteers sacrificing their lives. You need Kyoshi –and myself, as one of those volunteers- alive."

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