Anime: Inuyasha

Genre: General

Chapters: 1

Warnings: Bad writing (?)

Summary: Rin never called the place she originally came from home.

Beware of bad writing. Anyways, constructive criticism is always welcome.

This is just a little thing I had suddenly got in my head in school during Geography when they were talking about housing areas and suchlike.

Disclaimer: Do I look like a person who can even draw, let alone own Inuyasha with the gorgeous Sesshoumaru and Naraku?

"Rin, you careless human girl!" Jaken-sama screeched. "You just broke my foot, not bandaged it!"

"Whoopsie," Rin said, realizing she was pulling it a bit too tight. She let loose a little on the grip of the bandages. Jaken had just gotten into a fight with Inuyasha, without Sesshoumaru supervising, a very unwise decision, as Inuyasha had just pummeled him into the ground. "Jaken-sama, maybe you shouldn't have started a fight with him."

"It wasn't me who started the fight!" Jaken shrieked in his usual way. "It was that son-of-a-bitch Inuyasha who didn't agree that Sesshoumaru-sama was the bestest of best!"

Rin laughed in her childish manner. "Shut up, you careless human!" Jaken screeched, almost deafening the young black-haired girl. The staff wielder then got up, stumbling a bit, mumbling, "Why Sesshoumaru-sama even keeps her, I don't understand…she's a dreaded, clumsy human whose home is clearly a village full of people…"

It took a few minutes for the words to sink into the young girl's head. Home? She thought, her fine eyebrows rose. She sat down, staring at her pale palms. Human, unlike Sesshoumaru-sama or Jaken-sama. Jaken-sama was right, she had come from a human village, until Naraku controlled her and Sesshoumaru-sama had saved her.

Strange really, she looked up at the blue sky, pondering. Come to think about it, she hadn't thought about her "home" ever since Sesshoumaru-sama had saved her.

She looked up, blinking several times. Home didn't exactly appeal to where she came from. Where was her home?

Rin closed her eyes, smiling. The answer was simple. Home was when Sesshoumaru-sama traveled from one place to another. Home was when Sesshoumaru-sama asked her to stay at one particular place whilst he went to find Inuyasha or such. Home was where Ah-Un was; always ready to give Jaken-sama and her a ride, always there for her to sleep on. Home was where Jaken-sama was; looking after her when Sesshoumaru-sama had gone off, despite his ramblings and complaints. And home was where Sesshoumaru-sama was, silently protecting her, always there for her, being the father she never had.

Her eyes still closed, Rin giggled her childish laugh. She opened her eyes, admiring the clouds smoothly seeping by in the blue sky, looking at Jaken-sama snoring next to Ah-Un. And Rin smiled, because she knew where her real home was.

'Bestest' is not a word.

Well what did you think? Pretty crappy? Pretty nice? Pretty soppy? And by the way, I personally think Rin, as childish as she is, isn't as naïve as she seems. That's why she seems so…mature in this fic. Sorry if any of the characters are OOC.